Rita — fully human, fully divine

Monday, March 7, 2016
F: 9:20 p.m. Rita, do you feel like another session now, as I will have things to do tomorrow morning?
R: It is important that you not let this get out of your control. Too much of it will take your vitality. You know you have been told this.
F: Yes. I don’t do more than one a day habitually. But I thought maybe we could make an exception. I could take the dictation, and type it up tomorrow morning instead of trying to do it all at once.
R: We can try. We should both monitor your stamina.
F: Okay with me. Where were you? I felt you were getting close to something really important.
R: Well, yes, I would say so. It ties up your loose ends between two ways of seeing what people call “the afterlife,” as if it were a long epilog, or afterthought, or dead end. One way sees the individually shaped ex-3D soul adjusting to new surroundings and presumably living happily ever after in some vaguely defined way. The other sees the ex-3D soul reabsorbed into the totality from which it was created, realizing that its 3D experience was very small potatoes indeed next to what else he is, and is part of. Where is the reconciliation of the two?
F: Fully human, fully divine.
R: Exactly. Both, not one or the other, and not a little of one and a little of the other. Now – although this may not be strictly accurate – let’s think of it as more a matter of terrain than of difference in nature.

F: And this is where I came in, as we used to say. That’s one of the first things the guys said to me in their part of Muddy Tracks. It’s the same thing, expressing differently depending on the turf they’re in.
R: Well, remember – not exactly. But let’s look at it taking our underlying nature for granted.
Fully human in the 3D environment of separation, of coercive time [meaning, time that drags us along], of limitation of awareness so as to facilitate the need to continually choose.
Fully divine in the non-3D environment focusing on – or rather, taking for granted – one vast obviously interconnected, non-coercive-time, non-limitation of consciousness so as to facilitate the full and easy expression and inter-sharing of what we are, individually and collectively.
Now, this should not be seen as if hermetically sealed. The divine persona interacts with the human continually. In 3D it is experienced as a two-way feedback system of guidance. In non-3D it is experienced as the provision of input from the point of view of the ex-3D souls.
Every ex-3D soul coming over
F: Sorry
R: That’s all right. Go do what you just remembered to do. If you feel like continuing afterward, I will be here, and if not, nothing lost.
F: Okay.
(9:45) That didn’t take long, and I think we’re good to continue.
R: All right, let’s think of things this way. The ratio of effective knowledge to merely potential knowledge is different in every single ex-3D soul that comes over. No two are alike. The fully awake, fully aware being knows where it is (again) and knows to a large degree what it is – that is, what it is really, as opposed to its 3D guesses. The newly arrived entirely unawakened ex-3D soul moves pretty seamlessly to reproduction of whatever it is that it expects to encounter. A fundamentalist Christian may see Jesus, a Hindu Krishna, et cetera. Confirmed atheists can be stubborn in their insistence on there not being anything, or not being anything but chaos, or perhaps not being anything but clockwork, so to speak – everything strictly running on automatic with no troublesome whiff of a deity or spirits or its own spiritual nature.
The difference in ex-3D souls’ experience will boil down to the question of how awake they are, how much in conscious or unconscious touch with their personal guidance – their non-3D component, their “guardian angel,” however you want to see it. The closer and smoother the connection, the easier the non-3D component can smooth the way.
F: But I’m getting that that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone in good touch with guidance goes right to the deepest level of understanding, or integration.
R: No, that’s right, because although you might not think it right off, that may not be the best place for it.
F: Say more about that.
R: When you come out of the fifth grade, say, there are certain things you have learned and certain aptitudes you have developed. It is a combination of knowledge, skills, and readiness, you see. But that well-functioning individual may be ready and in fact well prepared for sixth grade – that doesn’t mean he’s ready for college, or even for the seventh grade.
There is a tendency in 3D to picture “the afterlife” as stepping into perfection. You know all there is to know, you have perfected yourself by dropping all Earthbound flaws and limitations. Maybe you have expiated all your sins, if your belief-system moves you that way. In any case, it’s pretty much – bang, we’re here, game over.
What kind of an afterlife is that? Is that any improvement over imagining heaven as sitting on clouds playing harps? It is a static concept, and no wonder you can’t get a handle on it – there’s nothing to grasp intuitively.
What there is, instead, is not so different from your life on earth minus the distracting externals. You exist in a sea of others, and all of you have what might be seen as specializations in emotional makeup, in life-experience, in mental constructs, in aptitudes and – what shall we call them? – in negative-aptitudes.
F: By which I take it you mean on the one hand the things we’re particularly good at, and on the other hand, the corresponding defects of our qualities.
R: Of course. Everyone is perfect in that they represent what they are. No one is perfect in that nobody can do everything equally well.
F: I can feel myself wearing down, but can you round this off?
R: Well, the other great distortion is thinking of the non-3D as “the afterlife.”
You have to understand: Nothing is finished. Ever. “Life Goes On” does not refer only to the 3D. Life is eternal, and like anything eternal, it goes through phases
F: I get, alternations in a regular rhythm.
R: Like the ocean tides that come in and go out, forever. Think how bored the ocean molecules would be, or the molecules of air, if they were not continually in circulation. That was said whimsically, but it makes a valid point.
F: So it isn’t in once and out forever, for us.
R: That’s a large topic in itself. What Bob [Monroe] called repeaters are ex-3D souls being reinserted for another go-round. But of the people who long to escape rebirth, some succeed in spending their non-time doing things other than 3D. And 3D, I remind you, means 3D, it isn’t a code word for planet earth. There are plenty of ex-3D souls who never want to return to Earth for any reason, under any circumstances, who nonetheless spend quite a bit of time in 3D, but elsewhere.
F: I’m afraid I’m going to have to quit for now, but we did pretty well. Now I can move on to grumbling about the work of typing it out tomorrow. 
R: We have more to look at, in re human and divine, whenever we meet next.
F: Okay, till then.

