Draft 6 finished

Of the making of books, there is no end. Finished draft six of Papa’s Trial: Hemingway in the Afterlife, slimming it down from 167,000 words to 144,000, still too many.

Here’s Papa reviewing the manuscript, suggesting further changes. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Draft 6 finished

  1. I have only read one Hemingway book, The Man and the Sea. However, I remember distinctly that I could not put it down – finishing it in a couple of hours. And, I am not a fiction reader (or even fast reader).

    In the last two years, since meeting guidance in an OBE, our projected human complexities and relationships (e.g., like yours with Hemingway ) have become an attraction and interest to me. Hearing about your complex relationships has been helpful to me in expanding personally.

    It has become obvious that there is a whole other level of diversity in “otherwhere”. I thought I might mention this, as another aspect of my own inner being presented herself this week to me … a Latin-South American-Indian teenage girl. I intuitively knew somehow to speak Spanish to her in the experiences, so when she came forward I stated “Como se yama?” (what is your name?). She hugged me and replied, but as is often the case I missed her name (e.g., it started with an “M”). She stepped back and I was introduced to a couple of others.

    I will be reading your upcoming Hemingway book. I am already looking forward to it.

    1. Meanwhile, there’s all that Hemingway to read! What a treat, to be able to read them for the first time! For Whom the Bell Tolls, A Farewell to Arms, The Sun Also Rises,to name only the other three of his four best.

      1. Another measurable coincidence on discovering your authorship: I was named after Lady Brett Ashley. This was in ’58 – my parents loved his writing, and, in the deep south where I was born and raised, I might not have to explain that Lady Brett wasn’t high on the list of admirable fictional females. My mother, as the saying goes, was always too hip for the room.

        Looking much forward to reading this.

      2. This is a decent idea and suggestion, however Mr. Hemingway will have to wait … I have another author (ahem!) I am reading (lol).

        I am remain at my slow pace going through the Rita and TGU content (4 books total). Cosmic Internet is next. I really enjoy TGU. I like their humor.

        btw, I had an odd experience using ILC not too long ago. I got two words this time … “worship me”. I was fully conscious and immediately said, “No!”. I heard nothing else. I was somewhere near focus 10 (e.g., physically asleep with no vision beyond my body).

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