Rita’s new life, and ours

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

6:25 a.m. Nice quiet rainy morning. All right, Rita, here is something that asks questions about your own life in particular, and I imagine that everybody will be interested in what you have to say.

[Ellen Malkin: Thank you Frank and Rita for this wide open exchange! Frank, I think you and I are at the same stage of life and I often feel as you described. Perhaps you could ask Rita about her reflections on life in the body:

[1. Does Rita miss being in a body? If so – what does she miss?

[2. Does Rita have any regrets about the way she utilized her last 3D life? With her new perspective, Is she satisfied with the way she spent her time or would she have done things differently?

[3. As she has told us, she no longer experiences the tyranny of time.  What are the possible options for Rita now? What kinds of experiences are open to her (acknowledging that she is now part of a larger being).  Moment to moment, does she have different experiences?

[Speaking for myself – I am trying to understand B (non 3D) so I can better understand and appreciate A (3D) – the ultimate catch 22.]

[Rita:] Do I miss being in a body? Well, perhaps the best way to understand my feelings about it is to reflect upon your own present 3D life. Do you miss being a teenager? A young married? Etc. If you were to try to answer the question, the answer would expand, the slower you came to it.

It would be like a fractal, with more and more intricacy revealing itself at every level.

That’s a good way to put it. Any aspect of life you can examine is of really unlimited interest, depending entirely upon how much attention you care to put to it. The closer you look at it, the more there is to see, and the more interesting all of it is. (You might think about this, particularly, Frank.) it is in speeding through life that the interest of it is lost, because, you might say, speed is abstraction. Slowness is detail. And it is in detail that interest arises.

Now, you may think I am not addressing the question, but I am, because you could look at things this way: I don’t miss being in the body because I still am in the body, more so than ever.

People are going to be tempted to take that as metaphor.

People are generally tempted to take any new way of seeing things as metaphor, and of course often enough metaphor is the only way to get them to change viewpoints. But in this case, I mean it literally, and you are beginning to see why we couldn’t toss off a quick reply at the end of a session.

I’m starting to get the idea.

We have to fold in several factors. First, remember, here we are in all-time, in effect, in the way that you are in all-space in effect. That is, we are not pinned to one spot, but can move. This is one of the main differences between our expanded life and the constricted life led only within 3D limits.

But consider this, that perhaps we have never emphasized before: That means any moment of time we have lived, and not just during our “past life review” but forever. In other words, freedom to experience our entire life, from more than one viewpoint, is an on-going feature of our more expanded environment. That’s one.

A second factor is that, as noted, we can identify with any one version of that life or any other version, or any combination or the totality of combinations of versions. So in effect it isn’t even as if we are confined to examining any one life, the different permutations being so numerous and so intricate. That’s two.

A third factor is that it is the same life we are leading, still, viewed internally.

I have a sort of sense of where you are going with that, but only a vague one, and I’m not very sure about my ability to bring it forth clearly. (This is just caveat lector.)

One of the wrong ideas people bring to “the afterlife” is that there is more of a difference, more of a distinction, between 3D life and what we lead now. In the first place, “past” doesn’t mean to us what it did when we were pinned to one confined ever-moving present moment. In the second place, even though language all but forces you to think so, this life I lead now and “that” life I led “then” are not different. It is the same on-going life, and if people ever once got the sense of that, everything would change for them. Or perhaps I should say that when any one individual does get it, life does change – for that individual. Nothing has changed, everything has changed, in that the only real change there is, is change in viewpoint. Exchanging one for another is worthwhile. Exchanging one for many, is better.

And perhaps you can see that we are in a familiar situation, with this very productive question. You could rightly say, “But you aren’t answering her question,” and I could rightly say, “I’m answering it in the only true way I can answer it, by answering a slightly different question, otherwise I would be silently reinforcing a wrong assumption.”

I well remember the guys telling us the same thing, back when you and I were questioning them.

You will find the dilemmas of communication familiar and different, once your awareness moves beyond the stricter 3D limits.

I already do.

Yes you do, and, in passing perhaps we should say that that additional perspective is not the least of the things to be derived from just this sort of – shall we call it “assisted introspection”? And that expanded viewpoint in itself helps you climb partway out of 3D.

So – looking back – movement in time, continual re-experiencing from any desired viewpoint, continuity of life.

Which, as I say, adds up to our still being in the body after we have dropped it, in a sense, and the only reason you have trouble grasping that is that you forget that life cannot be understood if you assume that what looks like three-dimensions plus time is in fact what exists. You must make the effort to remember that life is, and always was, therefore always is, lived in all the dimensions there are. (Yes, dimensions are themselves only a somewhat artificial metaphor, but we can’t explain everything at once, so let us remain within it.) You live your 3D life (and even there, you see, the analogy of dimensions distorts the reality) as if you were living only in the 3D. That is how it seems to you, until you reach a more expanded reality (that is, until your understanding changes, and your viewpoint changes to meet it, and the world consequently shifts around you, or appears to.)

