Dark Fire, To date

As of this morning, I have finished 23 of a projected 25 chapters of my novel Dark Fire. I realize that I am going to have to extensively revise it once finished (and after a pause for breath, after six months’ work), but what long looked impossible looks like maybe being accomplished. At any rate, I am 153,000 words into it, and happy with it so far.

Of course, after completion comes the discouraging part — trying to find a publisher. But, one obstacle at a time.

One thought on “Dark Fire, To date

  1. The title of the book sounds exciting Frank. I `m fond of mysteries.

    I am often to buy books because of the fascinating titles.
    But it is not always as the content/context, of the book is of the same fascination (to me that is, cannot speak for others)….Good to know who the author behind the book is to be at first !

    Something funny to recal back in time when to study the Edgar Cayce Readings.
    One of the close friends of E.C., telling about when E.C. held the speeches in the Church on Sundays..
    E.C. could watch among the ordinary community and among the audience sitting upon the benches below him…..Many Deceased peoples of other Faith`s and Religions there among “the living”. Such as some deceased Jews dressed in their old “costumes” also sitting upon the benches in the same Church (was it Presbyterian ?) there. And Edgar Cayce told they came for TO LISTEN and TO LEARN more !
    Highly interesting that is !
    Fascinating enough, because it is the very same told in the old books by Elsa Barker about “The Living Dead Man from” 1913-1918….Approximately at the same time with Edgar Cayce.

    BTW: I`m sure your next novel is exciting Frank.
    Nowadays the taxes here in Norway becoming too high for the PRIVATE import of books from abroad…..The taxes and the fees are skyhigh !
    The only way to buy the books cheap from abroad will be the online Kindle Books from Amazon.
    But it does not matter because I am to have bunches of the books, and several not to have read as yet !

    “….May The Force Be With You…”
    The second-run (if not the 10th re-round abouts) with the OLD Star-Wars movies are to be shown upon one of the Norwegian TV-channels in these days. All of the series over again….I do believe it is laboured as subtle memories within all men about the Star-Travels.
    LOL, Inger Lise

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