It’s simple when you think of it

My January 2017 column for The Echo

It’s simple when you think of it in a certain context

By Frank DeMarco

Years ago when I was still a book publisher, I met Hank Wesselman at an INATS (International New Age Trade Show) in Denver, and he and I traded copies of our books. I read his first book, Spiritwalker, with interest, as I did with the two succeeding volumes of trilogy – Medicinemaker and Visionseeker – when they came out in later years. In 2009, I did one of his weeklong workshops in Oregon, along with Dirk Dunning, a friend with whom I have done several programs at The Monroe Institute. So, I came to know his material pretty well.

I don’t know about you, but I judge a book’s information by its effect on me. Ernest Hemingway said every writer needs an internal crap detector, and in my view that goes for readers, as well. When I read Spiritwalker for the first time, not only did my crap detector not go off, it strongly indicated that these books were telling important truths. I am far more skeptical of “science” than Hank is (he is an anthropologist by training), but I found his volumes fascinating, particularly in that they are first-hand experiences of communication via non-physical methods. Of course, in those days, I had no independent way to judge the material.

But now I do. In the years since I first read those books, I have been exposed to a lot of first- and second-hand information from the non-physical world. First came the information that Rita Warren and I received in 201-2002, and then, in the past two years, the material Rita fed me, several years after her transition from the 3D to the non-3D world. That material changed the mental world I live in, as it has done for many others.

Last month, in response to a prompting out of nowhere I can identify, I reread Hank’s trilogy, and found that what I have learned from Rita have made Hank’s books read very differently. First-hand experience will do that! Some things that I puzzled over at first reading, or took on faith, now seem obviously, inevitably true. Take this sentence, for instance, from Spiritwalker:

“Kahunas believed that everything in the everyday world has an ordinary aspect `here’ and a nonordinary aspect in the spirit realms.”

When I first read that sentence, years ago, I didn’t know what to make of it. All it said to me was that certain men believed a certain thing for reasons of their own which they did not divulge, and which the author did not explain. I don’t think this came from any desire on their part – or Hank’s – to deliberately mystify the subject. I think they just took it for granted and didn’t think to try to explain. I didn’t have the key.

But now I do. In the light of my long dialogues with Rita and others, I saw that this is just simple truth. In light of Rita’s explanation of the essential unbreakable oneness that is the 3D and non-3D world, the statement is not only sensible, but obvious, almost too simple to need stating.

It really is simple. Even the great god Science knows that reality consists of more than three dimensions plus time. Scientists are arguing about whether reality consists of six dimensions, or 12, or perhaps more, but for our purposes, how many there are doesn’t matter. However many there are, we are in all of them, even though we commonly perceive only height, breadth and length, and time.

We are in all of them, whether we know it or not, because there is no way we can not be. If you are in any, you are in all, in the same way you cannot be in height and depth, say, but not length. Rita explained that those dimensions we do not experience directly, we experience as aspects of time. As our ability to experience additional dimensions improves, they are, in effect, subtracted from our experience of time, so that time itself seems to change for us.

And if we are in all dimensions, so is everything else. Thus we live in the ordinary world (what Rita calls the 3D) and the non-ordinary world (the non-3D). So of course everything has one aspect here and one there. “Here” and “there,” in context, are parts of the same indivisible oneness.

In the second book of the trilogy, Medicinemaker, Hank quotes mythologist Joseph Campbell:

“The great key to understanding myth and symbol is that the two realities, ordinary and nonordinary, are actually one. The deed of the hero is to explore both dimensions and then return, to teach again what has been correctly taught and incorrectly learned a thousand times throughout human history.”

Plain, simple truth, but as usual, truth is more easily understood in its proper context.



One thought on “It’s simple when you think of it

  1. Thank you Frank….clearly put indeed.

    Hm, this afternoon came upon a YouTube Video by an Edgar Cayce Interpreter with the name of John Schroeder. He is explaining the meaning of the Edgar Cayce Readings about: “Why in US to Be Here.” Excellent told but a very long YouTube video. I made some short-cuts here and there when watching it.

    And THEN, came to be thinking about my old Edgar Cayce Class back in the early 1990s when the class-members pondering about simultaneous time, and quote E.C. Pharaphrased: ” You are the sum total NOW of the whole Self as you ever has been…” The eternal expanding summary of us NOW, in this very moment.
    And Heaven is not “out there” but right here. We are to make Heaven on Earth if to become conscious enough, and we do not need to become “dead” before to reach Heaven.

    We are Gods in training … according to Seth likewise.
    lol, Inger Lise
    P. S. The Daily Quote by Rudolf Steiner today gave me “an awakening” …. which NEVER to have thought about before (really ?)…..Rudolf Steiner says we can READ spiritual books for the deceased persons we know ( even if the person is dead ).
    OF COURSE, we can do it ! We are in touch with parallel dimensions ALL the time !
    F.inst. I can read the books for the education of my many past, present & future selves likewise. Obs ! The many-faced self ( the Oversoul 7 trilogy by Seths` ) ?
    I am ino the Multidimensional Human at the time being.

    Thanks again Frank, and I am reading each Friday the next chapter of Messenger. Love it !

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