Visionary artwork

My friend Michael Langevin suggests that I post a few pix of things I have painted over the years. I hope it doesn’t result in my being accused of cyber-terrorism! 🙂

Usually I begin without more than the vaguest of ideas of what I’m going to do. Sometimes — often — I will put down one color in a few places, then wait for a feeling to well up within me as to what to do next.  If my listening is good, or if I’m lucky, or whatever the variable is, sometimes I wind up with something that I find very satisfying. I don’t usually try to represent objects; I’m painting something else. Moods, as much as anything.

Here’s one.


A little blurred, though, and I gave away the original, but it was one of my favorites. Somehow it achieved depth, motion, and balance. If I ever had a title for it, I have since forgotten it.

Here’s another, this one given away to my friend (and Hampton Roads author) Maryanne Clare. I called this one “Stepping Stones,” for reasons that would be easier to understand if the photo were better Framed this one, which i rarely do.


And a third, also (like free kittens) gone to a good home, in this case to Charles Sides’ wife Jenny Horner. I had titled this one “Hallway. ”


I’m glad Michael suggested this. This is fun!

3 thoughts on “Visionary artwork

  1. This is wonderful Frank. I like to call your painting style FUSION PAINTING. It is very liberating. There was a group of artist that would meet once a month to paint with Rasdouli Freydon who would blast amazing music for us paint by. Lots of creative works came from these gatherings.

    1. Thank you, very generous of you. I have never known if they had merit or not. having had no training and not being plugged into even an amateur artists’ community. So I’m glad if others like them.

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