James French — The Metaphysics of Trump

It won’t do you any harm to hear a different perspective on the recent elections. Regardless whether my friend Jim is correct or not, it is always worthwhile to  consider one’s politics in terms of one’s metaphysics, and vice-versa.

By James French

I realize that this election was a shock to many of you, and to those of you for whom this is true it no doubt appears to be a repudiation of all of your hopes and dreams for humanity and the future. Let me lay out a case for the opposite.

Those in the vanguard of the old struggles against inequality and rigid rule systems have sought the elimination of the nation State, the legalistic framework and Religious systems. And these systems have all been undermined, for better or worse. When I try to visualize the modern nation State in a structural sense, I feel like I am walking through one of those bombed out cities in Germany in 1945.

The most recent item that has truly changed the nature of this planet has been the development of instantaneous communications everywhere coupled with the World Wide Web. This is the technological equivalent of Telepathy. Now where is telepathy used? Well the Ethereals live it, and the ET’s who come in a wide variety of “flavors” use it. Now we are ET’s (in my jargon) since we too are operating within the physical plane. So the WWW, a new feature on this globe, is like the baby sandbox of Telepathy.

On offer in this election was something very different from what most perceived on the surface. On the one side was an attempt to build a world government, with a new class structure of winners and losers; full of a whole new set of rules and controls. It is truly reminiscent of the old adage: ”You become that which you seek to destroy.”

On the other side is the offer to create opportunities and safe communities where individuals can succeed. This will use the framework of the nation State, but it will be a new nation State, not the old. Its focus will be on maximizing the individual, while reducing the State. Look at the entrenched body of new thinking, particularly amongst the young, and the general tolerance for all sorts of things by the older generations. The “genie” is out of the bottle in a host of areas, and it is not going back.

You have to remember that the ET’s do not have governments. They operate in groups where like-attracts-like using Consensus, which is greatly aided by Telepathy.

At the end of WWII, there were only approximately 50 governments in the world. Today, there are around 200. With the breakdown of the old nation States and their very rigid rule structures, those former 50 blocks of tightly-knit Consensus, have now become 200 decentralized Consensus structures. And if you look inside the biggest units, like India and China, there are sub-structural components and groupings based on region, linguistics and cultural: by the thousands.

If you truly believe in the power of individuals to solve their own problems and work together harmoniously, then you must get resources to and empower the individual (which tracks beautifully with one of the fundamental Cosmic Laws: Free Will). You cannot do this by creating a giant State where decision making is centralized. Such an entity creates conditions where millions of individuals have no choice but to sit around waiting for someone to hand them stuff and tell them what to do. This is contrary to the laws of Nature and the Cosmos. It is not the way forward.

What I hope to illuminate here is that the fear by many that this election will result in a return to the old nation State with its rigid rules and structures is, frankly: old thinking.  If you use the paradigms of the past to frame the present, you are simply stuck, attached, to an old encapsulated emotive structure that no longer exists. So set it aside.

Trump is going to finish the job. As someone with a lifetime of experience in the field of construction, he is the perfect person to demolish the ruined structures, both political and human based structures, of the old nation State that no longer work and are incompatible for this new world, that remain in DC. You should recall that Trump was thoroughly rejected by conservative intellectuals of his own Party who lobbied heavily against him. They want to rebuild the old State, Trump does not.

If anything, Trump wants to make centralized government much smaller, and kick money and power down to the individuals and the 50 States, respectively. He has shown no interest in recreating the old order on either side, which is why it fought him so intensely. Do not forget that he has flouted the old rules in his personal life, and has shown a deft touch with the new media and a deep understanding for the new wave of personal interaction.

Haven’t you noticed, whenever you get into one of “those” situations, where you are able to offer guidance and help to someone else, that everything lines up perfectly? Have you then stepped back and considered that in order for that event to take place, literally everything in your life up to that point had to also be put into just the right place, and ordered just so?

Only a pugnacious billionaire, with vision, with one foot in the past and the other firmly in the present, spending his own money, could possibly have accomplished this feat. It is said, “The Time bringeth forth the Man.” He is 70, and after this he will retire. His family are super rich, and do not need to be political going forward. There is no hint or even interest in a dynasty.

As James Madison so famously put it 240-years ago, the individual US States are: “50 laboratories for Democracy.” (Isn’t this bit of Time Play interesting?) These are the new focal points for interaction and building Consensus; and the World Wide Web is our sandbox form of Telepathy. When Trump breaks up the DC/International cabal, makes America rich again, and empowers individuals with jobs and hope, a new way forward… led by individuals, not government, will develop. And each of us can help it progress: if we understand it.

To those of you who feel you have lost the future, I say look again. It is just beginning.










7 thoughts on “James French — The Metaphysics of Trump

  1. The following is an excerpt from some personal guidance. The general context was that of encouraging me to see our current drama (as well as all of our dramas) as both learning and contributing to the ongoing being of a more encompassing consciousness of which we are a part. It is not “the answer” to what’s going on, but might give another platform to view the action.

