John Wolf – force and counter-force

Moving Toward or Away From Our Divinity

By John Dorsey Wolf

What is written below came to me as “a chunk here and a chunk there” over a period of a couple of weeks. Each chunk seemed to say, “Here’s another part of your lesson” and until I put in the effort to put the pieces together, they pestered me like an itch that wouldn’t go away until it was scratched.

It is one perception – mine — no more no less, and I consider it “work in progress”.

I was waking up one morning, a concept came to mind how force and counter-force bring pressure within our 3D “pressure cooker” for making new souls. The pressure cooker is an analogy used by Rita.

The nature of the insight I received was that forces and counter-forces serve a purpose and bring opportunity. The purpose they serve is to force choice by making the status quo unsustainable, and the opportunity is to connect to our greater consciousness and call upon our non-physical guidance for willfulness.

This willfulness is beyond determination because it comes from the greater self. It is the conscious recognition and interaction with the invisible forces that bind us together. What results from that interaction is not a recommended choice but a broader perspective on the consequences of our choices, allowing us to simultaneously determine our value system along with our choices.

When America was being founded (maybe as an example or an experiment), there was a force for independence, a counter-force trying to prevent it, and a war that decided it. I now believe that there were non-physical forces also at work that helped swing the balance in the direction it went. (This does not mean “God is on our side”. It means that spirit moves us in certain directions.)

On the way to a recent TMI program, I stopped by the visitor center at Monticello. As I was looking at one of the displays an image came to mind of Jefferson penning the Declaration of Independence, but the thoughts that were driving the pen came from far beyond him.

Perceiving the situation this way makes me realize the value of counter-forces. There is value in disagreement. There is value in a group of people who are “wrong” (from one perspective, of course). The counter-force brings a test of resolve. One’s resolve is strengthened by withstanding the pressure, more so than had there not been an adversary. In the same way our muscles are strengthened through resistance training, our minds our strengthened via adversarial interaction. Of course that same interaction can create an opportunity to change our mind. (This is not to imply that adversarial interaction is the only way the mind is strengthened.)

In the end, our stance on an issue is not the only thing that matters, it’s why we choose to take that stand. It is our underlying constitution, the mindset that is formed by all of our previous choices, that is important because that is the mind we will eventually bring back to our real home.

Many are familiar with the turmoil brought by the situation in Ferguson, Mo. as a result of a confrontation between a black teenager and a white policemen. We lived for a short time in Ferguson and our first son was born while we were there. My perspective is flavored by my experience and will be different from someone who has only seen Ferguson on cable news. My perspective is even different from our son, who is now a middle-aged adult living 25 miles away from the conflict. We each bring a different mindset to the issues that the pressure cooker has surfaced for us to ponder.

In Frank’s book “Chasing Smallwood” (which he synchronistically gave to the attendees at the weekend Attending Inner Guidance Program), there is a discussion with Lincoln how there were forces and counter-forces of roughly equal strength over independence of the Confederacy, and it was the issue of slavery that brought greater willpower to the North. Willpower is a non-physical force, and Lincoln says it was summoned by (the pressure of) the slavery issue.

Choosing between love and fear has been going on since the beginnings of mankind, and many of the challenges facing our country today can be characterized on that same pole. I believe our choices move us either closer to our divinity or further away, and that we would benefit by the willpower that comes from calling upon our greater selves.

There is the overriding principle of “Thy will be done”. Whether one interprets this to be the will of God, or the way of the spirit within every one of us and everything around us, to be connected and to be aware of our connections, is to be in touch with the living stream of our own divinity.

America (but not solely America) was founded on principles of strength through diversity, on equality, on certain unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe underlying it was a code that is in concert with our being: that all men are created equal, that we are inherently parts of the same mind, that we are not separate and in fact inseparable, that we are not alone, and that we have the freedom to be what we choose to be. We are bound by a force within us of unconditional love and acceptance.

These principles, cannot be owned by anyone or any group; they apply to everyone. They are a belief system consistent with our current understanding of reality.

Unfortunately, few people understand them and fewer yet have experienced them; nevertheless, it is by application of these principles to all of our choices “thy will” or the will of our own divinity can be done.

We do not have to wait for other people to get “on board”.

We have been told that the apparent external issues that present themselves to each of us individually are a reflection of our inner reality. Each of us can adopt our own principles like the ones above which we can apply to the choices that are ours to make, the everyday choices that affect us personally. In doing so, we will be exercising our own divinity.


“When you share with all, you are also giving to yourself in a way that is greater than having not shared.”

4 thoughts on “John Wolf – force and counter-force

  1. John,
    Guidance always has a lot to ‘say’ as I read (and reread) your posts, so I appreciate this one as always. I don’t always see things the same as you/your guidance, but then I don’t always see things the same as ‘my’ guidance. The great value for me is looking at those agreements/disagreements and using them to grow and learn.

    “force and counter-force bring pressure within our 3D ‘pressure cooker’”: TGU (and I think Rita) has been clear that there is always balance; it may be spread out temporally and/or spatially, but here is always balance. Thus ALL forces will have ‘counter-forces’; with uncountable forces there will be uncountable opposing forces … makes it kind of hard to see things in black-and-white!?

    “call upon our non-physical guidance for willfulness.”: I’ve long felt the ‘absence‘ of will/intent from guidance. The line “What results from that [willfulness] interaction is not a recommended choice” shows me I’ve been looking for ‘3D intent’; I’d now say guidance supplies the “broader perspective on the consequences of our choices”, I supply the intent and ‘choose and choose and choose.’

    “We are bound by a force within us of unconditional love and acceptance.”: those of us who congregate here in Frank’s ‘space’ probably agree. But earlier parts of your post would indicate a counter-force (hatred, fear, separation?) exists/has always existed in All D. Pick your favorite bad guy (in history or today) and realize his/her guidance flowed/flows from somewhere/something; it’s probably a cop-out to just dismiss them as ‘not listening to guidance.’

    ‘People like us’ lean toward that ‘love and acceptance’ side, but the world today seems to show that many lean in counter-directions; the pressure in the ‘cooker’ is increasing. I hope the Change Rita spoke of continues to push the tilt in our direction; will be exciting and interesting to see if that happens or if the tilt is in the (scary) opposite direction.

  2. Jim, I always appreciate your insights. It was not very clear from my note, but there are two types of “non-physical heritage” within us. The first is our strands from previous lives, having the polarities, forces and counter-forces. In addition to that is spirit, which as our core is unconditional love and acceptance. In the context of my note, it is this part of us that I was referring to as the “Divine”.

  3. Thank you as always both John & Jim.

    Rather peculiar this particular “theme” about “force and counterforce” coming forth right now…..Because in the last week Charles have sent me his notes concerning the reading of Edgar Cayce`s Story of The Bible by Robert Krajenke. It is of course based upon the E.C.Readings.

    I have not read the particular book since back in the 1980/90 thies, and it is remarkable the same content as of what Jim says( here ).

    B&B, Inger Lise

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