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With my old dear friend (and Hampton Roads author) Dana Redfield in the Utah desert, a good long time ago. Just came across this.

If you aren’t familiar with Dana’s work, she wrote three great novels — Ezekiel’s Chariot, Lucy Blue and the Daughters of Light, and Jonah — and two non-fiction books about her own abduction experiences, Summoned and The ET-Human Link. Dana’s novels are particularly delightful, being teaching tools without preaching. And her humor! So funny!

Dana with our mutual friend Stephen Iordanos, owner of Quanta, a Canadian distributing company,  Stephen and I drove to see Dana after attending an INATS trade show in Denver. Can’t remember what year this was.

And this is Newspaper Rock, which I swear is a portal into other dimensions.

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  1. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in that area over the years, though not lately. Four corners region is one of the best places on this blue orb (imnsho)– and weirdest.

    Did you get transported at Newspaper Rock, Frank? Do tell!

    1. Nay, I’m still here fulfilling my mission of annoying people. But the energy was strong there, and I got the strongest sense that this is why the glyphs were painted there, as a sort of recognition of its quality. It felt like if you only knew how, you could walk right into that rock (which means, in context, you could walk out of the normal 3D world by walking between it, so to speak). Magical place.

  2. Oh, Frank! A week ago or so I read what you wrote about Dana Redfield and have only just now looked into what she wrote. What a shock to learn that she passed over already. I feel as I did when I was reading Jane Roberts’ Seth books in the 80s, never having heard of her before either, and then learning that she had passed. I seem to be constantly missing the bus 🙂
    Of course I know that neither of them is gone for real, but my reaction was real enough. I’ve added all of her books that I could find on Scribd into my “library” there and will start reading them soon.

    1. I know how you feel, and yet —
      A few years ago, Colin Wilson was visiting the US — I think it must have been when he and his son Damon came to Virginia so that Colin could talk to the A.R.E. — I said to him that it was a little bit frustrating, because when I read his books, I thought of so many things I wanted to talk to him about, but in person somehow those conversations never happened. He apparently had had the same feeling when he was younger, for he said (rough paraphrase) that he had noticed that he had met and talked to many famous people in his life, but he never learned anything in conversations with them; that whatever he had gotten from them, he had gotten from their books.

      That makes sense, when you look at it, because it is in their books that writers express themselves most clearly. They have time to shape and reshape, and a good deal more of the non-3D enters into their writing than usually in their speech.

      However, that said, Dana and I had many serious, intense conversations, trying to puzzle out what we knew and what we thought we knew and what thoughts and questions the other’s writing inspired in us. I remember telling her that her description of one of her abductions sounded to me like a second-body experience, and that was a new idea to her. God, it seems a long, long time ago.

      1. Well, Frank! It’s been exactly a month since you wrote the above and I haven’t at all forgotten about it, on the contrary. Right away I read Dana’s novels, Ezekiel’s Chariot and Jonah, digital versions, and both were very interesting, intriguing really. Her style is very direct and humorous and imaginative, and in a way she’s all over the place. I can’t help thinking like both an editor and a proofreader when I read something, and she must have been a handful 🙂
        Her book Summoned I found on Amazon and had it shipped to me and it’s lucky that I have it in paper, since a paper book is so much easier to browse and with Summoned it’s really necessary to go back and forth a lot.
        She had to go through a lot herself, didn’t she? It’s a bit sad to read about all those doubts and fears that she experienced, when these days so much is widely published and really welcomed worldwide. I understand that she felt the need to let the readers in on how her journey had been, and at the same time almost hiding what she herself considered wildly provocative content. Readers familiar with for instance Dolores Cannon’s books wont feel her messages about alien engineering of the humand gene pool crazy at all. What was weird and in a way endearing was that she found the metaphor of hay in the story that she told you about the hostile villagers to be a metaphor that described the information she tried to bring to the needy “horses” – us. How on earth did she come across that metaphor, I wonder. Well, her background explains it perhaps.
        When I looked for her books on Amazon, I also came across a first edition of her alphabet book. I’m glad I didn’t buy it, or I would have been diving into something of a wild goose chase, I fear, and if not been lost myself, at least have lost a lot of time. Like her, I’m very interested in sounds and signs used to convey meaning, but either she simplified it too much, or she didn’t simplify it enough.
        She sounds like a very interesting woman!
        I’m reading Summoned in bits and pieces before I go to sleep and her rambling style is making me a bit frustrated. I trust that in my sleep state, somebody will try to make heads and tails of it and give me a more coherent picture.
        But perhaps I’m just getting old and not so wise as you write elsewhere that old men get 🙂 I’m stuck somewhere in Rita’s World part I and find that Rita’s acute intellect, very opposite to Dana’s, requires a lot of me. I admire her stringent way of explaining matters, but I think I shall switch reading that book to a time of day when I’ll be more awake 🙂

