A fistful of paintings

(All right, so I’m beating the Clint Eastwood theme to death. So sue me.)

I am picking these paintings more or less at random. No cosmic significance, and no implication that these are my all-time favorites, just that they happened to catch my eye at this time.


“Sea and sky,” I call this one. Don’t ask what the structures in the foreground are. I wouldn’t know.


Sometimes I start out trying to paint something resembling something, but not usually. Usually, I find out what the colors and shapes want to do, and sometimes I like the result.


6 thoughts on “A fistful of paintings

  1. Love looking at the paintings … I enjoy the boldness in your color exploration (e.g., a ‘going for it’ attitude) … I had a difficult time finding your polar bear, but eventually my eye caught it.

    I wanted to note that your Clint Eastwood theme is appropriate. Eastwood has resided within (and was once Mayor of) the community of Carmel here in California. Carmel is kind of the adopted capitol of ‘Early California (Plein Aire) Art’. It is populated with art shops, present day plein aire artists and prominent collectors (including Eastwood’s collection).

  2. Frank, could you speak to the process that occurs as these paintings “emerge” from you? Is it at all similar to the ideas that flow in your writing, which I gather comes from the “inside out”, or to the process of ILC with the Guys or Rita? Or different from that entirely?

    1. Let’s not make any more of this than is there. I have never had formal training, so all I could do was follow impulses as they arose, and try to come up with something pleasing. I wish I did have the training; these would amount to something more than they do.

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