Reviews of Rita’s World

I haven’t been paying enough attention to the reviews that Rita’s World has been getting on Amazon. Here’s a five-star:

A stellar addition to channeling literature
By Ralphe Wiggins on October 31, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
In the early 2000’s Frank DeMarco and Rita worked together to produce several books recording their communications with ‘The Guys Upstairs’. Since then Rita died and in late 2014 she contacted DeMarco. That has resulted in another sequence of communicates, the first three months of which are contained in this book. They were close friends while Rita was in body and clearly that friendship has maintained.

This book is a must read for followers of DeMarco’s earlier books, for followers of the Seth books, for fans of NDE and ODE descriptions, and for anyone interested in the relationships between living people and post-death beings. It brings new information that is both exciting and pertinent to how we live our lives.

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