Jim Austin — Some conclusions from the Rita material

[Jim Austin says:] I wrote most of this before reading Rita’s 3/19 message; kind of feel like the kid who ‘gets it’ on the last day of school! Post it if and where you think appropriate; goes with the 3/18 post, but may be long for a comment.

My Connection with Rita’s “Nobody goes anywhere” (3/18/16 post).
(I see this information as unique to me; I‘m not suggesting it as a path for others. But it might be useful as one example of connecting to Rita and TGU’s information.)

This past year-plus has been a time of reading/studying/thinking-about-‘living’ the many deep and meaningful concepts/ideas presented by those speaking through Frank (Rita, TGU, etc.) and Frank himself My awareness has grown as has my understanding, in ways large and small; in ways that astound me and, I’m sure, in ways not yet realized.

As I saw and felt the depth and importance of this information, I started asking (on the blog and to guidance) “What can I do in daily life to support this learning process, to help things along?” Rita (still in 3D) asked the same kind of questions (Sphere and Hologram); the responses there, in the blog (now FROM Rita), and from my own guidance were consistent: just live your life, do what you’re doing, and all will be well. Reassuring, but not much for us ‘doer’-types to get our teeth into!

My daily practice comes out of Zen; the foundation is ‘sitting’, what us Westerners want to call meditation but really isn’t. Unlike the (many) usual meditative practices, Zen points toward quieting the mind and self, letting the mind do what it’s meant to do (think thoughts), while building/strengthening the ability to disconnect from those thoughts. Since most thoughts are the product of sensory and/or emotional ‘input’, unhooking from them allows me to shield myself from sensations and emotions (to the extent that I choose to!).

One key for me came from Rita’s “Nobody goes anywhere” message “Nobody. Goes. Anywhere.” !!!!
(Using the spatial/temporal analogy us 3D’ers are stuck with): From that I see clearly that in the past, now, in the future, forever, ‘I’ will be ‘here’; my ‘environment’ is and will be what it has always been: All-D. What changes is my ‘sensors’; specifically, at passing my 3D sensors will be gone, pretty abruptly!

The second key came from Rita’s comment about IMAGINING (a neighbor), “and in so doing you were coming closer to perception in the absence of senses than may have occurred to you.” Several teachers (Seth?) have talked about our non-physical senses; I dimly remember someone listing them. Rita’s remarks confirm that I have those sensors/perceptions and can become more aware of them, now.

So these two keys show me my path forward:
A. My Zen practice (perhaps now more pointed and effective because of the above) helps me reduce the impact of and reliance on 3D senses and thoughts (which will be gone in 3D anyway).
B. In the (more quiet) space created, I am more and more aware of that sense Rita called ‘imagination’; a sense I see is much bigger than I understood.
C. This continued practice facilitates awareness of other non-3D senses/perceptions: ‘guidance’, mind-to-mind communication, etc.
D. Seems like this work supports and helps with the inevitable perceptual changes that Rita speaks of. (Note: there’s ambiguity here between ‘senses’ and ‘perceptions’ (Rita uses the phase “non-sensory perceptions”; looking forward to experiencing this, bypassing the words.)
For me awareness of such sensorial and perceptual change is an important part of making ‘state’ changes (e.g. dying) smoother; understanding as much as possible beforehand seems pretty useful!?

Note that I’m NOT looking to shift my attention from 3D to non-3D; rather I want to expand it in All-D, including more and more of myself, parts that tend to be obscured by time moving forward, powerful sensory inputs, and by the way my attention is pushed and pulled by daily life. That has to be useful each day here in 3D, and ‘after’.

4 thoughts on “Jim Austin — Some conclusions from the Rita material

  1. Jim, as usual it is more food for thought.
    These are great concepts thank you. You gave me a hint in what may be termed as “the kernel concept”?
    As to have understood (“to express an understanding” is “a concept” too) by now about us the inner sensory organs are energetic vibrations. It is in the genes and the DNA (the idea-construction).
    The body factory will be but “wheels” of electrical “currents”. The seven chakras are “the Energy” and the Motor in “driving” the physical body. And consciousness as “The Main Engine”….or core spirit (or the atomic-power). I am thinking the biblical “Holy Spirit” rather is meant to be “The Whole Spirit.”

    And then (by thinking of us as energetic vibrations–molecules and cells in slow motion, a slow density forming the matter) THEN, it is obvious (hm) nothing can exist “outside” anything at all.
    Zen is science by no doubt.

    Actually I am beginning “to realize” nothing ever dies, it is impossible. Death is a man-made hallucination.

    Thank you again.
    B & B, Inger Lise

  2. Jim,
    I appreciate your Zen instincts to the discussion; it demonstrates how your understandings of that (which I have now studied) bring depth to Rita’s material, and gives us ways to interpret what so many different religious practices are based on.

    How concerned we are with death. It’s a phenomena that stares us in the face on such a regular basis, and even though we are returning to our natural state, unmasked from our body and all those external sensory inputs, we are newly reformed and have to remember what we are over again. Reformation is our constant as we allow ourselves to be modified as we are absorbed into greater consciousness.

    I like that you emphasize our internal senses which we forget we have as the body inputs take over. Considering that we come from and will return to the eternal, our real death has already occurred: the nulling of our natural senses at entry to the physical, and we are awaiting our rebirth as a newly changed and re-emerging consciousness.

  3. Some decades ago, I coined the phrase “Godsoup” for what Rita has termed All-D. It allowed me more freedom from the structure of dimensions, planes of existence, Focus levels, and the many other ways we try to express a difference in what I consider a vibratory or frequency rate.

    Inger Lise’s comment relates somewhat. I am finding that I am less concerned with explanations than with inner experiences and how they affect my day-to-day behavior, attitudes, comfort level and functioning ability.

    I have spent my life analyzing every situation to understand my part of it in order to be responsible for the consequences of my choices. Now I am in a place of “So What?” I like it better.

  4. I agree with you, Jim. That is, either I really get it or I really don’t get it and don’t know it. I went through a period of “illness years” in which I was forced to just be and accept what was happening. That has carried over into my more well state, a state of just living my life and kind of just watching it go by as I make decisions and do or not do things. People come and go, events come and go, and I worry about very little. I also have stopped trying to save other people from what happened to me, because maybe they need to go through a similar tunnel to reach their particular lightness at the other end. I’ve been told by a Zen person that I’m kind of Zen without having every studied it, and hell I don’t know. But in the end, all is well. We get to go home intact with our experiences, when the time comes.

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