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[John calls this “How can we not fear living?” but I changed it for fear it would be misinterpreted to mean that we SHOULD fear life. Everything John says here seems right to me.]

How can we not fear living?
by John Dorsey Wolf

What is written below is a partial, inadequate and inaccurate view of the concepts that are in my mind. Further, the concepts themselves are a partial, inadequate and inaccurate view of greater truth. They came into my mind and they want to come out, so I’m doing the best I can.

We get blasted hourly on terrorist attacks, murders and other crimes, torture, child abuse, economic ruin, homelessness, addictions, cancer and other various deadly diseases; not to mention fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, global warming, oil spills, and job losses; and this doesn’t even include the standard list of political rhetoric on one party or another driving our country to ruin, or one country or another doing the same to the world.

In the face of this, Frank, TGU and Rita remind us, “All is well, all is always well.” I decided to pursue it to another level. How can we not fear living?

Two themes came to me in response. The first comes from an examination of our strand connectivity. The mental picture is everything connected to everything; for example, my community of strands, each with their community of strands, and on and on with all the interweaving. It became clear to me that with a relatively nominal number of strands, such as 20, each soul would connect to a billion other souls in merely 6 tiers, or “generations”. While this example uses highly simplified assumptions and math, the point is that we extend through our communities exponentially, not linearly, meaning we become very vast very fast.

With interweaving and the common spirit within us all we don’t simply connect from a communications perspective, but that every soul is seen to be an ingredient in every one else’s soul, to more or less of an extent. We are a constituent in everyone else, and they in us. Their experience is also part of us. Hitler is part of us, as is Osama Bin Laden, as is Buddha, Jesus and Mother Theresa.

I am not an individual named John, I am an extension of my greater being, just as the Olympic Peninsula is an extension of the overall North American land mass.

The second main theme coming through was to explore the role of 3D from the point of view of the non-3D which forms and maintains it. How does the world of matter interact with minds of non-matter?

It dawned on me in a very simple way. The part of the greater being of which I am (as well as any other part experiencing 3D), differs from the rest of my greater being in one very important respect: we are functioning with two inputs, from both the 3D and non-3D, whereas the rest of my greater being has (directly) only non-3D input.

Using the previous analogy, consider the North American land mass as the greater being, all residing in non-3D. A portion of it, the Olympic Peninsula, is thrust it into 3D associating it with a body of five senses. The five senses and all that apparent objective experience that comes through them in addition to the time-space rules and illusionary isolation and separation can, as we know, easily overwhelm that which flows from the non-3D. And that overwhelming input and environment becomes a very useful incubator.

Our purpose is to “choose, choose, choose” said TGU. We choose to determine what we will be. In this context the incubator is the means to present choices to the newly forming mind, or soul, as well as the means for understanding of those choices via delayed consequences.

Rita elaborated on what amounts to a second purpose: crystallizing ourselves and making a unit out of our own community of strands. In this context, the incubator is a “boot camp”. Individual marines go to boot camp and what comes out is a unit, a team, formed in a crucible of shared “hard knocks”. The tougher the challenges that the team is able to handle, the stronger the team. The illusions of isolation and separation, as well as the behind the scenes support and maneuvering, and for that matter pain and suffering, take on a different context to me in this light.

There is yet a third level to purpose if we really can perceive ourselves as a greater being extension getting “zapped” for a time in 3D. In this context, 3D is the means by which we create and make change to ourselves, in conjunction with the overall flow and movement of even greater consciousness of which we (as a greater being) are a part. A while back I was told we (our 3D part) are more like a “chisel” in the sculpting process, than the sculpture itself. Now I believe I more fully understand that.

We are a portion of the energy of our greater being and through our life experiences in 3D we combine and transform that energy, our “good” parts as well as our “evil” parts and we emerge back into our greater selves modifying (slightly) the overall signature, or nature, of all. Throughout the process we enable parts of our greater being to experience our life along with us, providing our thoughts and emotions as gifts.

We are an extension of our greater being and an agent for change to our greater being, and physical matter is a mechanism (not the only one) to accomplish the process. We are created and we create.

7 thoughts on “John Wolf – Ways to look at life

  1. Thank you very much John.
    Indeed it is.

    And here comes something within an Epilogue by Stewart Edward White in his book: “The Job of Living” (he is the author of “The Unobstructed Universe” among others, and my copy printed in 2010, Oxford). All of his books are “old books” (antiques), and the books are really “a parallel” to the books by Frank`s.

    Quote from “The Job of Living”:

    “And still moving on, in still another attunement, this second universe in its turn would vanish and be no more; and in the vast and empty void more points of light would spell to your renewed senses more worlds.
    “And so on, and on, and on, through the almost infinite reaches, until, in the nearest approach to omniscience possible in a finite cosmos, you would appreciate that in all vastness of space is no empty point; that it is all One Thing, One Primordial Thing. And its manifestation in the complex is only as a man moves, and so sees new lights that were before obscured, and loses in obscurity lights that before have shone.”

    B&B, Inger Lise

  2. Nice synopsis, John. I especially like the metaphor of us being the “chisel” rather than the “sculpture.” 3-d individuation helps to make something rather than 3-d individuation being the thing that is made (though it is also that as well–a chisel is made too after all).

    Actually, following that last thought one can sense the basic principle of the relative (and absolute) unity of all and everything…

    The chisel is a tool that forms some other thing. But the chisel itself was formed from other materials and by other “tools” whose intelligent coordination made the chisel for a purpose. Those material and tools could have formed any number of things, but a chisel was what was needed, so….

  3. Also, to Frank for providing the grounds as it were (and keeping them so inviting and interesting to visit) and to everyone who participates in one way or another– may you feel my happy gratitude in being a part of it.

  4. Cat’s Paw, Inger Lise, and Don,
    There are times when we are reminded we’re (the 3D part of us) not in charge, and this is one of those times. Frank has noted the same on numerous occasions. Some days you do feel like a nozzle that makes some modifications to the water as it flows, but we’re not the source of the water. It may be my words but not my thoughts alone. Frank has helped us to both find and share the flow.

    Inger Lise, I now have my first book of Edgar Cayce’s material, just delivered: Robinson’s “Edgar Cayce’s Story of The Origin and Destiny of Man”. Thanks for your recommendation. It will be my airplane reading to and from Frank’s weekend course at TMI.

    1. John, I wish you a happy journey (and a flight with the reading), and weekend with Frank & TMI.

      Too bad I am living on (this part-time 3D-Hologram) another continent. Only five years back in time, I would have participated as well.

      But hopefully you`ll give us (at least to me it is very interesting) something to tell about what happens there ?

      Good Luck
      B&B, Inger Lise

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