18 months

Not that it’s any world-shaking landmark, but I see that today makes 18 months since I moved into this townhouse. In March, 2015, I was in the midst of receiving the material that became Rita’s World, Vol. II, and I wondered if the disruption of my routines would interfere with my connection. No fear! These 18 months have been as productive as any I have experienced.

On Sunday March 22nd, when I had been in the new house only one full day, I had an early-morning chat with Rita and she suggested that we use my situation as metaphor:

R: I was thinking about your move, with its attendant disorganization, as metaphor. If you want to move, you must be willing to pack up whatever you will bring with you, and carry it, in one way or another, and then blend those possessions into your new unfamiliar surroundings. The life you resume leading may be as near identical to the old one as you can manage, or may be as different as you can manage, or anywhere between the extremes, but one thing is sure; it will not be identical with the former life because your new environment will not be the same, and everything will interact with it in ways obvious or not. This, just as any relationship with people will change if either of the two change.

But isn’t it just precisely what you want, change? And of course, Frank, I’m not speaking only to you. You can’t want to change – or, no, let me put it another way, to avoid possible misunderstanding. Change involves change. You can’t change without changing. You know the line from John Nelson’s book.

F: From Matrix of the Gods. The guru says, more or less, “oh, it’s the same old thing, they all want to know how they can change without changing.”

 R: And of course, put that way, the absurdity is obvious to one and all. But in everyday life, it is easy to favor change as a goal, yet criticize or groan under or fear change as an on-going process.

 F: You’re talking about The Change.

R: The Change, yes, in the sense of the great move forward that the guys talked to us about, before I became one of the guys. But don’t let yourself unconsciously fall into the trap of thinking in terms of one big change, like changing your clocks to Eastern Enlightenment Time and that’s it. That isn’t how life works. Life is not an earthquake, though earthquakes happen, but a daily incremental process of growth and decay. Change, in short.

So, yes, The Change, a change in how the human experience interacts with the non-3D and – don’t forget – with other parts of itself while still in body. But also change, process, flow. Life, in a word.

F: I am hearing, life goes on, transformation or not.

 R: How else could it be? People get tired, conceptually, and they give way every so often to a longing for things to stop changing. But is that really what they want?

There was more, of course, and it’s all in the book, but I thought that was a nice reminder for the day.

5 thoughts on “18 months

  1. Interesting. I moved here, to northern NM, 18 mos. ago as well. March 6, I think it was. It was a challenge in the beginning, like changing habits, but then it took hold. I stepped into a small community of like-minded people kind of quickly–“It’s almost like we were waiting for you,” one said–and watched who I was becoming here. I don’t know if introverts find change easier or harder. I liked it before I came, and now I love it. But I never say, “This is where I’ll always be.” I’m just not made that way.

  2. “You may underestimate the intensity of your longing for continual transformation, but the universe doesn’t.”
    –Rob Breszny

  3. Frank,
    I’ve been tracking Amazon and they now have Vol II listed for pre-sale, not yet released. Any idea when that is to be released? Will there also be a Kindle version?

    It’s most fascinating rereading the material again. It’s not a surprise that it seems new, even though it is what we have been fortunate to view looking over your shoulder. It’s tempting to blame the newness on my aging system of recall, but more likely is the changes that have occurred in perception via the previous experience, just as Rita stated about the perception-experience spiral.

    1. I think the official day is the 22nd (don’t know why).
      I think re-reading a book is like stepping back into the river. Nobody can do it twice, because we change in the meantiime, so it is a new book, a new river. You certainly have gotten as much out of the Rita material as anybody.

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