TGU — limitation and effort

Sunday, June 5, 2016

F: 4:50 a.m. So let us continue.

TGU: The Soul, the Greater Soul, the Greater Soul Community: three aspects of reality, not three separate things, even if we need to consider them as if they were separate. Try to remember that as we proceed.

Your present life may be considered a Soul – an entity created in specific 3D conditions for consolidating certain elements for future use. That is one way to look at it, anyway. Hardly definitive, but one way.

But that soul that was created was chosen into existence. Who did the choosing? By what criteria? From what materials? The chooser, the shaper, may be considered to be the Greater Soul, an entity that is exploring itself and developing itself by creating just such sub-units (call them) and experiencing the changes in itself as they change.

The Greater Soul Community as a concept is merely (for now) an indicator that the process of continual refinement and development continues beyond the Greater Soul level.

F: So you’re going to concentrate on the Greater Soul, for the moment, but we are to bear in mind that everything is fractal, with lower and upper levels resembling it in essence, if not necessarily in appearance.

TGU: Yes, provided that you bear in mind that such words as “lower” and “upper” are language, are 3D-experience, and are not to be taken literally.

F: Understood.

TGU: You do understand, but the difficulty is to keep the caveats in mind as we proceed, because they are most likely to sneak in as nuances on the fringe of things, rather than obtruding themselves where they may be consciously disregarded. It is a continuing – well, not “danger,” or even “obstacle.” Call it a continuing condition that needs to be kept vaguely in mind.

Perhaps it is not obvious to everybody that to describe the Greater Soul is to discuss purpose. Indeed, all of this long discussion, beginning with your joint exploration with Rita 15 years ago, concerns nothing else, in a way, but the question of purpose. Why are you here (wherever “here” happens to be, and whenever)? Why do you feel the way you do, why is this or that overwhelmingly important to you? Why are you obsessed by whatever obsesses you?

F: What is the meaning of life?

TGU: Yes, what is the meaning of life as an abstract question, and what is the meaning of your life, as an urgent and gripping question. Need I point out that this is addressed to anyone who reads this?

F: I think that is understood.

TGU: Well, we will hope so. The amount of effort being expended on this contact would be worth it for you as an individual, Frank (or for any single individual, of course), but it might not be worth it if not for our hopes of leaving a somewhat broader legacy.

F: I’m not sure that sentence isn’t self-contradictory, unless we add “not worth it to you if not for…”

TGU: What I am meaning is that the enlightenment (small “e”) of any individual is a worthwhile task, but requires effort on both ends of the communication. I doubt you’ve ever considered that. The sheer effort from the non-3D side precludes other uses of the same energy.

F: I’ve never thought anything like that, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never read anything like that. Am I getting this straight?

TGU: Next you will be tempted to address it with the useless questions: How do you know you aren’t making it up? How do you know who is speaking? How do you know it is true? If you will go exploring, you have to expect to occasionally come across something new.

F: Point taken. Okay, well, I know the need to perceive first before we judge what we are perceiving, so do carry on. I don’t think we can just drop this as a side-trail.

TGU: Hardly. Hardly a trail at all. Suddenly you are lost in the jungle, are you not? So let’s use our machetes and hack at the vines a bit.

What makes you assume that in the 3D part of the world, achievement takes effort, but in the non-3D part, everything comes free?

That’s a stark way to put it, but it is a valid statement of your unconscious or conscious assumptions.

F: I suppose it is.

TGU: You know it is. And if you think of the two conditions – 3D and non-3D – as separate realms, it is easy enough to assume that they go by different rules. It is true, after all, that they have different rules of appearance and nature. But the two realms are not two realms at all (not in any absolute sense), but two aspects of one undivided reality.

If you, in 3D, extend into non-3D by nature and necessity, as you do, as you must, and if we in non-3D extend into 3D, as we must – in other words, if all of us are part of one thing, if all of us live in the All-D, localized more or less either in 3D or non-3D, then how can there be two sets of rules of life? How can there be one realm in which everything is paid for and another where everything is on the house, even though it is the same person in each realm, and the same realm, in fact, experienced differently?

