Steiner on nationality

Albert Einstein once called the concept of nationality an adolescent disorder, “the measles of mankind.”


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  1. Thank you Frank, and as I am “receiving” the Daily email quotes from both Rudolf Steiner and Krishnamurtis` also…..Some weeks ago Krishnamurtis` Daily Quote told about the man-made “Nations”(tribes) became manifested as” a Concept in fiction – an actuality.”
    And therefore the IDEA of being separated, became the manifestation unto division & separation. THE IDEA – CONSTRUCTION about it. Hm, very “Sethian” too.
    And reminding me on Edgar Cayce telling the same once upon a time: “Thoughts are Things.”

    And looking into Rita`s World (volume no 1), Saturday, February 7, 2015:

    Evil as compulsion, page 157 in my book.

    Rita says: “So the third manifestation of evil appears as separate—for it has an effective will of its own—yet appears as if an integral part of you—for it has a strong internal ally in part of what you are”…..etc. etc.

    Then, thinking by myself: THEN, ALL NATIONS/-Tribes, making fundamental, world-wide divisions among men. And reminding me about the old Testament in telling the Chaos appeardwhen all peoples (all of a sudden)speaking different languages: The Tower of Babel.
    Hm, well, I have thought it must be about “to lose our ability” in the beginning, with the TELEPATHIC communication, when to “speak/talk” with each others. A Mind-to-Mind Communication obviously.

    B&B, Inger Lise

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