Fifty years, and counting

Do anything long enough, consistently enough, and it adds up. On Sept. 6, 1966, I bought a blank book (as they were called) and made my first journal entry.

1st journal - First page

Fifty years and 102 journal books later, the collection looks like this.

1st journal - two shelves worth

Any way you measure it, that’s a lot of water under the bridge.

5 thoughts on “Fifty years, and counting

  1. Absolutely fantastic Frank, very impressive indeed.
    And thank you for the gift in giving all the information out in publication. A gift for all of us in learning how to deal with ( and about ) the Expansion in Consciousness.

    Always, Inger Lise ( and smiles ).

  2. Wow! Congratulations Frank. Your 50 years of dedication has brought forth stimulating and priceless information. Thank you for showing us by example, how to blaze our own trail and widen our consciousness.

    With appreciation and respect,

  3. Frank,
    I add my congratulations, kudos, and immense appreciation for your (first?!) 50 years of work! Your posts on Colin Wilson tell me you understand how fortunate those of us who’ve found this line of information feel.

    Your post reminds me of threads I see running through TGU’s information. One is the importance of ‘perseverance’, something TGU, Rita, and ‘others’ have made clear is a very basic and important part of 3D life … I get the feeling that what one perseveres at is much less important than learning to ‘stick with it.’

    Another thread is the feeling that the change in consciousness we (the human race) are involved in is far ‘bigger’ than we realize. Rita referred to it as the Change, Elias calls it the shift; other teachers (Seth, Edgar Cayce, etc.) have mentioned such changes in more diffuse language. We (at least I) commonly see this change as growth in awareness, becoming more aware of and able to use the ‘larger’ view, awareness, and connections of our larger selves in daily 3D life.

    But recently I’ve been considering what do ‘they’ get out of such a change? Why are our larger selves willing to put so much work into ‘pushing’ this information through the many ‘channels’ we know of, and (I’m sure) millions of others we don’t. My feeling is there are ‘characteristics’ that have developed in 3D that our non-3D selves want closer connection with … and that perseverance is perhaps high on that list? Whatever they are, there’s a lot of work going into expanding and deepening our connection … moving us ever closer to that All-D being that some posts have mentioned.

  4. My thanks as well, because I really get a lot out of absorbing the material and the comments.

    Jim, I like the “direction” of your question, “What does the greater part of ourselves get out of this?” My challenge question of the week seems to come from a similar perspective: “What is the benefit of humanity to greater consciousness?” I’m working on it.

    Frank, 50 years of this is significant whether it is 3D sequential time or something else, and I’m convinced that most of the benefits of your work are unseen by us in the 3D. For example, you and Swedenborg may be dealing with similar material; but, you are a different constitution and will sense it differently than he did. That perspective benefits all–as does that of the others who participate in the struggle to understand with a greater awareness than previously.

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