Joy and Colin Wilson and friend



Not a great photo, but precious to me — taken the night I met Colin and Joy, 3-17-1995. Taped onto a divider in journal #52

One thought on “Joy and Colin Wilson and friend

  1. Frank it is very nice looking into the old pictures, thank you.
    But do you know what ? It is quite funny because nowadays more and more clearly…..and quite often when looking at pictures or to read a book…..MELODIES and texts of old long forgotten songs all of a sudden to HEAR in my mind ! And this time around when looking at your picture, all of a sudden the old song by the long gone FRENCH singer Edith PIAF (She was well known in Europe and to once had a very hard life before becoming a popular singer. She, Edith Piaf, living on the streets as a homeless person ), but the song was about old friendships and memoirs….And the text of the song go like this: “……THESE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIEND THEY`LL NEVER END “…….etc.etc.
    B & B, Inger Lise

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