Steiner on knowledge of the world and the self

This quotation from Rudolf Steiner seems to see the process of development as a reciprocating process, in the way that Rita told me that sometimes to understand A you have to understand B, but to understand B you have to understand A. That sounds like just what he is saying here.

2 thoughts on “Steiner on knowledge of the world and the self

  1. It is interesting how Steiner frames (contextualizes) his A and B with the concept of the inner world and outer world. I am realizing that this is the self-selected metaphor that I grew up with (e.g., my understanding of things).

    Then, I had my first out of body experience just over 2 years ago and I had to adjust the “inner and outer metaphor” to the highly prescribed “physical and non-physical metaphor” of many astral projection forums and literature. What I eventually had to discover was that these forums seem to stay near choice B most of the time. And then, I began having experiences with guidance.

    To be honest, sometimes I do get a bit tired from going back and forth between A and B, and this is when I appreciate the “all-D” metaphor, as it has been recently described here. I can confidently take a rest from my ping pong game by reminding myself that I am in the “All-D”.

    This material continues to shift what I call “my understanding”. Very grateful for that. And in closing, writing this out here now reminds me of the first line in Monroe’s ROTE from Ultimate Journey …

    There is no beginning; there is no end.
    There is only change.

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