Jane Peranteau: A 3D / non-3D interface model

From Jane Peranteau:

The goal is being able to really “get” 3D and non-3D as one. Or, we’re forever caught in a limiting 3D perspective. That’s why constructing an analogy is so important–it’s how we consciously make the leap (a very real leap) from one perspective to the other. Then (as Seth says), it requires complete commitment from us to live by the new perspective; belief  becomes possible through the analogy. As Frank/Rita says, “You are as connected to the non-3D now as you ever will be.” It’s essential we get that.

Frank and Rita’s discussion of the “continuous interaction” (Intuitive Linked Communication) that engages us in “common cooperative purpose” at the interface of 3D and non-3D sparked it for me. To me, in the interface “a state of grace is provided you in which you can take action without care, without the anticipation of impediments” (Seth, in Evolution, Dreams and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1). Because taking action through our choices is the point.  Then, no matter its state, “…the physical, cultural climate [we live in] is understood as a medium through which the ideal [us] can be expressed.”

It’s still pretty linear, but this is how I put together what I heard Frank/Rita say:



3D                              Interface                            non-3D

(between/among equals)

The common cooperative purpose

(Einstein, Edison, Tesla, etc., came here)

(neither here nor there, but both–All D)



my moment-by-moment choice to be there

So, for me, it’s not a theorizing exercise–in a sense, it’s a call to arms. It’s how, now, we make ourselves “better” people or make the world a “better” place. Even though I’m driven to “see” it, I believe it’s a feeling representation, a knowing through the feeling of the alignment of “here” and “there.” Not sure where that leaves us with the analogy! But I can see ‘where’ and how the oneness can be grasped as something very real that we create interactively, together, and how both sides benefit.


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