Paul Helfrich on Channeling

The title of his talk (delivered in 2007 to a Seth conference) was “An integral approach to channeling and aspect psychology.” If you go to this URL you can hear the entire hour-long talk in four pieces.


5 thoughts on “Paul Helfrich on Channeling

  1. Thank You very much Frank.

    I have watched it today. The Seth Material Never Fails. And Paul Helfrich is a good speaker, but much material to assimilate at once. I do not think in being able “catching it” that fast, if not to have read the Seth books and Ritas` Conversations at first.
    Funny, Helfrich mentioning the “Conversations with God Books.” I have NEVER felt “comfortable” with the material. The two first books to have bought long ago. Do not know exactly WHY, but the two books never became read fully by me. I was not “inspired” back then …gave up after the two first chapters. Wonder where the two pocket books are now ? Smiles,
    Inger Lise.

  2. Inger Lise and All,
    I also went through the presentation today, but had trouble downloading the audio. In this presentation, Paul has combined the work of Jane Roberts, as well as Ken Wilbur. I’ve tried to understand Wilbur’s Integral works several times, and for reasons I can’t explain, I don’t seem to connect to it.

    It’s about all those categories, or labels, of people. Something in me, or maybe somebody within me, seems to be repelled by it versus being attracted to it, as I am to Seth, Elias, and Rita/Frank’s material. I understand each of us may be in a different “state” relative to our spiritual growth, but I it’s more of an issue of becoming aware of what we already are versus reaching some level of achievement.

    1. John, try reading Putting on the Mind of Christ, by Jim Marion. Jim, an ex-Catholic priest, uses Wilbur’s stages as descriptions of how people at different levels of awareness experience “spiritual” states. I haven’t read Wilbur but i feel i have a basic understanding of his system from Jim’s book. The book is one we published at Hampton Roads, and I think it’s first-rate.

      1. Jim’s book is excellent and I’ve read it several times. It is very helpful and quite understandable, relating spiritual growth with theological insight. It’s particularly helpful to a person with a Christian upbringing. One of the best books I’ve read. I have benefitted via email exchange with Jim relative to some of my own experiences.

  3. Hello Frank & All.
    Thank you for all information. and agree with you John. The old saying: “It is Time for Everything,” came to mind right now.
    Peculiar but this week “everybody” talking about Ken Wilbur in these days (one member of a Seth group, and another friend from an Edgar Cayce group). I cannot recall to have read any books by Ken Wilbur at all, I have to search my bookshelves again.
    The book “Putting on The Mind of Christ” sounds interesting. I`ll puttting the book on my wish-list.

    Thank you again.
    B & B, Inger Lise.

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