7 thoughts on “Cataract surgery – lens replacement

    1. Inger Lise, smiling is one of my very best things! Nothing gets you through the day like a smile — except a big laugh or two. And don’t think i don’t know that you know it too.
      One of my cousins used to always say, “Keep punching,” but I usually say “Hang in there.” or “Be well.” But I could as easily say “Keep smiling!”
      (I don’t always remember to smile when taking a selfie; I’m so intent on being sure I’m actually in the picture I’m taking!)

  1. …speaking of your “pirate thread” there, Frank! Depth perception may be “off” for a little while, until they remove that large, white “growth” over your left eye! 🙂 “That’s a different way of looking at it!” (alright…enough w/ the bad puns…:))

    Anyway, healing energy from us as well!

    Craig and Susan

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