Rita: 3D and non-3D

Monday, July 3, 2017

3:45 a.m. Miss Rita? I glanced back at the past three days’ transmissions, but I don’t really have an idea as to where we’re going, so, again, your move.

Remember the theme. The last series we did described the process of readjusting our consciousness at death, from 3D-orientation to a wider, non-3D orientation. Now we want to give an idea of some of what happens after that.

Yes, I guess I knew that much.

Reports vary as widely as do people. Partly this involves cultural translation, partly a real difference in experience. So we need to begin with a firm understanding that people are different, that they are different for a reason, that differences accumulate as life is added to life, that the results of such differences are communities of communities, specialized (one might say) yet interconnected and cooperating.

And if “as above, so below,” leading to another level of organization beyond the one we know.

Exactly. No matter which level you examine, we are individuals forming communities, and we are individuals composed of communities. Any given level of existence is formed on the same pattern.

I don’t feel like recapitulating all of what we’ve been told, but the sense was that a 3D individual comprised communities of specialized organs and that each of those comprised specialized cells, etc. or, looking upward, each of those same individuals were members of a community that in turn formed an organ or a cell of a larger being of a different nature.

That’s the idea. Working from that one insight, it should be obvious that “the afterlife” is no more a singular entity than “the future” is singular. Everyone experiences things differently, in the nature of things.

In my old age, I am slowly beginning to remember to be careful that people not misunderstand what is being said. We’ll need to go at that more slowly.

I smile to see our relative positions reversed. Now you are the cautious one. All right, let’s look at it. For the moment, let’s set aside the trail that would lead from consideration of the fact that real reality is a composite of uncounted specific versions of reality as experienced one by one. We’ll forget I mentioned it, except as analogy to the fact that life after the 3D restriction is in some ways analogous. That is, the “afterlife” is as plural and simultaneously true as life in 3D. Again, I remind you, the “two” worlds are actually two aspects of one undivided reality, so it should not be a surprise that they share the same nature.

Only, the non-3D does not share the specifically 3D restriction of awareness.

As was said, different turf results in apparently (but not really) different natures. If your life in 3D is shot through with connection and interaction with the rest of All-D (that is, the non-3D), obviously they are not different in essence, but only in appearance.

This seems to put a different light on our existence in 3D. We are intrinsic to the nature of the non-3D as well, because there is no real separation between them. I mean, they are usually experienced separately, but they are indivisible.

That is correct.

I see that I have still been unconsciously thinking of 3D life as little more than preparation for what follows. But that isn’t it, is it?

Think of your life – no, let’s start again. Think of your larger being’s life as a needle, plying up and down through a cloth representing the layer dividing 3D and non-3D. This is analogy, of course. There is no such layer. But the image I wish to convey is of a needle moving from non-3D to 3D, then up from 3D back to non-3D, etc., etc., stitching the world together, so to speak. This is analogy. The point is, your larger being creates a 3D life by inserting part of its essence into 3D. That life returns newly shaped – created, in effect – at the end of that life, and is part of the larger being when it next inserts a part of itself in 3D. This is not a one-time event, but a continuous process, and the point is not 3D existence or non-3D existence, but both, as part of a continuous process of growth and change.

Thus neither extreme is correct. Life in 3D is not the important thing, with no afterlife or at any rate no impact on it, and life in the non-3D is not the important thing, with 3D life only a testing period or an annoyance.

Why would half of reality be unimportant, or accidental, or contradictory? Reality is undivided. Life is undivided. But you must use telescope and microscope at the same time, and your own two eyes.

Well, you’re helping us do that.

We can stop here. You needn’t wear yourself out.

I am a bit tired, it’s true. But I can continue, if you wish. Although it has been 45 minutes, we have only five pages, about half the usual.

No harm in taking things slowly. One point per day will still get it done, and if you feel like resuming later, we can do that.

Okay. Bye for now, then.


4 thoughts on “Rita: 3D and non-3D

  1. This is not really a “new” comment, just have to share.

    It’s weird, I read the new stuff (as of today March of 2018), can’t REALLY connect, come back and read what “WAS” new 8 months later, and it’s stuff I can connect to and “see” somehow…It’s the same words, so the changes in me are going on, yet so subtly that it’s not obvious until I go back.

    Great work, Frank!

    1. Hi Andy

      Thanks for commenting all the way back here. I would not have found this post again without that. This particular blog post is easier for me to connect with also. I have bookmarked it.

      Sometimes just resonating with something (e.g., being attracted to it) and feeling good about that is all that is needed. It is about being (as opposed to doing).

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