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Years ago when I was still a book publisher, I met Hank Wesselman at INATS (International New Age Trade Show) while he was signing copies of his first book, Spiritwalker. I read it with interest, read the succeeding two volumes of the resultant trilogy, and in 2009 with my friend Dirk Dunning, did Hank’s Visionseeker workshop in Oregon.

I am still far more skeptical of “science” than Hank is, but I found his volumes fascinating, in that they are first-hand experiences of communication via non-physical methods.

Now, responding to a prompting out of nowhere I can identify, I am rereading the trilogy, and finding that my experiences in recording the Rita’s World books make Hank’s books read very differently. There’s nothing like first-hand experience to do that! Thus, I read the following sentence, and, in the light of my long dialogues, saw immediately that this is just simple truth:

“Kahunas believed that everything in the everyday world has an ordinary aspect `here’ and a nonordinary aspect in the spirit realms.” [Spiritwalker, p. 115]

It’s so simple. If reality is x dimensions, we are in all of them. There’s no other way it can be: If you are in any, you are in all. (Try being in height and depth but not in length, sometime, if you doubt it.) Therefore of course everything is going to have a 3D and a non-3D aspect. Simple, once you get the concepts.

But I’m still rereading the books with interest.


4 thoughts on “New perspectives

    1. Hi Frank,
      I have read all three of Hank’s books a couple of times. I have found them to be very thought provoking, especially in light of Rita’s conversations. I definitely agree that they are great examples of non-physical connections.
      I am also find it interesting as to how belief structures shape the nature of these communications. Hank is obviously, at least to me, interpreting these through his shamanic experiences. That does’t lessen their importance; it’s great to see how this works.


  1. THANK YOU, Frank! I have been binge watching the 5 interviews with Hank Wesselman that are on Gaia. The first ones are from 1999 and the others are from 2005, 2006 & 2011. Really enjoying it, and this information is exactly on target in my own development right now. Thanks for playing your role in the gifts coming to me today!
    Love, Ruth

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