If the non-3D realm were as free as you usually (unconsciously) assume it to be, why is the 3D realm so constricted, so hard and even unforgiving?

F: Rhetorical question, I take it.

TGU: Of course.

Now, this is the beginning of an approach to many things, the nature of the Greater Soul not least of them. I think you will find it is not a side-trail at all, but an entirely new trail. Follow it or not, as you choose and are able.

F: I take it that last is not addressed to me.

TGU: You always have the option of not continuing into new ground, you know that. You can pause at any time and who could prevent you? Who would have the right to prevent you, even if they had the ability?

F: It’s a lot harder to get started again than to continue. I’d just as soon keep at it.

TGU: Of course, and we’re glad of it.

Now let us look at this question of effort from the non-3D side. It will require you to consider what “effort” really is. Is it any more than the sustained concentration upon a given objective, in preference to other uses for that same concentration?

F: I don’t know, I’d have to think about that, but I always had the impression that on the non-3D side, there aren’t the compulsions that we in 3D face all the time – constricted time, constricted levels of energy, that kind of thing.

TGU: Yes, you tend to think of the non-3D as free and open, without constraints, because it does not have its constraints in the same form as the 3D does. (How could it?) But consider, the absence of constraints may look like absolute freedom or absolute chaos. Constraints are inherent in shaping. No constraints, [then] no forces to push against, no environment to help channel one’s energies.

F: Not sure I get that, and for that matter – no offense – I’m not sure I buy it, either.

TGU: No offense taken. We’re not looking for acolytes here, but students, even adversaries.

Look, how could there be spiritual problems, if there were no constraints in the non-3D? How could there be unfinished business? How could your non-3D component have a need that only the 3D component can perhaps fulfill? How could there be any co-operation, any conflict, any interaction of any kind, without constraints either before or, more likely, both before and during existence?

F: That ended a little indefinitely. You mean, “before and during” non-3D existence, as well as 3D existence?

TGU: Yes. I’m saying reality is structured. That shouldn’t be any difficult concept, if you remember “as above, so below” (which, I’d wager, you had forgotten to factor in to the discussion). Reality has structure. Can non-3D possibly exist without structure? But that doesn’t mean its structure must look like yours. The analogy may be one of function rather than appearance, given the difference in condition. But it will be there.

If the non-3D aspect of the world had no restrictions, had no problems to be worked out, had no—momentum, call it, no impetus – then why would you in 3D feel the longings and the unfulfillments that you do? Where would the longing for perfection come from?

You see the point? If the non-3D were “perfect” and the 3D were the valley of tears it is thought of, yes there would be a longing to get out of the painful situation and get back to bliss. But – if it were that simple –

Think about it.

Why would you be so curious about how the 3D fits into the picture?

Why would you not all kill yourselves to get the long delay over with?

Why would the 3D have been precipitated into existence in the first place?

Why would you know – regardless what you tried to tell yourselves – that life in 3D is important and real, even though it is not the only game in town?

F: But that’s about my limit for the moment.

TGU: And a good place to pause. There will be other days.

F: Presumably. Very well, thanks.


10 thoughts on “TGU — limitation and effort

  1. Hello Frank,
    I find this conversation to be particularly interesting. Always an effort to get the 3D mind to embrace and understand ideas and concepts of higher, or non-3D, realms (or reality). Definitely committing to the path you have is not easy and both a noble and heroic effort, whose value spreads to many others. I had a teacher whom you have met, Rev. Joseph Martinez, who would say in his teachings that: “at a certain level of consciousness, Symbol an Reality are one. And that at that level of consciousness, work performed on the Symbol will impact the Reality.” So one might say that at a certain level of consciousness, the Law of One applies to the degree that we are all one. But at lower levels of consciousness, I am not You and You are not Me. I suspect that the TGU are now leading you to explore a “higher” level of consciousness with the intent of bringing Understanding to the 3D mind with the opportunity of receiving the Wisdom and Information to perform shifts in your own life, in the broadest meaning of this word. The phrase:
    “I think you will find it is not a side-trail at all, but an entirely new trail. Follow it or not, as you choose and are able.”
    I wish you Godspeed in this new trail, should you choose as a spiritual investigator, to follow it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Joe. This means a lot to me, coming from you. I demur to noble and heroic; it seems to be the natural thing for me to do. But I remember Rev. Martinez very well; great presence. I treasure the afternoon (I think it was) at his house.

