Try Defining Yourself In Words

[By John Dorsey Wolf]

This thought came through to me: “To illustrate a point about the difficulty describing an ever-changing reality, try writing down who you are.”  (After all, we are part of the total.) This comes along with the age-old question, “How can you fully appreciate your daily life experience, if you don’t know who you really are?”

I found several interesting aspects to this exercise:

  • Putting it into words brought out elements that I tend to gloss over when I just think about it and not actually write it out in detail.
  • I was surprised how my view of myself has changed, even over a relatively short period of time, and it’s not just my perception that’s changed; I believe I actually am different.
  • I realized how much my self-definition colors my perspective on everything else.

thinking it may be far more interesting and helpful to anyone reading this to write out their own self-definition than to read mine.

I can only suggest it of course.  If you do choose to give it a go, I suggest you do it before reading any more of this.

John’s Self Definition (A Work in Process):

I am a retired aerospace professional, son of caucasian teacher parents, sibling to a living sister and deceased brother, almost 50-year husband to a junior high school classmate, father to two boys.  Origin: Midwest USA, lived also on West Coast, Germany and now settled in the Northwest.

And/Or: I am an electrical engineer by training and worked in space communications, airplanes, program management, executive management… Blah, blah, blah.

And/Or: I am at heart an iconoclastic change agent, impatient, dissatisfied and often bored with the status quo, have a distaste for large egos and selfishness, but at the same time living in the comforts of one of the most fulfilling cultures on Earth.

And/Or: I am an “INTJ”, trying to move toward “INTP” (Myers Briggs personality nomenclature).

And/Or: I am an offspring of a greater entity of consciousness, with a spiritual heritage from not-yet-attributed lives previously lived, existing temporarily in a body that is that carries the contribution of my physical inheritance.  I also have within me Spirit, the energy of divinity.  From these constituents, I am becoming a self-created unique soul, via the choices I make in my life in my time and place and culture on Earth.  I am an assimilation of experience, which will organically recombine and modify that entity from which I came after the physical body dies.  I am a creator-in-training, learning to utilize the energy of Spirit for the greater good.

I could add: I am an eternal being, part of a greater entity and all of consciousness.  I am connected to all life in all times and all places.  As part of my greater entity, I am like:

a.) One of the fingers extending into the physical from a gloved hand in the non-physical. This is one of the descriptions given by TGU in The Sphere and the Hologram.  It depicts multiple simultaneous human lives in 3D, extending from and tied together through a common entity in the non-3D.

  1. b) A sculpture’s chisel. As opposed to the sculpture itself. A description given to me by my guidance to introduce me to the idea that a main purpose of us is to transform the entity from which we came.
  1. c) A probe from the mother ship. This depicts us as a somewhat separate but tethered sub-unit of a greater entity which seems remote but maintains intimate two way connection, and an element of command and control.
  1. d) A microscope. I am experiencing great detail, but in a very small area, as part of an entity that has very wide angle view, with concomitant less detail.  A similar, more technical analogy would be a high-gain antenna with a very small field of view, working in conjunction with an entity that has an omni-directional “low gain” reception and transmission.  (This mad me realize how very little of “life” I actually sense externally.  Despite the news and the internet, I really am only barely aware of my own moment-to-moment experiences, compared to the roughly 7 billion or so others here on Earth, and more in other physical realities, not to mention all the non-compound consciousness that is not within my field of view.)
  1. e) A membrane. Used by TGU recently to describe the situation humans find themselves in as temporarily in between the 3D and non-3D parts of a single All-D reality.
  1. f) A branch of a stream. Like water that branches temporarily off the main stream, to flow over different territory collecting new constituents and bringing transformation, then rejoining the main stream to recombine and modify it.

Having gone this far, I have to admit that the above self-description is quite incomplete.  It only scratches the surface of my beliefs, and it is my beliefs that drive the reality I present to myself.  It has been said that we cannot understand the extent of our free will choices until we understand the constraints we put on ourselves via our beliefs.  And many of our beliefs are subtle, automatic, and even “hidden” in our unconscious.

This was not that easy an exercise.  No matter from what angle, with or without analogies, It was difficult writing down my own self portrait from my mind’s eye.

The point of this for me is that I realize I am no one thing, in no one place or time, regardless of how narrowly or broadly I define myself.  Furthermore, only through opening my understanding of myself will I ever have greater understanding of my role(s) in life, much less life itself.


3 thoughts on “Try Defining Yourself In Words

  1. Dear John, and adding in us to have the ability in doing the self-definition(s) without any limitation(s), all within a self-created continuum as it were.
    Once upon a time is it told: ” We ” are the Ruler(s) of the Universe, or Gods in the making.
    And not the other way around(the universe would not exist without us).
    By now we know: ” The Universe is Us.”

    …..on the other hand, as I am also unto the self-definition within this particular corner of the Cosmos, to have been digging into my old book shelves all over again to find the old book: ” Life on other Planets ” by Emanuel Swedenborg. Introduction by Raymond Moody, translation by John Chadwick.
    Really interesting the book originally published in 1758 ! ( First published in London 1758 ), beat THAT (laughing) ! Time, oh time, where did you go ?
    And always appreciating what you are telling. Thank you…B & B, Inger Lise.

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