Rita: Animals and us in the non-3D

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

2:20 a.m. Rita, Nancy Ford poses three questions, if you’d care to tackle them. [I number them.]

[Nancy Ford: “1. Does the complexification of the non-3D carry to the contributions of other categories, specifically companion animals, despite that energy being more a collective?  I don’t see how it could not.

[“2. Does a 3-D human focused with emotion on a non-3D animal hinder their process/growth by that focus?

[“3. When I work with crystals or healing energy,  how does that resonate at the same time in the non-3D since the connection is always there and there is no separation?”]

[Rita:] 1) Up until now, we have been primarily concerned with human activity, and so what humans contribute to the non-3D has naturally been what we were describing. The underlying question not only now but originally when I used to ask people in their PREP sessions was, “What is our part in the universe? What is the meaning of life?” So, naturally anything beyond the human has received only secondary attention. But at some point that question broadens out, necessarily, to “How does the world work,” and here we are, apparently.

I described humans as the tricksters of the universe, and everything else as the constant factors maintaining order. However, this does not imply that other than humans, the world stagnates or exists in unchanging form.

I have been trying to think how to say this without running into one of your stumbling-blocks, Frank.

Oh, I know. Evolution.

I don’t see how to get around it. The All-D universe lives, hence it grows, and that growth follows its own laws. Just because many people misuse the word “evolution” does not mean there is no proper use for the name and concept. Obviously I am not arguing for evolution by chance and accident, but that is a part of things too.

I get that you mean, what we call evolution is purposefully driven, but uses chance as it also uses orderly process.

That is true of all life. Gurdjieff spoke of the law of necessity and the law of accident, you will remember.

Okay. So–.

So you really can have only a universe that continues endlessly without development, or one that continues endlessly developing. And if any element within it develops, it cannot be a static system, can it? And, you know from experience that humans develop. That, as was told to us when I was still posing questions instead of answering them, is a large part of the point of 3D existence.

What is more, you can find the evidence you need by reviewing your own personal experience (“you” meaning anyone who reads this) with pets or even with non-animal beings you interacted with emotionally. They changed you. is it likely they were unchanged?

So a dog, say, or a cat, or a pet bird or horse

Sorry, lost it. Again?

Human interaction with animals that involves emotional bonding in effect creates a joint mind in a different sense than what we have called the temporary joint mind. The animal that has interacted that way is not unaffected. But it is slightly complicated to set out.

Tell me about it! I can feel the tangle of competing thoughts.

Nothing to be done but to go to it, letting some threads go and following others. It is always that way, some times more obviously than others.

Every animal (including the human animal, I remind you) has both an individual and a collective aspect. The individual aspect is most concerned with the vagaries of life as an individual within its species. The collective aspect is most concerned with the individual’s life as an expression of the species. Can you see that this must be so, and can you see what it means?

I think so. Humans are herd animals whether they know it or not, but atop their herd instincts are individual awarenesses. And animals the same way.

You might think cats, for instance, are not herd animals, but in this case we are not referring to how they do or don’t travel together. We mean, the most intelligent, individualized cat still expresses as cat, just as the most self-aware and independent human still expresses as human. It isn’t complicated.

Well, when an individual cat returns to non-3D, so to speak, what it is returns not only as species-experience but also as individual experience. Hence, cats (and other animals, but we are using cats as our example) evolve over time. And, one way to look at it is that inter-species experience adds to the complexity of the elements reporting in.

Thus a species may become more intelligent over time?

That isn’t quite the way to put it, but it will do for the moment while we are concentrating on other things. Yes, species change as the experience of their members accumulates.

So do souls transmigrate, as some religions believe?

It may be seen that way. What you have to do, in considering this, is to remember to look at it in more than one way. From the species’ point of view, from the view of the individuals within the species, and – from the Sam of which they are a part. If you do not remember that animals, say, or plants, are formed of consciousness and, ultimately, are formed of the substance of Sams, you will remember only their multiplicity or their divided aspects and will overlook their unity and interconnection.

I remember that the guys told us, long ago, that an amoeba – which I take it is what you are calling a Sam – could include people, trees, clouds, rocks, etc. We never were able to pursue that very well.

There was still too much groundwork missing. One reason for the contradictory reports of the afterlife provided by different religions is inadequate examination of definitions.

So then, does that answer (1)?

It should at least serve as a preliminary statement. “All is one” remains true. “As above, so below” remains true. With the hints we have just provided this morning, you – that is, readers – should be able to think things out. And we are always here for any necessary follow-up questions.

All right then, how about (2)?

[“2. Does a 3-D human focused with emotion on a non-3D animal hinder their process/growth by that focus?]

Quite the contrary. 3D attention is an energy boost, remember. But it is true that clinging may conceivably impede, as it would between humans, in that it could set up divided purpose in the non-3D being. So, wish well, remember fondly, intend the best, but don’t cling out of need, and all will be well.

That seems clear. So, (3)?

[“3. When I work with crystals or healing energy,  how does that resonate at the same time in the non-3D since the connection is always there and there is no separation?”]

This is a linguistic problem in that it tempts you to consider 3D and non-3D as separate realms, whereas in fact they are two different focuses on the same All-D. And this [subject] is clearly where we are heading next, not only in response to questions but as the natural follow-up to the work we have done so far.

Yes, this seems to be where you left off Sunday.

It is the next focus of our discussions. Once you see human purpose, and the nature of the 3D and non-3D, at some point you can begin to view together things that you have been understanding separately, which brings more clarity. It is a process that continues for as long as you remain interested.

Looking back, it seems to me you – or maybe I? – misconstrued that third question. Doesn’t it take for granted that 3D and non-3D are different aspects of the same thing?

It depends on how you read the question, because the question itself, as phrased, silently includes both ways of seeing it, as I pointed out.

But let us stop here and let people ponder that. Thought beats hearsay.

Well, we’ve provided enough hearsay, these past few years!

Nor are we through until you feel like stopping.

Okay by me. All right, thanks and till next time.


3 thoughts on “Rita: Animals and us in the non-3D

  1. A question that does not follow the train of thought today…but at the right time I would like to know:
    The manner and timing of the death of the physical body is a huge variable among 3D lifes. Are the timing and circumstances of this death part of the pre planning process for a particular life? Or are they determined by the various choices an individual makes in the course of their lifes?
    Thank you, Frank and Rita, for your immeasurable contribution to us!

  2. Frank …

    Since you and Rita brought up ‘hearsay’ 😉 … I have another question related to the past … use this as you see fit …

    The question is about what many have called “alignment” or “alignment with the divine”. It caught my attention immediately when TGU suggested something similar, but labeled it “being on the beam” as presented in your book, The Sphere & Hologram. I did look for something similar in the Rita’s World material, but I admit that I may have missed it in my searching.

    From Rita’s non-physical perspective, what is “alignment” or maybe the more appropriate starting point here is what is TGU’s “being on the beam”? Are these phrases pointing to something similar? How does it relate to our being focused here as part of our respective Sam or Amoeba?

    “Being on the beam” seem to take on a differing flavor considering the clarity of the discussion of the All-D above. This is why I am asking now. And, if I need to fill this out more, just let me know.

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