Re-wilding (or, Nature bats last)

This interesting story is an example of the half-empty glass: Is it good, is it bad, or is it just life? Either way, it supports what I firmly believe, which is that nature isn’t nearly as fragile as people sometimes fear it is.

2 thoughts on “Re-wilding (or, Nature bats last)

  1. Frank,
    I’d say it’s life … and that widening one’s belief systems to understand, then know that such things are meaningful parts of life is important. Rita was NOT just ‘blowing smoke’ when she repeated “All is well, all is very well!”

    In the article the author uses the phase “Humanity’s loss was nature’s gain.” I’m struck by such memes: it’s ‘in’ to say/feel we humans are separate from nature, in essence an anti-nature force. Such terms of separation and alienation work against the Change Rita speaks of, our inexorable growth toward more and deeper awareness of our connection.

  2. I firmly believe that humanity can do more than it’s doing to keep the earth liveable for all species. Earth, however, and a LOT of life is going to be going on for billions of years, whether a little, a lot, or no humanity exist. So when people talk about “earth day” and “saving the planet”, I really think it’s about saving humanity, and a LOT of nature and wildlife!

    Earth as a planet, and likely even an ecosystem, will survive regardless of whether much life is around on it or not. Nature indeed bats last.

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