Haven’t thought of this one in a long time. Probably I gave it away to someone.

I rarely do realistic work, but this time I wanted to.  I had set up the table and glasses and tray and drapery and all, and while i was working, one of our cats decided to put herself into the scene, so I said sure.

One of my first paintings, which still hangs in my house.

2 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. Thank you all I have really appreciated reading all the replies here.

    And it is a bit witty because (when it comes to myself) to have read many of Hemingways books translated into the Norwegian language long ago. And one of my favorites: ” Farewell to Arms.”
    My long gone parents had all of Hemingways books in my childhood home (among a lot of other authors). But of course most of the books translated.
    But the point is: The Norwegian translation giving the meanings an all different perspective, because as with ALL TRANSLATIONS the ORIGINAL language to an author cannot “be translated” fully…other if the editor & reader to have a pretty good developed imagination & INTUITION.
    But during my lifetime coming to see the fact, when picking up OLD BOOKS, several not to have read since many years back in time; how VERY DIFFERENT the book(s) is to read the second or third time around (or more).
    I have often thought the peoples living in the time-sequence about WWI looking upon life in far more INNOCENT way both before the outbreak of the war as well as the postwar years, before the next world war (WWII) breaking loose. But TODAY we have no more “excuses” to make wars….because no longer can we can say humanity to become “innocent” about “what`s going on” anymore. Nowadays it is nowhere to hide ( and nothing hidden ).

    And thank you Craig, glad you are back here. You are wording my own thoughts many a time that`s for sure.
    As for myself…I was brought up within a very protected and innocent environment (to me a paradise upon the earth) in every way. And I could have stayed there of course. Wonder if ever to have left it ?
    Is it forever imprinted upon time & space ? Do we really partake within all possible dimensions simultaneously ? The dreams are our indicator obviously. It is also told to be only ONE dimension of space, and all of it happens at the same time. One way or the other I have come to EXPERIENCE it as something ” to have happened.”

    The feelings and the emotions are rather peculiar, is it not ? Well, I have come to see it is ARTISTIC.
    LOL, Inger Lise.

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