Steiner quote on spiritual truths, very a propos

Spiritual truths are best recognized in their fruits

It isn’t about logical proof, ever. How could it be?

5 thoughts on “Steiner quote on spiritual truths, very a propos

  1. Frank,
    This Zen story connects (for me) to your last two posts:
    A seeker one day recognized a Zen master coming toward him on the road, carrying a great load of firewood. When they were close, the seeker bowed and said “Tell me Master, what is it like when you reach enlightenment?”
    The Zen master stopped, rolled the wood bundle off his back onto the ground, stood up straight, stretched, and smiled. The seeker said “I understand! Then … what is it like AFTER you reach enlightenment?”
    The Zen master smiled and stretched again, picked up the load of wood and positioned it on his back, then shuffled on down the road.

    The most obvious message is about “throwing the burden down.” You come to see the burden is not the ‘load of wood’ (writing the book, working at the relationship, going to work) … it’s the “tenseness, self-responsibility, and worry” and other useless and painful beliefs we burden ourselves with.

    A more subtle message relates to Steiner’s comment about (awareness/connection) proving “itself in life by making life strong and healthier.” The purpose of awareness/consciousness is NOT enlightenment, being a Zen master, taking TMI courses, making clever posts, or reading lots of words from TGU. It’s in learning and using the many useful ‘truths’ behind the words, making one’s life stronger and healthier every day.

  2. Spiritual truths are best recognized in their fruits.
    If this is true, then there has been a complete crop failure this year.

    1. Nice remark Sandy K,
      And do you know what words all of a sudden fell into my Mind while to read yours here ? It is a kind of funny, because the words “popping up” so to speak: ” What the Bleep Do We Know.”

      It is remarkable how the news here with us (in Norway) are following every single step your politicans does in U.S.
      It is obvious ! The N.TV-channels will following your presidental election all night through. I am going to bed and sleeping on it.
      It is Global.

      B & B, Inger Lise

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