        1. She did indeed have to go through a lot. I as editor found her books very hard to work with, because I knew her, so I knew she was telling the truth as she knew it, and at the same time what she was saying was so unbelievable to a part of me. Difficult indeed, plus, trying to make something clearer to the reader meant it had to be clear to me first, and THAT wasn’t easy. It was good work to do, but it was work! I couldn’t make heads nor tails of the alphabet book, and ultimately we didn’t publish that one. (I half-think she didn’t submit that one until after I left in November 2005. But I do own a copy, and it is Greek to me.)

          Dana was a true pioneer, with a pioneer’s loneliness and self-doubt and stubborn courage and perseverance. She was an artist, with the artist’s thin skin, so vulnerable to hostile comment. (Yeats spoke of the artist’s work, so much dearer to his heart than his life.) And she was an exile, haunted by her religious past.

  3. Hi Christel and Frank.

    Very nice “listening” to what you are saying here.
    I have read Dolores Cannon`s books(big volumes indeed), and probably a hundred more books of the same kind. But what really became a mind-trigger about “the abduction-stories” were the one titled as ” The Presence of Other Worlds ” by Wilson Van Dusen.
    It is no abductions, it is only ” a hole in the parallel psy-time, the one dimension.”
    You know, back in the 1980s the real interest about the quest in us living The Multidimensional Life began flourishing in Scandinavia too,
    and the Swedenborg Material given a new renaissance.
    In the 1950s a whole UFO – Fleet were seen upon the sky above Oslo city (the capital once named Christiania after 500 years in union with Denmark). Hundreds of peoples watched the scenario.
    My one uncle among them….He swore to God never to have seen anything like it. My long gone mother (my uncles sister) told the story became as the fisherman`s story….The more as the years passing by, the more of the UFO`s became visible in the sky according to my uncle that is.
    But okay, the sights reached the news on the radios, and also into the newspapers back then ( I was 7 years old at the time, but Oh my, how very exciting). Remember, this was back in the early 1950s.

    Other worlds of existence, yes, without a doubt…..Seth have said somewhere in his books, among “The Early Sessions”…. It “amases him” in us (the humans), to be able to see them at all.

  4. …again, I find myself “jumping into the midst” of an interesting conversation! I never knew of Dana; I’ll have to ask Susan (who’s read many of the Dolores Cannon works) if she’s heard of her; she’s more of the “UFO aficionado” than I am. The topic holds interest for me, certainly, and our informal “Second Sunday” gatherings often feature a “transmission” from “Bashar” (Daryl Anka–related to Paul), brought over by a friend of ours, who gets all the latest “downloads” (via PC). The limited exposure I’ve had gets so “mixed” w/ all the contrarian messages; a sampling of the many “YouTube” videos will give some idea of this (from great dread/fear of “alien invasions” to “Oh, WOW!!” excitement).

    I think I may have had my own experience w/ an alien race, who “visited” me, when I was about eight, two nights in a row, during a dream-state. They appeared, as best I can describe, as a group of white lights, which/who swept down out of the sky, landing in our back yard. I recall a warm rapport; they seemed like dear childhood friends. I still “miss them”, somehow…I’d like to delve into this more, when I “master” the various “Focus states” (I’m pretty good at “10” now, esp. when I listen to a particular “Hemisynch” track during a rest/nap). Or just start asking questions.

    The “Newspaper Rock” formation as a possible “portal” reminds me of what “Seth” spoke of, in “Seth Speaks” (currently, I’m re-reading this one; fantastic!) about an early race of Humans, known as the Lumanians. They were highly advanced technologically, but greatly feared aggression, to the point where they’d not only not defend themselves against the other race(s) “out there” (they were much of the time underground, in caves of their own making, using sound technology), but also were afraid of many creative acts (such as we’d call “art”) as being “too violent”. Some of their caves featured their equivalent of one-way glass; they could look out, but from the outside, it looked just like rock.

    Our explorations continue to be of much interest to me; not always easy to find folks who will talk about this stuff w/out “getting all freaked out”!

    Hope your eye is “seeing well”, Frank, and look forward to “Dark Fire”. I’m currently watching a series of podcasts, dealing w/ Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis; it’s apparently way underdiagnosed. More research into this continued fatigue, plus more aches and pains, plus an almost perpetual chill in the Winter months. Practical advice, along w/ my continued work w/ Spirit/Consciousness…


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