Rita on explanations, belief, and truth

This excerpt from Rita’s World Vol. II may be of interest. From Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Explanations, belief, and truth

7 a.m. So, Rita, a simple question. Why should anyone pay attention to anything you say—or, from their perspective, anything I report you as having said? Why should anyone believe any of it?

They shouldn’t. It isn’t a matter of belief or disbelief. And nothing I have to say in answer to this question is anything very different from what you have been saying for years. Since we cannot know, we can only provisionally believe, and there is no resolution to it. So, to seek belief as a goal is sort of pointless. The question is not, “What can you make yourself believe?” but “What explanation explains and what explanation do I resonate to?”

The Church went wrong (and churches continue to go wrong) when they set out to reassure themselves of their own correctness by measuring how many people could be persuaded (then, eventually, coerced) to believe the same things. It is the mark of truth that people gravitate to it, or toward it anyway, when they encounter it. It is also the mark of truth that it is broader than any mind or set of beliefs can fully encompass; hence, it always appears different to different types of people. But truth cannot be contained. Hence, does not exist within containers. Hence, cannot be fixed, but is fluid.

And for those whose psychology inclines them to need a fixed unchanging truth?

They will find that aspect of truth, as those needing nuance will find the ever-shifting aspect of truth. The thing to remember is that truth is larger, broader, deeper, more nuanced, more unchanging, than a human mind. Reality is larger than our view of it, as fishbowls are always wider than the space they enclose and give form to.



One thought on “Rita on explanations, belief, and truth

  1. Frank & Rita, thank you very much as always.

    What I can “hear” here by Rita`s ( as far as it is more or less to understand by me ).
    Well, as far as to have understood this content: ” My truth can never be the same as anybody elses` way of seeing the world of existence; because each of us making a world out of the own mind. And as E.C says; ” MInd is The Builder”……which ever changes because of its fluidness ( it is all in the mind ).
    And DESPITE of its fluidness it is the same constant and changelessness ever. Try to grasp it those who can….smiling !

    There is many books about The Divine Matrix, and it is also reminding me about “The Matrix Movies,” leaving out “The Divine” of course. Likewise “The Hologram-Deck” within the Star-Trek series, onboard the starship Enterprise: A data/computer-world.
    What`s any “reality” then ?
    Back to the Theory of Everything.

    It is mind boggling all of it but is it giving us Peace of Mind ?
    Frank Sinatra singing about ” My Way” somewhere if not to recall it all wrong !
    Hm, “happiness must comes from within,” is it told somewhere.
    The Christ Consciousness embraces Everything as a matter of fact ( and it is without any “names” ).

    BTW: Woke up with a headache this early morning(which is very rare), and therefore sitting here with the lap top on my knees ( I hate IPADS and IPODS)….What`s next ?
    Hopefully the changes in the world can be good for something.

    Wishing all of you a good time.
    B & B, Inger Lise

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