A message from John?

This from Andy Walbert, who says I may share it. If others also hear from John, or suspect that they do (certainty is not possible, let alone being required, in these matters) I will be glad to share the messages here.

Sent: Monday, December 26, 2016 9:43 PM
To: Frank DeMarco <muddytracks@earthlink.net>
Subject: John Dorsey Wolf

Hi Frank,

I was saddened by news of John Dorsey Wolf’s passing on the blog.

Here’s what I wrote tonight…for what it’s worth. Which may be to show I have a good imagination… Yet part of your gift to me and the world is that it doesn’t matter what you call it, it resonates or it doesn’t. I didn’t think I’d bother you with this, yet the message is to send it…so here it is…


So, here I am on a Monday night. Good to speak with you guys, gals and the “all of me”… What do I do in response to the news that John Dorsey passed?

Do whatever you want! Remember, you are connected, just because you never met him face to face doesn’t mean you are not connected. You read his posts, and they resonated with you. In the “bigger” field of awareness you are close friends.

  1. So I’ll res you up, John, from the small corner of the screen of my attention I thought I saw you waving and saying, Andy, it really works! Is that you John Dorsey Wolf?

Sure it is.

Well, that’s cool, how is the transition going for you?

I’m still figuring things out, and the Love and good thoughts from the community definitely made it easier. It’s like I’m well known, even before introducing myself around!

Well, I’ve enjoyed all your posts and your risk taking. I admire that. I’m sure we’re probably good friends in lots of different ways through the darn crystal that Rita’s World talked about, so as always I’m open to both sending and receiving support.

Well, that would be fine. I know you’re not in a position to pass on messages now, your certainty isn’t there, but if you get past the doubt and second guessing let the folks know that all is well and that like my wife said, I’m a kid in a candy store! Access is a wonderful thing! All is well! (Rita says “Hi!”)

John, forgive me, Rita says Hi to me, to the TMI list, the blog list?

No need to put that in. It was more so you knew Rita and I are connected in the All-D

Well, John sending you energy, even as you wrote of sending it to others. (Least I think it was you talking about sending positive energy.) Talk to you later!

All Love is good! Ta-na-sen!


4 thoughts on “A message from John?

  1. What an inspirational post for those of us wondering if we’re doing it ‘right’ and doubting our certainty! Thanks so much for sharing. I too feel as if John and I are friends in the bigger field of awareness, he was so helpful to me and my understanding. I really felt the connections as I read your post.

    1. Agree with you Jane.
      I have thought it is the same as to become (or to be) “a radio-station.” A focus in consciousness. And it is working both ways. We are in contact with “the web,” and more and more “tuning into it”. Obviously it is possible to be in contact “on the web” by all of us, and likewise with John.
      Somewhere back in time upon Franks blog, in us discussing how we are “tuning into” the mind of the author of a book(when to read a book). I`ll guess it is the same what happens when we are intensly THINKING about a person either dead or alive. By now we do know it is the same. Life & death are one.
      The Theosophical teachings calling it as penetrating “through the veil.”

      And thank you to Andy Walbert too.
      Wishing a Happy New Year (time?) to all of you from Inger Lise.

      1. FWIW I agree with you on our tuning in. And a Happy New Year — it’s going to be another challenging one, but hopefully we’re up to it — to you and all who read this.

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