John Wolf — AIG report

A Report on Accessing Guidance Weekend Program
by John Dorsey Wolf

Over the weekend of April 22-24 I was fortunate to be able to attend the inaugural Accessing Inner Guidance program led by Frank and another talented trainer, Bob Holbrook, at The Monroe Institute (TMI). You can find a picture of our group on another posting on this site. I am the one who is smiling!

It was a unique opportunity to spend the weekend with 16 other participants, learn productive approaches, understand pitfalls, and practice in a most supportive environment. It was apparent that guidance is available to all who want to open themselves to it and have strong interest and intent. Because of the way Frank conducted the program, every participant was able to benefit from the guidance received from every other person. It was fascinating as well as instructive.

We used the latest SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation) TMI audio technology to aid us in achieving a conducive brain state for this activity. We all agreed that form of audio was most enjoyable and helpful.

I went with the expressed intent to expand my capabilities and gain confidence and clarity in the connections I am able to perceive. Frank’s exercises stretched us and we were all very pleasantly surprised with how well it “flowed”.

The opportunity to have 17 like-minded people willing to be open to reception and sharing with each other, reinforced in ways that could not be done otherwise that we are indeed supported by benevolent guidance; that attribution of the specific source is an unnecessary concern; that guidance arrives in a variety of ways; and that we can receive it and separately interpret it to determine its meaningfulness to us (whether it resonates). It was a process-intensive and content-rich weekend.

It was clear to me that we had many other “participants” in the program than just us physical beings present. Here is an excerpt from the input I received during the first exercise:

“You are being held. We have never left you. You know this is really all about Love. (Another participant, Jan, aptly referred to it as “Big Love”.)

(John: Well, I don’t always perceive that.)

Eventually you will know it.

It’s (this weekend) not just about you, it’s about all of you and all of us. There is a lot being connected here with you. Most (of what’s going on) you don’t see or feel, or you may get only a small but meaningful part of it. Just think about multiplying what you feel together as a group many many times.”

(John: It gets very emotional for me.)

Don’t worry, you won’t run out of your emotions!”

One of the most interesting exercises (we did it twice) was to gather guidance for another person. Most of us had little experience in this and we were quite surprised at the quality of what came through. A particularly poignant moment came near the end of the weekend when Dirk out of the blue received a message to refer Tony to two verses of the Bible. Dirk was not familiar at all with the passages being recommended, while Tony almost solely received his guidance by being led to Biblical passages.

I was partnered with Bill for the second of the two exercises, which had the theme of “What would be most helpful”. After it was over, I felt that there was more guidance that could be obtained for Bill, who I was “receiving” for, and decided shortly after the program concluded to see if I could gather more information. With Bill’s permission, the following is the product of that.

April 24, 2016 For Bill

(John: I would like to open this line again, and in particular on the exercise with Bill. I felt there was perhaps more there that I missed.)

Feeling inadequate, or grading yourself? Those attitudes aren’t really very helpful. You (meaning all of us) always only get part of what we send, and even the parts you think you get are only a fraction of the understanding we try to convey.

So never anything wrong with coming back and asking for another go at it.

Bill is a veteran. And he has himself a good connection with his guys, who of course blend into us as well. The interconnections are something to behold when one can experience them in all dimensions. You can assure Bill that he will always get what he needs, and on top of that, what he wants–providing of course that it is consistent with what he needs (!) and the greater good of all.

Now you’re thinking, “That (generalized kind of statement) could have arrived in a fortune cookie,” excepting that it would have been a rather large cookie. It doesn’t seem to you to be specific enough.

More to the point, in your 3D environment, specifics break down into time-space activity, and those choices are all staring you in the face, because that’s the set up. And it’s really your choice. You just have to get used to the fact that the consequences you experience are the result of your choices. We have been known to give “head’s up’s” on consequences to choices; such as, “If you step out into the street right now, that bus that’s running the light will run over you!” The more we can refrain from “directing” specific choices, the better it is. We prefer not to give that kind of (specific) help; in fact, that kind of help works against the solidification of Bill’s or anyone else’s mind habit being formed.

The question had to do with help. What would be most helpful for Bill, but not exclusively Bill, is to know that with 100% confidence, we are helping, we are participating, because it can’t be otherwise, but on a non-interference basis; and that at any time he wants that to be more overt (in the sense of realizing it’s going on), all he has to do is ask.

(I thought this over and came back for even more.)

A good question to ask is what would be the likely consequence of this choice or that choice. But a not so useful question is one that has words like “better” or “should”. Because that’s for you to decide on your value system, which you are also forming, not for us to decide on our value system. If you ask, “Is this a good thing to do?”, we’ll say “Sure!”, but so are the other choices! So when we told you that preparing for transition was a good choice for you, note that we noted it was your choice, and what we didn’t say was not doing it is also a good choice…it just leads to different consequences. In that case Rita has given some inklings on consequences, and it was knowing the consequences that caused you to make the choice you did.
We love to ramble on questions about the nature of reality, because that information broadens your mind and increases your awareness, but it doesn’t interfere with your choosing.

(John: Thank you.)


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  1. Very nicely put, John and John’s “guys”!! I especially appreciate the caveat about asking “Should” questions because that is the same thing as asking someone else to make a choice for you. Sounds like it was a fabulous weekend!!

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