What does it mean when you see a totem animal?

Recently at The Monroe Institute, there was a sighting that was both common and extremely rare.

Common, because turkey vultures, or buzzards as some people call them, can be seen all the time, doing their lazy figure-eights in the sky, looking for carrion.

Rare, because these birds are rarely seen at very close range, and rare in that the sighting, given the context, seemed to mean something.



One thought on “What does it mean when you see a totem animal?

  1. Thanks for the ‘Totem Animal’ and ‘Michael Ventura’ posts. I used to read Ventura regularly when he worked for the LA Weekly. Nice to have that experience again.

    I also shared your totem animal article with a group of people on another forum. We are planning a meet up in the non-physical, and I had the idea to share the totem as something we could all focus on before the event. I simply had feeling (it felt like a match) and I followed that.

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