John Dorsey Wolf — A Greater Context

A Greater Context

The short movie in my head is an inverted tornado of consciousness, with the flow spiraling slowly from the big end of the funnel toward a point at the small end.  The consciousness, pictured like the galaxies and constellations of our universe, combines and consolidates as it flows toward its ultimate home, a Source.  Simultaneously, Spirit emanates from the Source with overwhelming creative energy, feeding new expressions and reconfiguring existing ones.  I sense myself in the large part of the funnel seemingly distant from the Source, in a “birthing zone”, perhaps more appropriately a “born again” area, as “old” consciousness reconfigures itself.  I sense my destiny is to spiral ever closer to Source, toward greater and greater concentrations of conscious as it joins together like streams flowing into a river.

A year before that, I was told by my guides (as I now better understand it) that in our current situation we may feel small and insignificant, and unconnected and isolated, but as we are able to broaden our awareness and be able to identify ourselves with greater concentrations (or one might say, “levels”) of consciousness, our capabilities and connections would grow accordingly.  In other words, “John” might have limited reach, but John as John’s greater being would have much greater reach,  and so forth as I am able to identify with my even further extensions.

From Frank’s recent material:

“CGJ: If you can once internalize the fact that you, yourself, are vastly more than you can ever become aware of, many puzzles will begin to resolve themselves. But thinking this is only the first step. What will transform your understanding is getting it into the feeling as well as (not instead of) the thinking. “

TGU: “…And, more important than any of this (and yet, no more important, for you can’t have either in isolation) is the desire for more consciousness, for a sense of greater meaning. Call it a homesickness for a state of being you can’t remember having had.”

And Rita April 6, 2015:  “…no level of consciousness decides its own state of being. Our lives are always guided and shaped by the next higher level of consciousness, which is itself shaped by its next higher level of consciousness, and so on and so forth. No one pulls himself up by his own bootstraps.”

The above is not intended to paint a picture of truth, but a basis to share with you what is becoming for me a greater context to understand my day-to-day life and my purposes for existence.

That we can never know all or be all, does not deter us from our internal drive to expand and be able to identify with that from which we come, and that drive is “above, as it is below”.

More recently from TGU: “Health and Illness are parts of greater consciousness, as is internal discordance, as is habits that prevent functioning with respect to the invisible next higher level or organization…These are not just associated with an individual human unit, but greater consciousness that is at work moving and changing to accept, and resolve and reform itself. “

And some part of me says: “While these are examples of burdens, cannot creative expansion, evolving complexity, awakening awareness, and rediscovering inherent divinity also be valid work for and of greater consciousness?”

I couldn’t help recalling a quote from Rita in response to a question from me:  “John Wolf’s question does not express the relationship between battles and reconciliation in the way that I would like to express it. Put it this way: every new compound being is a new opportunity for the expression of the potential contained within the larger being. (For the moment I am concentrating on creation out of any one larger being, but it is not that simple, or you would be back to creation from God, end of story. But, one thing at a time.) The nature of each compound being is a bag of possibilities which each 3D life sorts and chooses among and brings together into an enduring pattern. Thus, by your work at reconciling opposing or anyway diverging forces, you help create new possibilities for reconciliation on the non-3D side as well. By your expression and choice of one or another set of values, you create an exponent of those values on the other side, in the non-3D, among the enduring archetypes, however you wish to say it.

Thus, the forces of heaven are at war, and Earth is the battleground. Or, the world is a place of creation in which 3D beings created from non-3D elements create in their turn, thus returning, to the non-3D part of the world, the elements of which they were formed, transformed. Or, values precede form as blueprints precede construction, and in the incarnation and interplay of the 3D representation of these values – particularly in that the 3D representatives are inherently mixtures of values, never pure representatives – is the continuous redevelopment and re-creation of logical development of tendencies.”

From TGU August 11, 2016: “But what is it to achieve wholeness? Physical and moral and intellectual perfection while in the body? Or – effort, longing, progress, leading to a corrected condition after physical life and before the next stage of life?”


Here’s what I gather from this.

We are a work in progress, and on an eternal climb with a few rest stops thrown in.  It is a self-paced development system with a lot of support from above, and all around us.

Our consciousness broadens when it is ready, and we are able to be more of what we are, more whole.  What limits us from being more, is us (and this applies to every stage of growth), and we work to overcome those limitations.

The “limitations” are not here in our physical world to tempt us or impose upon us, as often appears to be the case in experiencing our external world.  We bring them here as a part of us.

(New insight for and from John:)

We come here not only as apparent individuals, but as many aspects of greater consciousness, not limited to that of a “single” greater being.  Our “limitations” come with us, imbedded in us, via our own strand community and in concert with many other strand communities.

For example if we want to deal with OUR materialistic nature, what could be better than a stage of 21st century America? We put in the actors, play out the consequences (all of them remember), so that we can decide (as a whole being) how we want to be.

What better way to deal with OUR narcissism and pride, that to put it in our face?  Or What better way to deal with OUR disrespect for Nature than to experience Nature’s consequences?

WE bring ignorance and a thirst for knowledge about consciousness, and we are given opportunities to learn.

WE bring incompatible habits and we are given opportunities to shed them.

WE bring temperaments that are out of balance, are we are given opportunities to even ourselves.

