The value of forgetting things

Of course, just because “science” says something is no reason to take it as Gospel. (Yes, I did that deliberately. I’m very tired of scientism, the very destructive religion that warps our times.) Still, this is an interesting study.


One thought on “The value of forgetting things

  1. I love this Frank, thanks.

    How many times not to have felt “overloaded” by all “information” coming from everywhere nowadays!
    And I love individualism. Edgar Cayce told within many Readings about the uniqueness between all creatures.
    We are all our own unique self.
    I do believe the importance within the understatement by many philosophers about to withdraw your mind from “the outer world” more often. It is too much “know-how.” And many”know-all” individuals educated at the universities today. And who or whom are the “Educated” Teachers of the Education ? Actually, we do not know ! But who am I to judge anything at all ?
    I am reading Psychic Politics(Seth-Jane) all over again….
    LOL, Inger Lise.

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