    “We produce variations of being, beautiful variations, all part of the same mind. What understanding allows recognition and honor to both their diversity and their unity?

    Diversity and unity exist on many levels: the diversity of body parts and the unity of the whole body; the diversity of a family and the unity (or not!) of the whole; the diversity of a strand community and the unity of the soul; the same with the greater soul. it’s manifested in groups of people, villages, cities, counties, states, countries.

    How do you come to value the diversity of those that believe differently than you, and at the same time live together in a unity that energizes the fulfillment of each part? There is always a greater good, and only beyond space and time can that greater good be (fully) understood, because it can only be appreciated in its aggregation, or summation, of space and time life. You can’t even see yourself as you really are, aggregated over time and space. Nor can you see anyone else or any grouping of “finished souls”.

    We are diversity within a unity. All the “parts” and the whole are constantly changing. The work of being both is not a one time event, much less a revelation that comes upon dropping the body, but an ongoing effort that all participate in willingly (and lovingly), continuously. Such is the eternal life of being love.

    Can you picture yourselves (and your day-to-day life) as part of that?”

    My interpretation is that our struggles to find ways to get along with each other in this world (or not) is valuable experience in what will continue in the next phase of our living; in addition, what “binding” does occur, contributes to the continuous process of creating diversity and maintaining unity within the one great mind.


      1. Frank, I really liked the way French told……of instantaneous communications everywhere coupled with the World Wide Web.
        As French says “This is the equivalent of Telepathy. Now we are ET`s, so the WWW is like a baby sandbox of Telepathy.”

        And we have been talking about the same before…us as “Radio-Transmitters” and often making static interferences before learning properly “how to” tuning into the right “station of receiving.”
        It is not “new”…according to many, it is our born dormant ability and it is to become used again. As once told: The Internet is an outer manifestation of an innate ability for us to use.

        You are fantastic with the replies Frank, thank you ! This answers my curiousity about the all of a sudden “pops-ups” coming “out-of-the-blue”. And very often too,

        B & B, Inger Lise
        P. S. Trump or not (smiles). He is his own manifestation too.
        BTW: When watching Trump to held speaches (on TV), I was thinking about what Seth have told about Manifesting Your Own Reality. And noticed EVERY TIME Trump pointed out his words ( MANY TIMES around): ” I AM GOING TO WIN.”

    1. John,
      Your posting are like reading theoretical physics: they bring out the experimentalist in me, questions and ‘wonderings’ as to how these thoughts apply to and can be used here in 3D.

      “… our struggles to find ways to get along with each other in this world (or not) [are] valuable experience … [and] contribute to the continuous process of creating diversity and maintaining unity within the one great mind.”

      This (edited) paragraph instantly brought me to what Rita said about unitary beings and how the Fall (by her account Lucifer and his followers are unitary) was ‘true enough.’ Are recent events another step in illuminating efforts needed to understand and work at a (much MUCH) higher level of reconciling “the one great mind”?!

      Each will resonate with such questions in his/her own unique way. Those of us choosing to consciously contribute to the “continuous process of creating diversity and maintaining unity” can work to stay balanced and aware, learning and growing from the experiences of the coming years. Who knows what that experience might be useful for in the future 🙂 ??

      1. Jim,
        Theoretical physics is out of my league, but I agree that its ultimate value is in its application. The input I mentioned in my comment had meaning for me in two current areas of my personal life. The theme that it carried into our ongoing life beyond the physical hadn’t occurred to me before, but I think does make sense in light of several references made by Rita/TGU, including the one you mentioned.

        There was another subtlety that I did not mention in the initial dialogue: that there is value as well in maintaining our uniqueness beyond “dropping the body” but the degree depends on “the value of our uniqueness” and our willingness to maintain it, which also has its “challenges”. I know this can sound like double talk.

        Rita did mention the relative “independence” of strands when they are no longer bound by a body in space-time, and I believe that to be one of the challenges in “holding ourselves together”. Another challenge is a natural tendency, or desire, to become “more whole”, meaning to identify ourselves with our “greater soul” exclusively. Counter to this, if the uniqueness is valued, such as to be used as a strand in a future incarnation, it is reinforced as an ongoing entity, balanced with our also being part of something greater.

        To take this out of the realm of “theoretical physics”, it means to me that it is beneficial to activate now as many aspects of ourselves as possible as our “team of strands”, and reinforce use of our multiple tendencies in our daily living, versus gravitating to only a few dominating ways of being our entire life. An example for me would be to use the great strengths of my feminine components, and not shun them aside just because I am happily in the body of a man as a man.

  2. At the same time Trump continues to raise our hackles by the continuing negative remarks towards other races and by the variety of very negative people he is surrounding himself with. My guess is he will be very short term.

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