WE bring fear, and are given opportunities to love.

And WE carry pain, illnesses, and sufferings, and given opportunities to deal with them.  The emphasis here is not just on the individuals carrying the pain and suffering (and bless them that accept those roles), but a larger society who reacts—remembering we are all part of one.

And likewise, we are given opportunities to create ourselves, to open new avenues for consciousness to express itself, to experience fully all aspects of our life, to bring to life a 3D version of OUR (meaning all of us) part of this physical world’s reality.

Our destiny is not to stay or be only human, or for that matter a greater being experiencing being human.  Our destiny is to awaken as fully as possible to OUR divinity.

It’s one way to look at it.


4 thoughts on “John Dorsey Wolf — A Greater Context

  1. Interesting and evocative ideas, John, well worth study and consideration. And my guidance constantly pushes ‘forward’ on your (and Frank/TGU’s) many good ideas with the question: ‘How will you (in your own life) work to’
    – ‘open new avenues for consciousness to express itself’
    – ‘overcome those limitations’
    – get ‘into the feeling as well as (not instead of) the thinking.’

    Or (as reworded from TGU 8/11/16):
    “It is one thing to have an idea as an idea, then let the idea sit as an undigested lump. It’s quite different to commit to that idea, even pro tem, because the commitment leads to your seeing connections and analogies.”

    For me, Frank’s 8/5/16 post (“Trying to experience life fully”) points in the right direction. That place of “focused intent and stillness” (however we each individually find it) is an important place to work on making those ideas and thoughts useful in our everyday life. It’s in those daily experiences we see and grow into those “connections and analogies.”

    1. ….here the other day looking into the old book written by Franklin Merrell-Wolff….on the backcover is it written:
      On August 7, 1936 Franklin Merrell-Wolff awakened ( with big letters ). And below is it told:
      ” For a hundred and one days, this process of Awakening continued. At its culmination, Merrell-Wolff had developed the ability to enter a state of infinitely expanded consciousness. Here, in PATHWAYS THROUGH SPACE, this sensitive scientist-thinker ( as many others of the time did, etc. ) gives you a coherent practical guide to reaching the spaces of higher consciousness.”

      But what newly caught my eyes in chapter XL, page 99 in the old book, written here, and quotes:

      ” I recognize, in ever increasing numbers, signs of the Supreme Light.
      While there are few for whom the Sun has risen in Its full Glory, the number who have known the Twilight before the Sun appears above the horizon, or have perhaps just glimpsed the Sun as Its rays barely surmount the barrier, is much greater than I had thought.
      There is also another and more mysterious class of which members were born with the Sun above the horizon, but the Rays were obscured by a cloud-filled sky. For these, the Sun first rose in other lives, but for one reason or another They have taken incarnation under obscuration.
      The clouds may or may not break for Them during the current lifetime.
      It depends primarily upon the original purpose.
      It is sometimes necessary to drive through from below in order to force new Doors and, in such cases, the Pioneer is very apt to be one who first broke through in some other life. Sometimes the obscuration may serve the purpose of rest for The Inner Life, if the Final Rest is refused, is considerably more intense than life within the egoistic consciousness.
      Emerson is one of the known examples of such obscuration.
      The trace of the Ancient and Eternal Wisdom is to be found strongly marked in several of Emerson`s works, and the obscuration easily accounts for the atypical in this case.”
      A remark:
      The headline of this chapter is called: ” Communion in the company of the Realized.”
      And beginning with the praise of Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, Plato, among others.

      Merrell-Wolff declares: ” How greatly do They reveal to Me how much I (underlined) Know!

      And the very same have I FELT by Frank`s website together with all of you folks. I have thought Merrell-Wolff sounding as a POET in the way he is describing everything. Back then the written language was far more ” colorful ” in its expression.

      AND these things were written when the Nazi-Movement rising to its heights in Europe, and only 14 years back in time with the ending of WWII …. ? Franklin Merrell-Wolff also “discussing” the illusion of time but in a very “old-fashioned” manner. The language is how the youngsters of today being able in doing it (in the way of thinking back then, of the understanding living back then….. as for us not experiencing the same).

      Btw: Nice weather today….the blue sky and The Sun.
      B & B, Inger Lise.

      1. VERY interesting. I’m going to post this comment as a post in itself. Presumably Merill-Wolff is egging us on! This also reminds me of something Thoreau said, which I will quote in the post if I can find it.

  2. John and Jim thank you.

    What came to mind by reading this was something about ” Attracting Genuine Abundance.”

    According to Seth: ” You can commit to creating a magnificent life, measured by your own chosen standards .” And THEN is my question: WHAT on earth ( or in heaven as it is the very same ) is IT ?? We are supposed to acknowledge in being perfect from the very beginning.

    One of the famous ACIM affirmations for us to do is : ” We are made perfect, created in the image of God, and therefore in the lack of nothing.”

    Therefore WE are already made perfect ( and without time ).

    Seth; It is about a commitment to new programming ” measured by your own chosen standard.”
    Hm, it sounds almost as what Frank said about Shaw: The earth as a moral gymnasium…..but according to what standard (says who ?) Not a human standard but a spiritual standard surely ?( smiling )
    B & B, Inger Lise.

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