Fear and the elections and your access to guidance

An article I published in the December edition of The Echo. Perhaps it will read differently to you now than it would have read then.

Fear and the elections and your access to guidance

By Frank DeMarco

I spend a lot of time on Facebook, and I have liberal friends and conservative friends, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Can’t-Stand-Any-Of-Thems. What strikes me most in the aftermath of last month’s elections is not how divided they are, nor even how different their worldviews are, but how similarly they are reacting.

In nearly all cases, the reaction boils down to fear.

See if this sounds familiar:

* Heavy investment in a set of values identified as traditional American values.

* Perception that these values have been under continuous assault for decades.

* Fear that unless the prevailing trend is turned around, these values may be lost forever.

* Conviction that the corporate media lies, omits, distorts, and, in general promotes its own agenda.

* Suspicion (amounting to belief) that the other side is suppressing the vote, or miscounting it, or stuffing the ballot boxes electronically or otherwise.

Familiar list? It should be. This summarizes not only what you and your side believe, but also what the opposite side believes. The specifics are all different; the psychological state is identical. Most people seem to feel that they are living under siege. They fear for the future, and they are convinced that they have valid reason for that fear.

Both sides. Fear of the future. But is it warranted?

You could make a case that indeed it is. You can always make that case, no matter the circumstances. What seems right to you can be defeated; what seems wrong can flourish. No matter what happens, some people are going to suffer. Viewed the way most people view life, they would say that fear of the future is warranted; indeed, only makes sense.

From a 3D perspective, of course it makes sense. The 3D world tempts us to see ourselves as isolated and powerless, with external events impinging on our lives without much rhyme or reason. It leads us to overvalue the present moment. Experienced from a 3D perspective, the present moment is always overpoweringly important and is often a crisis.

But there is another way to look at things, a way that is not only more hopeful but more plausible, a way rooted not in separation and conflict but in connection and interaction.

Look at things from a non-3D perspective. The non-3D recognizes that the present moment is only one moment in time. It recognizes that we are not isolated individuals, as we appear to be, but connected in many ways, both in the non-3D and in the 3D itself. It sees that all things come into existence from the past and have their moment and then pass out of existence. Yes, we live in the present, but no, the present moment doesn’t last forever. And remember, we live in the 3D and non-3D alike.

But what does this mean practically?

For one thing, it means that nobody has a universal perspective, and therefore nobody is right about everything. You have your values, and others have theirs, and maybe neither position is absolutely right, but contains some truth and some error.

It means that you don’t have much excuse for assuming that you are good and your opponents are bad. You can’t know what is in their hearts, any more than they can know what is in yours. We tend to judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. Obviously if you use so crooked a scale, the measurement is always going to be in your favor.

It means that events are more neutral than our reactions to them. The same events that exhilarate one person depress another and leave a third person unaffected. To a greater extent than we commonly realize, our reaction to events is rooted more in fear of what they portend than in the events themselves. Our experience is rooted less in “what the facts dictate” than in our accustomed reactions.

So for instance, it appears that Donald Trump is going to be our next president. If we look at that fact without the hopes and fears we attach to it – that is, if we recognize that our hopes and fears are ours and are not intrinsic to the situation –  we see that we are freer than we may think. Those who think that Trump is going to bring about a restoration of traditional America are likely to be disappointed. So are those who think he is going to bring about a descent into fascism.

Hopes, and fears, are not facts. They are emotions, which means they are ours. We are certain to be wrong about some things, and for all we know we are wrong about everything. We won’t know until things play out.

There is no use living in a state of fear. Much better to live in a state of reasonable expectation. As Seth pointed out long ago, this is a safe universe.


Frank DeMarco is the author of many books on access to non-physical guidance, most recently Rita’s World Vol. II. His website is www.ofmyownknowledge.com. On Facebook he is frank.demarco.10.


6 thoughts on “Fear and the elections and your access to guidance

  1. Frank …

    I want to say “thanks” again for sharing so openly here … and “thank you” to those unknown friends technically supporting your effort here to encourage self-initiated access to our guidance / inner being.

    This morning I had a very contrasting experience. A very well-known and published psychic-channel has recently set up a membership web site with $80 per month fees where “students of his guides” can access his guidance’s messages – essentially mass commercializing their guidance.

    To put it mildly … this did not resonate with me on many levels. In fact, I was furious because they channel what I would call ‘teachers of the Christ spirit’, and I found nothing Christ-like in their new manifestation.

    While I understand that we all need to have an income (and things cost money in the physical), this discovery was a shocking contrast to what goes on here (and in Rita’s World). So, I want to acknowledge that.

    In appreciation,

    A Subtle Reader

    1. Subtle Traveler thank a lot !
      I have thought the very same as you do. But also to have felt a bit bad about my own feelings about him, being guilty in to critize what he does with TGU, because in the way of “commercializing” the channelings.
      And I have received the same offer online to pay 80 dollar a month to receive the material of his`…….
      That`s why to have FELT about what Frank having done from the very beginning in doing it “RIGHT” and HONEST in every way.
      The same did Edgar Cayce all his life.
      And adding my deepest appreciation for the goodness by what Frank is to give us freely!
      B & B,
      Inger Lise

      1. Hi Inger Lise … 🙂 … hope things are good for you.

        Yes, we agree that Frank’s work consistently (and Frank individually) encourages others to seek their own non-physical guidance. I also want to acknowledge that when I attempted to draw a contrast and compliment Frank’s efforts here 10 days ago, my complaining (about the new web site) leaked out during my processing. I do not have a problem paying people for their services or products (or them marketing themselves).

        After meditating and pondering last week (pinging between A and B perspectives), I got clearer. What did not resonate with me was seeing ‘one more web site’ that explicitly states that a psychic-medium has guidance which you can pay to become a student of … without concurrently acknowledging (explicitly) that the student already has accessible, viable non-physical guidance (built in). This is the contrast I experienced.

        I wanted briefly to clean up my ‘messiness from last weekend with these clarities.

        1. Thank you very much for the clarification Subtle-Traveller. And agree.
          Oh well, it is the nuances when reading the words within another language (a second language), which can be related to distortions as usual.
          Looking at each others faces when talking is much better that`s for sure (“reading” each others facial expression when talking).

          B & B, Inger Lise
          P.S. I have received a email about the same Channeler to make, and to hold, a Conference in London/U.K. for the first time, The Conference is to be held in early July. I am a bit tempted ” to see & listening ” to him face-to-face because it is often making a huge difference ……

          1. Hey Inger Lise … thanks!

            I can share that when I read the 4th book, each time I experienced a strong and notable energetic while reading. His guides did work with my own guidance. The new energy usually started around the 4th of 5th lesson. I still use the “recited proclamations” in the book. No doubt … it is powerful stuff.

            I cannot really comment about the usefulness of the conferences, as I have not attended. I wish the best with your decision!

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