Coast to Coast AM — about Rita’s World

George Noory is having me on Coast to Coast AM again, this time to discuss Rita’s World.

Air time is 10 p.m. to midnight Sunday Pacific time, which — unfortunately! — translates to 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Monday, Eastern time.

Hopefully Rita will be feeding me information during the show. Otherwise, I’ll have to pretend to be awake!

5 thoughts on “Coast to Coast AM — about Rita’s World

  1. It may be bad timing for you, but great timing for me. Would you happen to know if I can find the radio show online? I’ll do some research myself. I’m reading Rita’s World and I would love to listen in 🙂

      1. And to be perfectly certain that I won’t miss the show I also installed the Coast to Coast AM Insider app on my tablet and phone 🙂

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