Contact surgery – aftermath

I actually made a spreadsheet to list what eye drops i had to use when. This goes on until my one-week checkup, and then I hope I go back to using only the one drop in each eye that I use to control eye pressure.

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  1. Looks like we hit the “reply limit” on your other blog post. I will answer the question here.

    The Eagles began in 1971 in Los Angeles.

  2. Hi Frank and Subtle Traveler…..It seems as we are “into eyesight” in these days. I had an appointment with my “eye-doctor” to have a routine check. And of course to buy myself a pair of new glasses both for the driving and the reading as the eyesight have changed a bit since the last time.

    I love when “to hear” my guidance in dreams to play the music and giving hints about the texts likewise as you are telling Subtle Traveler. Thank you for the music.
    I love all about The Pirates at Sea, or, any Captain.
    And not to mention how much to have loved PETER PAN in my days….The OLD original Peter Pan cartoon movies by Walt Disney that is. A Dream Land. The main sound of music going with the old Peter Pan movie back then were the songtitle is: ” You can FLY, you can FLY, you can Flyy” (or, WE can FLY, when Wendy and her two brothers flying with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell out of the window in London toward Peter`s Tallship in the sky) etc.etc.

    As for your eyedrops Frank…..That`s truly a LONG listing of it ! Thanks for the nice pictures with a lot of smiles/humour. And wishing you good luck of course.

    B & B, Inger Lise

    1. Long lists are easy with a spreadsheet and copy and paste. You enter the date for one day, then copy it for the rest of the week. I wish putting in the drops could be handled the same way! 🙂

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