Rita on further non-3D limits

Friday, July 21, 2017

2:20 a.m. Rita, in looking back at Lori’s question, it seems to me there is indeed more to be said. The entire second graf calls for an answer, if you care to provide it. What role do limits play in non-3D? Do they impel development? And, do they involve lack in some way?

All good questions. The first polarity to be dealt with had to be “near” and “far,” because that is the one most easily seen. But there are others, and again, limits determine form and enable form.

Another limit involves what I suppose we much call the reflected light of 3D consciousness.

Funny that we haven’t dealt with this earlier except in passing.

Context is all. It has been mentioned but not dwelt upon because other things were always more central to whatever path was being followed.

I’ll set it out, per your implied wish. We in 3D have a small but brightly lit consciousness, its intensity fed by the concentration of the ever-moving present moment. The non-3D, we have been told by the guys years ago, have a more extensive but more subdued consciousness, obviously because they – you, now – are not concentrated by that very-3D phenomenon. Right?

Right. So you may accurately describe our consciousness-intensity as being a limit. And you can see the implications for 3D / non-3D interaction.

Well, I hadn’t, until you said that. Or, I guess I sort of had and mostly hadn’t given it a lot of thought.

Now is the time to do so. think – using your pen – about the mutual benefits of communication across the non-existent veil between 3D and non-3D.

Well, if our relatively brighter consciousness can light up a local non-3D consciousness, I suppose it is like giving it food. So, our mere attention, regardless of content, may have value for it.

That’s right, and that is the key to many false manifestations.

The non-3D has con artists, in other words, willing to string us along to keep our attention.

You could put it that way. Go on.

I suppose this could be connected to what Bob Monroe call Loosh? Emotion in 3D harvested by non-3D?

That requires more careful consideration, but yes, it can manifest that way. Intense emotion burns terrific amount of energy. Such flare-ups are “harvested,” so to speak, if only de facto.

Does this – he asked suspiciously – imply that non-3D has a vested interest in stirring up 3D strife?

The vested interest is in stirring up consciousness, intensity. A world of people actively in love would do just as well as a world engaged in hating itself, that is, thinking that it was hating “the other.”

But in a way, it is our choice.

Theoretically, yes. In practice, you need all the guidance you can get.

Our religious teachers over the years? The Buddha, Jesus, the prophets?

All these, but also the philosophers, Taoists – any individuals and groups advocating turning from the objects of attention and turning toward the phenomenon of consciousness itself.

And when civilizations put their energies to external objects, allowing their consciousnesses to dim in complacency or outward-direction, there is always another World War to turn up the flame.

That is an alternative, yes.

I can see for the first time the idea of monks – be they Christian or Buddhist or Sufi or whatever – as preserving the world through contemplation and prayer, thoroughly inward preoccupations that seemingly don’t have anything to do with the rest of the world, however benevolent their intentions.

Let’s pause for now, and you go back to sleep for a while, and continue later if you wish.

All right, but this does shed light on a question from Ellen, doesn’t it? Or is that question why this discussion went in this direction?

To quote someone I know, that is one of the useless questions. But yes, it does shed light on it, and we can look at it when we resume.

All right.

[Ellen: Since the strands that compose a life originate in non 3D communities of like-minded groups of individuals, does it then follow that the strands that compose lifes like ISIS members (committing acts of intense violence toward others) originate from non 3D communities composed primarily of like-minded (violent) individuals?]






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