Rita — what it means to be on the beam

Thursday August 10, 2017

11:20 a.m. Well, why not go again, since I don’t seem to have any better ideas? Rita, care to deal with Subtle Traveler’s question of the 2nd?

Be a little concerned not to come to this work out of boredom or lack of imagination. It is one thing to make it a regular part of your routine, but it would be something else, and not a good something else, to try to center your existence on it. It is not meant to replace your own creativity but to supplement it and foster it.


[Subtle Traveler: The question is about what many have called “alignment” or “alignment with the divine.” It caught my attention immediately when TGU suggested something similar, but labeled it “being on the beam” as presented in your book, The Sphere & Hologram. I did look for something similar in the Rita’s World material, but I admit that I may have missed it in my searching.

[From Rita’s non-physical perspective, what is “alignment” or maybe the more appropriate starting point here is what is TGU’s “being on the beam”? Are these phrases pointing to something similar? How does it relate to our being focused here as part of our respective Sam or Amoeba? “Being on the beam” seems to take on a differing flavor considering the clarity of the discussion of the All-D above. This is why I am asking now. And, if I need to fill this out more, just let me know.]

[Rita:] it isn’t difficult. On the beam, or being aligned, or other metaphors we might use, are meant merely to remind you to keep your eye on the ball (another metaphor). What is important to you, pay attention to it.

It occurs to me, that may be one sense of “the pearl of great price” that Jesus spoke of in a parable.

Or the kingdom of God. In all metaphor there is the danger of people applying the letter and not the spirit of the comparison. Someone who centers his or her attention on 3D concerns will not even see, let alone value, what s/he does not center on.

I messed up that sentence, I think.

Only a little. The sense of it is there.

But realize, what is “on the beam” for one person cannot be applied to anyone else, because perhaps the best explanation / translation is to say “paying attention to your inner knowing,” and that is not going to manifest exactly the same way for any two people. For one person, truly listening might mean hearing a message that says “pay attention to the things of the senses, and the affairs of everyday.” That would be a true listening to a true message, and that is what s/he should heed. Someone else, equally on the beam, equally paying good attention and receiving the message valid for him or her, might easily hear, “develop your inner voice, concentrate on your unbreakable connection to the non-3D, let the things of the 3D go.” Valid messages. Good listening. But valid only for each individual. So, paradoxical though it may at first seem, for some people, functioning as they should, being on the beam may involve disregard of or disbelief in the possibility of there being a beam to home in on! But the paradox is only apparent.

That should be enough to clarify the question.

I’m smiling, because I’m hearing (not very far between the lines, either!) “Now go away and don’t do this again until tomorrow.”

Well, I’m smiling too, but that is the message. No need for you to burn yourself out as Edgar Cayce did, by not listening when he was told not to overdo.

Okay. Thanks as always.


2 thoughts on “Rita — what it means to be on the beam

  1. Thank you to all involved.


    I wanted separately add that I listened to Explorer Tape #31. I thought it was clear and helpful (e.g., expanding upon the metaphor of “the stream”).

  2. I have been enjoying the expression, “Be yourself, and see what happens.” as a way to capture this idea. I also note that self-awareness helps in various ways: in order to know what being yourself is, in seeing what happens, and in letting what happens inform and interact with who you are being. … Thanks for the on-going dialog. I’ve been enjoying it and how it is playing out in my life and mind these days.

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