A great day, in happier times

Nobody who was of a certain age on February 20, 1962 will ever forget John Glenn’s three orbits around the earth.

In flight

Relaxing after being picked up

Homecoming parade

JFK’s tribute

2 thoughts on “A great day, in happier times

  1. Yep! Grew up in Washington, D.C.; even though this famous event is a little before my “memory timeline” (I was a mere pre-schooler at the time, dealing w/ a changed living situation–a divorce of my parents–and was generally a “scared little rabbit” in those days, but that’s another story). When in kindergarten, the toy to “have” was a model of a Gemini space capsule, complete w/ motorized wheels, flashing lights, and beeping sound effects (I had a model, but a classmate had the more coveted “deluxe” model aforementioned!)

    I’ve always liked the expression “Godspeed…”, and only years later realized it was applied to John Glenn; the day his photo-obit appeared in the local papers in December, the headline was “Godspeed, John Glenn”, w/ a photo of him in a later mission. Looked like a very kindly gentleman.


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