John Wolf — On Flowing Reality

On Flowing Reality

By John Dorsey Wolf

[Always there is this caveat: This is one perception translated from thought into the English language; by nature, it is partial and distorted. It could be important knowledge, or it could be off-kilter. Either way, my hope is that others thinking about similar topics will chime in and help triangulate for more accurate understanding for all.]

On Flowing Reality

An artist has an image in mind, and manifests that image onto a canvas using his body as the “transducer” to convert the non-physical image to the physical work of art.

An author converts non-physical themes and stories to words and sentences by typing on a computer and produces a book.

An inventor brings an idea into being by interacting with various physical objects and other people to produce a new product.

We take these non-physical to physical “conversions” for granted and we label the process as creative. Furthermore, we assign ownership of the images, the themes and ideas to the people they flowed through. But do they actually think these up on their own? Is that the process of creation?

(In addition, we often we don’t see the process of bringing our own mind into being, differentiated from all other consciousness, as creation or the creation of creators. That is a related topic to be discussed separately.)

The door that opened to lure me into this was the following dialogue between Frank and Rita (From Frank’s blog, “Objects and Relationship”, dated May 8, 2016.):

“F: Our world is less solid than it seems.

“R: It’s solid in relationship to itself. Hit yourself with a hammer if you are in doubt. And yes, it is less solid – that is, solidity is less solid – than it appears, when you experience the 3D in terms of the non-3D. but beyond that, you can learn to experience your world not as a world of solids intermediated by relationships and “laws,” and can come to see it as flow – and then everything changes around you, because your experience of the non-3D dimensions will change, which changes your experience of time (as the residue of non-experienced dimensions). This is what happens when you leave 3D enchantment at death.”

I struggled to make sense of this and finally asked for help on the subject as I was going to sleep with the SAM take home CD we were given after Frank’s weekend program on accessing inner guidance. During the night and early the morning after, this concept became clearer to me.

Seth and others have explained that we, in conjunction with other consciousness, are producing our own 3D reality via the systems and senses in our body. We are also producing our own bodies in a similar fashion.

Our 3D reality, including our body, does not exist on a stand-alone basis as it appears. It is created and recreated moment after moment. As Rita explained with her “crystal” analogy, all possibilities exist; it is our “living them” or “walking them” (her words) that brings them to reality.

What I wasn’t grasping is that all of the possibilities exist as “patterns” (I really don’t have an adequate name for this) in the non-3D. Our non-3D consciousness interacts with these patterns, “flows over them” (again Rita’s words), and they act as an instruction set for all of our systems and senses. The sights, sounds, touch, tastes, and smells are programmed by their respective instruction sets coming from the non-3D thought patterns. Each moment brings a new instruction set and we produce from that a new moment of reality, which then appears to our physical senses as “external”.

Objects can appear to move, time appears to elapse, just as a movie produces in our minds apparent motion and time elapsing from its frame by frame projection.

Our physical body is produced in a similar manner. It is not an independent physically living structure, although it, like everything else that is physical matter, is made of consciousness. It is activated and reproduced on a moment by moment basis just like our apparent external physical reality, by the instruction sets connected to all of our subsystems: cardio-pulmonary, waste management, etc. As our non-3D consciousness interacts with the patterns, we reproduce our body in conjunction with the instruction sets. Those instructions include what’s necessary our growth, our development, our maturation, and our (apparent) aging, as well as the moment-to-moment maintenance and operation of all our systems.

These “body-related” patterns exist at our conception and like the rest of our physical reality the time lines are probabilistic and “theoretical” until manifested. Because they exist as instruction sets in the non-physical, we can positively impact our health via changing the non-physical patterns associated with a particular part of our body. If the pattern driving the respiratory system is changed, the respiratory system will manifest those changes. That’s the concept that I understand brought by this analogy.

Going to the doctor and getting a prescription or an operation is an option in the overall life line pattern that can become manifested. Likewise, encountering disease or healing within our bodies are also possible instruction sets that can be experienced.

As in all life, our ability to affect what we experience is not unlimited. Many options don’t exist, like going to bed in New York and waking up in Beijing. There is not an option for the body to never die. But we can and do interact with these patterns in the non-physical to change our experience.

Our state of consciousness can greatly enhance thought flow. A strong and focused interest, especially one with attached emotion, can open receptors in our mind. It’s as if we become a “sink” for the source, and the flow naturally takes place to “equalize” or balance the source and sink differential. It is as if thirst automatically attracted water to satisfy it. Those experiencing [the process of communicating with] guidance know the phenomena when the thought of a question brings instantaneously the answer.

My interest in and desire for this knowledge brought the thoughts that have gone into this note.

While creative thought and ideas may not be “attributable”, they nonetheless will flourish with compatible minds capable of discernment and expression, and be mostly lost on consciousness whose signature doesn’t match. We’ve been told that our minds are configured to match the “record” to be played.

This way of perceiving our reality makes our experience of time quite arbitrary. It depends entirely on how our non-3D consciousness flows over (or interacts with) the pattern, and the patterns themselves. We can play the record faster or slower for different physical realities. We can appear to age over 100 years, 500 years, or a day.

Likewise, we examine an apparent past as it appears to us in the present (the rocks in the Grand Canyon, for example) and come to certain conclusions about our history. The rocks in the Grand Canyon are being recreated every moment, but their characteristics and the sequence of moments that we experience lead us to believe they are billions of years old. In that sense, like time, our history is also arbitrary and that any time line can have its own concomitant history.

There must be an agreed-upon “rpm” for the speed of the record we are playing in this Earth Physical Reality, as the reality show seems to be running at the same rate for all of us as participating actors.

Because we have agreed to display the relationships of all of the objects in our Universe in a particular way on a “frame by frame” basis, this leads us to certain “laws of physics” and concepts about the Universe’s inception and age. This does not minimize the value of pursuing and understanding the mathematics and physics that describe the behavior of the Universe; but it does imply that the Universe is not a mindless object running by itself independent of other consciousness. It also means to me that consciousness is running the show, quite precisely in many respects, and that any Theory Of Everything that does not account for consciousness and the relationships between the non-physical and the physical will be always incomplete and inaccurate.

With this perspective, it can be seen that every moment of every day, each of us are creating, “massively” creating, ourselves and our apparent external reality. Independent of whether make art or literature or music or invention, these actions constitute amazing creation! We are producing symphonies of physical life!


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