That Phenomenal Background, an ebook

That Phenomenal Background (originally published as Babe in the Woods) is now available from Crossroad Press as an ebook.

The story? Reporter Angela Chiari is sent to attend a weeklong residential program at the CT Merriman Institute, a course that promises to help participants to develop their own “extraordinary potential.” He doesn’t believe a word of it, and expects to write a debunking article that will show people fooling themselves through their own wishful thinking.

Surprise, Mr. Chiari! It isn’t long before he begins to experience, first-hand, some of the things he has always assumed to be impossible.

As new perceptions and intuitions accumulate, he has to consider how much of his old worldview he can modify without becoming (as he would put it) “a fruitcake.” And there are more practical concerns as well, including the question of what happens when a long-married man falls in love (for reasons that cannot be explained rationally) with a long-married woman and they both know that a relationship is impossible. Yet this dilemma – which in ordinary circumstances would be front and center – is almost pushed aside by other extraordinary happenings and concerns, until Angelo finds himself living in a different world.

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