But all the time, you are really living in all the dimensions there are, because –how could you not? So what changes upon death of the physical body is little more than a shedding of the constrictions on awareness. It seems like much more, and of course in a way it is – that’s what you and I just wrote a whole book about – but in a way it isn’t.

So, if “this” life is less a transition than it appears while your awareness is caught in 3D, perhaps you can see that there is far more continuity and continued living than you may have allowed for. That is, as I said, it isn’t all that different from your reliving your own past years while you are still largely confined to 3D restrictions – except that without the limitations of the body being dragged along the living-present-moment, your recall is clear and your attention undivided.

To answer the first part of this question more closely, what you will miss will be the choices not taken – but since all versions exist and all choices are taken somewhere, that isn’t a very poignant regret! If there is anything to regret, it is the intensity of consciousness, and this kind of contact provides at least an echo of that. But intensity is a trade-off for freedom and extension, so it isn’t a very active yearning. That is, you might look at it as a concentrated intense moment versus an extended somewhat less intense range. You could look at it as X amount of psychic energy either concentrated in one moment of time or distributed over a far greater range of continuing moments.

Now, this is a good place to pause, and perhaps we can resume with the second and third parts of this excellent question.

Okay, and that will let us find out if your response has been understood and absorbed. Than you, Rita, that was very interesting, and it provides a new way to think about things, connecting things I haven’t thought to connect before.

You will find that this session can be of immense importance to those who first understand it, then think about it, then feel it. Some could find the key to their liberation in these few hundred words, not in the words themselves, obviously, but in where the words might lead them.

I can see that. Again, our continued thanks. Once a teacher, always a teacher, I suppose.

You should know.

See you next time.


4 thoughts on “Rita’s new life, and ours

  1. I discovered this ongoing conversation some time ago, first through the Rita’s World first volume, then I went back to get the prequel conversation in The Sphere and the Hologram, then I started into this online blog daily conversation. I am also working through Muddy Tracks. I have come to this particular conversation after many years dipping into other non-3D perspectives of many sorts.

    I take Rita’s suggestion seriously—to wrestle with these ideas, not merely to read them. My husband and daughter, who are also dipping into this conversation, do discuss some of these ideas with me, and I think about them and how they may or may not fit with earlier ideas. But I sense that there is another process going on involving these ideas reshaping my perceptions in an unseen way.

    This is similar to a process I evolved to help me years ago to write my research papers for my college Anthropology courses. I used to spend a day or so wandering in the library at random, picking items off the shelves here and there, reading this and that, just following my nose. At a certain point, I’d get the idea I was ready, and I’d go back to my room, brew up some coffee and sit at my typewriter and just start in on my topic. Somehow, in that seemingly random wandering in the library, ideas would have coalesced, and an underlying structure to my essay would emerge. While I knew I was writing the essay, there was a sense of a larger self sorting things out underneath my waking consciousness somehow.

    I am experiencing this ongoing conversation here as also taking place at another level, unseen but sensed and felt. I am feeling a realignment of understanding going on, with new metaphors, and also with a new underlying feeling of calm. This is very welcome at this particular point in our history. Thank you.

  2. Oh, this was very juicy! Thank you.

    All is one. + We exist in all dimensions that exist. + “Time” is a construct to keep everything from happening all at once.
    = We have bodies, and we don’t have bodies. We live in this time, and we live in all (many?) times. We make choices and walk our paths, and we walk all possible paths.

    This was very expanding for me. While I have been trying to feel into my non-3D self more, this way of expressing it helped me expand and make more concrete (as it were) what that means for me (as of now).

    It puts my choices into a new light, as well as regrets. It also puts what I’m doing these days “just hanging around being me” into a new light. There is a lot more going on when I see myself in this expanded way.

    Looking forward to more.

  3. I like that Eric, very good expression indeed.

    Rita about “Regrets” reading this morning gave me some “aha`s” likewise, because yesterday was to a tradtional funeral( in the old protestant tradition), and in the funeral also met with a old friend (not seen her in a long time).
    And when the two of us talking together after the sermon…..She said to me: “Peculiar how THE REGRET of many things always arising after the funerals? We are so very much caught up “in time,” and death as an end.”
    Well now, with that told…..My friend is a well-known local artist, weaving tapestries of proffession(from the public art-schools), and she is also into the Rudolf Steiners Lectures.
    But us in talking about REGRETS yesterday became rather as a synchronicity with Frank/Rita & all of yours !

    Inger Lise (B&B)Smiles.

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