      If Symbol and Reality are one at a certain level — surely that is the level at which magic works.

      is there a book in English by Joseph Holzer yet??? And, have you contacted, or been contacted by, our mutual friend Don?

      1. Hello Frank,
        Yes, at that level consciousness, expressed either by 3D Human or non 3D “intelligence”, we are talking about the realms of magic. The Law of Symbol and Reality is one of many Laws of magic, which also include the Law of Correspondence (as above- so below).
        No book from Joseph Holzer or on the horizon, but some of the participant in the classes are taking prolific notes, so who knows what may appear. Having too much fun in creation.
        Relating to Don, he is now someones healing guide/ personal spiritual psychic surgeon. He has taken a valence a past life in Cult of Kabeiroi from the Island of Samothraki in Greece. He is working with a lady from Greece who appears to have known him then. At a meeting with a group of spiritual workers and healers, he introduced himself as a descended master. Guess he wasn’t kidding 🙂 🙂
        Perhaps you can check in with him. He may have something to say about the non 3D world. May even get a healing out of it 🙂 🙂

          1. Interesting, this is a term from one of the spiritual schools that I once attended. To me, it simply means that which is shown on the surface. It implies that at this level of consciousness, the spirit has the capacity to taken a form of a previous life and enter into the consciousness and image of that life. Information from all (many) former lives are available. And the spirit is not so much tied to the personality of that life. At another level of consciousness, the spirit appears to be of that particular past life and more of the personality of that life which is being expressed. I believe you have explored this phenomena in different terminology. By “Information”, I mean know how. Like fixing a car takes more than an understanding of how a car works; it takes a manual showing which tools to use and what parts are requires to, for instance, to perform a tune up. By taking on a valence of a past life, the form to the person Don is working with is clear, but he has access to the information of many other past lives. If he were to take on the past life would be more limiting to the information available. He could of course call in himself into communication as another past life consciousness to provide information from that life. I have seen healing guides/spiritual psychic surgeons work in both manners, and this depends on the “nature” of both the spirit and the 3D human healer. Also interestingly, some people who are sufficiently clairvoyant or have some form of inner site may see the healing guide/spiritual psychic surgeon differently than the 3D human healer, and this can be because the healing guide/spiritual psychic surgeon is showing a different valence to the person being healed.

          2. Yes, this makes sense. And yes, i have gotten much the same thing — not in such worked-out detail. It is both a blessing and a curse, or an advantage and a drawback, that I have proceeded pretty much on my own, not knowing what else has been done in the field. The big advantage is that it lets me see things (at least on a 3D level) new, rather than referring them to some library of previously read descriptions. The big drawback of course is that I don’t know just those same things! Oh well, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

  2. Very happy to see this topic topic coming through for discussion, Frank. I hope you will continue with it.

    It also brings to mind how in the mediumship community we talk about some “links” (deceased loved ones) as “good communicators.” I have noticed that the deceased loved ones who were more spiritually attuned during their lifetimes, seem to be the ones that can communicate most easily with and through mediums.

    I have also witnessed how my father, an engineer who did not believe in the afterlife, did not come through very easily when he first passed on, but now has become quite good at communicating and giving evidence about himself through mediums.

    So it appears that there are limitations in the spirit world that can change and evolve, just as we ourselves change and evolve in the 3D experience. The move into non-3D that we call death does not catapult one into unlimited knowing and ability.

    And the ability to hold focus, and thereby create through that focus, is also something that can develop while in a non-3D experience. Maintaining focus is a skill because a form of effort is involved, so therefore, as this post is talking about, there is effort and limitation in non-3D, though different from the 3D experience.

    Very interesting to hear from TGU about what sorts of development (which implies some sort of limitation) goes on in non-3D.

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