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[This was sent as a comment on Rita’s three postings yesterday. I thought it was also worthwhile considered separately. -FD]

On the topic of “last life”.

“R: Very well. Not wrong as far as it goes. There are many aspects of the situation not yet considered – as, for instance, what is meant by someone experiencing a “last life” in a series. That leaves open the question of the relative separation of souls within the overall unity of the larger being.”

The topic referred to here as “last life” has been of very high interest to me for more than a year, and I have found considerable discussion on the subject in another site. I have also asked my “guys” about it. For the sake of brevity, I will try to summarize what I understand about it as well as some of the ramifications.

The general concept is consistent with what Rita has said so far: that a number of versions of us may experience 3D life simultaneously as perceived in non-3D. Independent of 3D time, however, there is a “first” and “last” 3D life (likely one in every one of the 3D realities—such as ET realities—that are engaged in), designated such in conjunction with the greater being in order to initiate the overall 3D experience and conclude it.

The “last” life signals to all the active 3D lives in progress that the greater being of which they are a part is disengaging from 3D and “moving on” to other experience. When this occurs, each version must choose to either also disengage, or “fragment”, which is essentially to form a “new” greater being and remain engaged in 3D.

This could be what Katelyn experienced with her Chinese life counterpart.

Admittedly, my interest piqued in this because I believe that I am such a “last life”. Rightly or wrongly, I do exhibit many of the characteristics of such a person: an inherent restlessness, no desire to “live another life”, a strong desire to understand everything possible about reality, a desire to make the speediest possible transition, including beginning parts of the process before death.

Not everyone having these characteristics would be a “last life”, and not everyone who is designated as the “last life” is aware of it.

To me this implies certain characteristics that to date may not have been explicitly stated:
a) That the 3D soul producing process is “managed” primarily at the region of consciousness that has been referred to as the greater being.
b) That in general we are not of the same greater being, but that at a minimum each greater being engaged in 3D is managing more than one life.
c) That there is significant freedom of choice by greater beings as to how they evolve, and that they maintain their own identity independent of other greater beings and the rest of greater consciousness.
d) The we have a say as to whether we remain “active” with 3D or not, when our greater being chooses to disengage.

A reference on the subject can be found at the following site:

It is quite extensive, and not nearly as easy reading or as comprehensible as Frank and Rita. Also, there is of course different nomenclature. The “last life” is called a “final focus”, and the greater being is referred to as “essence”. It is quite consistent with all of the Seth material as well. It rambles and is repetitive. But, like Frank’s material, it resonates with me, and Katelyn and Uri might find it helpful.

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