11 thoughts on “Rita — fully human, fully divine

  1. Very interesting, as always…I can see where it will “pay” to look at my most deeply-held belief systems now. And again, I appreciate that we don’t, apparently, get to some “finished state”–after one life, or many, or in many venues.

    It reminds me of a couple of things NDE researcher, PMH Atwater, has distilled from the many thousands of individuals reporting on their experience, and subsequent integration/adaptation: They “got what they needed” from their experience/process, and “there is always life,” implying “Always Life”–no “before”, “during”, or “after”.

    Again, my thanks for “getting this word out there”; the material certainly offers a different (and ultimately more satisfying) model to work w/ than the standard “religion/no religion” conflicts I see going on.


  2. Every go around from you and Rita about understanding the continuum of existence between 3D and non-3D (I like all-D)deepens and expands the concept for me. New images, thoughts, questions arise and I get the feeling of jostling the energy around in there letting it land in a new more expanded space.

    This work is more appreciated than I think you know sometimes.

    I am curious about this works affect on you and humans in general. What is the draining factor in the exchange for you? The hungry ghost thing? How do you counter that beside limiting your time?

    Thanks again Frank, for your efforts.

    Take care of yourself!!


    1. The only drain on me that I am aware of is that caused by an hour’s worth of concentration — and then the additional hour of typing it up. But it is so inherently interesting and satisfying, and it is so deeply pleasing to see others along for the ride, that it more than makes up for a little inconvenience. I don’t know that i really do — or feel i have to do — anything in particular to recoup my energies, other than nap when i feel like it and do things like crossword puzzles, Free Cell and Minesweeper, mystery novels. I’m so glad you and others are getting something out of this, and I’m grateful when people tell me so.

  3. Understanding from yet another angle that we are fully human and fully divine; both part and whole; and the producer, director and actor, still leave us dangling where we will always be dangling: in between what we have come to know and what we don’t yet know.

    I keep forgetting that’s always the way it is, even after Rita reminds us yet again.

    Rita speaks to the link between awakening, readiness and “location” in post-transition. Said another way, we have a place back home, a state of consciousness, where our vibratory signature best fits. There is a “place” for everyone upon exit from the body, a new port from which we move onward.

    We are in the process of determining our place of re-entry, our initial home upon our return to the non. Our job to choose and chose and choose to form ourselves as a completed soul will come to an end, at least for this cycle, and we will awaken or be awakened into our next home.

    Wherever I was headed changed abruptly several years ago and it couldn’t have been more clear that the new path that opened was an “offer I couldn’t refuse”.

    Where will I land? What will I know and understand when I get there? How will this life and it’s illusions and disparities fit in a greater context? What will be the nature of the new neighborhood? Where and how do we evolve from there?

    Whatever the answers will be, they depend upon what further experience and evolved perception occurs between now and my transition. That’s powerful motivation to tune in, listen, and open up the receptors. There will always be more questions than answers.

    Gradually moving toward wholeness. I think.
    Many thanks,

    1. Something you said here sparks this in me: Where we go after leaving 3D is indeed “a state of consciousness where our vibratory signature best fits” — and that’s part of the point of all the choosing we do within our 3D portion of our lives. Our choices alter our signature, and we therefore “earn” a different place where we fell comfortable.

      Now, I’m not going to take that to the bank, but I will think about it, and right now it seems at least a reasonable conclusion.

      1. Hello Mark.

        Very interesting things all of it.

        Especially the two books in the same field can be very informative(if you love books that is).
        And I can recommend these two: “Life on other Planets” by Emanuel Swedenborg, introduction by Raymond Moody, translation by John Chadwick.

        And the book “Edgar Cayce and The Cosmos” by James Mullaney.

        BTW: I have some old danish books about “The other Earth`s” material.
        The danish books telling about “the other Earth” do exists as parallels to “ours,” but do not know if they are translated into english though….Hm, WHERE are the books in my book-shelters ? Now I have to search for them…..

        And as always, the “new insights” arising the more questions.
        Well, I do believe it is as Rita once told:”Our own Mental Constructions”(a world consisting of your own mental constructions)….and Belief System Territories(Bob Monroe).

        Heartily,Inger Lise

        1. Inger Lise,
          You are a unique resource indeed. The knowledge that comes through you and all those books on your shelves is significant and always relevant. I can’t help but think those who are helping to awaken us must be saying to themselves, “We’ve told them all this many times before. Will they ever learn?”

          One by one, and one step at a time I guess. You are most encouraging. Thanks.

          1. John,agree with you all the way !
            That`s exactly what I am thinking many a time likewise:
            “When will we(before I always did the reference to other folks as “THEY” but now I am using the word “WE”),ever learn?
            Is it the old obligation in to do the work by gathering all “the fragments” about us before to reach wholeness?

            B&B,Inger Lise

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