Guidance and scripture

In debrief after one of the exercises during our guidance weekend, Dirk, one of the participants (and a long-time friend of mine) read us some notes he had made.

I said, “that’s exactly how scriptures are written: Someone gets in touch, receives a message, and passes it on.”

That’s what I think “divine inspiration” is. God has no hands to use but ours, which includes writing down scriptural advice. But since the writers are human, with their own limitations and issues, maybe they don’t get everything right, or don’t get it complete. Or maybe they do, but we have to allow for the possibility of error or omission or insertions. That’s why I don’t think it is safe to rest on “scriptural inerrancy”; to err is human.

However, to receive guidance is also human. It’s a matter of judgment. With Dirk’s permission, here is the message he received:

We are here with you – always.
Live your life in love.
Be generous with everyone.

At the same time – first be generous with yourself.
Care first for yourself in all ways –
in health, in spirit, in practice, in commitments, in love –
in all ways.

Only when you are truly whole and well —
physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually —
only then can you best help those you love and care for.

Prioritize your time.
Be aware how you use the time you have.

Be joyful.

Sounds like good advice. to me.

One thought on “Guidance and scripture

  1. Those words and the energy with which they are written…. sounds like guidance to me!

    Bless you, bless Dirk, and all those who love and assist us in any way. So be it.


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