Rita – the ex-3D soul, reorienting

Friday. February 26, 2016
F: 7:05 a.m. All right, Miss Rita, here we are in daylight. I feel like we’re behind the game. You ready?
R: No need to feel pressed. Slow and steady wins the race.
F: The Hare and the Tortoise
R: Lots of good things in Aesop, and when I was little we were taught them routinely.
F: So where we left off was the departed soul – or the arriving soul, depending on your point of view, I guess – realizing more what it really was and always had been.
R: It changes everything, you see. Not one thing that it was accustomed to remains to it, except – to the extent that it developed it while in 3D life – the ability and habit of communicating freely with the rest of itself. If it had no such habit, it now has nothing whatever as a resource from its end of the polarity.
F: I think I know what that means, but just to be sure –

R: Everything we will ever examine will at the same time be a unit and a divisible collection, a single thing capable of being treated as if it were multiple.
F: This is hard to get expressed. I still don’t think we’ve done it, so simple a thing.
R: It is merely a matter of the reader remembering that definitions are relative. Nothing is only the first way we look at it. So if I say we’re going to examine a polarity between the larger being and the 3D individual, neither of the two terms is really a unit, and together they aren’t really a multiple. Single – not-single is a matter of how much stress we do or don’t want to put on a given way of seeing it. So, there is not an absolute difference between the larger beings and the various 3D beings each creates and incorporates, but it is not incorrect to examine them separately. And of course the same goes for the larger beings as they interact with each other and with higher levels of organization. Definitions are matters of convenience, in that sense.
F: Really, all we are saying is “Let’s look at them as if they were separate although we could equally accurately look at them as if they were parts of one thing.”
R: It isn’t exactly an “as if,” either. It is more a temporary focus on a thing in its separate-ness or its community-ness. This is either an entirely obvious idea for people or one that scarcely makes sense, or I suppose anywhere between the two positions. It is a mental habit, as much as anything.
To return to the original point: The ex-3D soul (considered as if individual) is, by itself, lost at sea. It has no means of communication, no means of perception, nothing by which to orient itself. A life spent gazing outward provides no resources when “outward” disappears and it is as if that soul were in darkness – silent darkness – with no memory of anything outside the 3D life just departed, and no ability to interact consciously with the only life it remembers. If it had no communication with its deeper self – with the larger being, that is – it would remain “stuck” indefinitely.
F: I get that we could think about ghosts in this context.
R: Many examples of the phenomenon of non-3D spirits interacting in a not very conscious way with the 3D world could be investigated beginning with this description of their situation, and much would become clear, pretty quickly, that has eluded those trying to investigate from other points of view.
F: I think of Mary Summer Rain’s Phantoms Afoot, that we published many years ago. She and [her husband] Bill were doing retrievals, though they didn’t necessarily think of it in those terms.
R: That’s right. However, this whole subject is a side-trail for the moment. Let those who find it more central to their interests pursue it; they may go far and do valuable things.
F: But we have other fish to fry.
R: That we do. We are following the ex-3D soul to see its possibilities and difficulties. The resolute non-believer (call it) is one extreme. Perhaps the other is the person who has achieved, or perhaps never lost, transparency in its relationship with the non-3D aspects of its being. Such a person – well look what happens to such a person.
It dies to the 3D. Well and good, but it does not lose contact with that “inner” self, because that connection never depended upon sensory intermediation. It reviews its life, in a way, in that any restrictions on its span of consciousness are removed.
F: His computer suddenly has unlimited RAM, and he can hold it all in consciousness at the same time.
R: That’s a way of putting it. So although the “past life review” is not the sequential process it is often described to be, still the essence is the same: from being held in a moving bubble of the present moment, it is now able to get the entire life in a true perspective, and that changes the ex-3D mind’s opinions and judgments retrospectively.
However – seeing one’s past life while being in conscious connection with the larger being makes that experience radically different from what it is when one is (or experiences oneself to be, rather) alone. The stages of self-condemnation, etc. are fleeting or non-existent, because one’s basis for discernment is so much more solid and reliable. One has a vastly larger perspective, within which the “sins” and shortcomings of the individual are seen as just one of those things, so to speak, that accompany life in the 3D.
So, that case – the awakening to non-3D or rather All-D existence of the newly ex-3D soul that has lived its life in close connection with its spirit, its non-3D component – is the other end of the polarity from the soul that experiences a lack of everything it knew.
F: And everybody fits somewhere in the bell curve between the two extremes.
R: Well, as you used to say, you know my methods, Watson. Set out the extremes and you have delineated the field, and pretty much, implicitly, set out all the possibilities.
So – leaving aside any ex-3D souls that may be considered “stuck” because they have not yet gained the ability to perceive and interact with their new surroundings – we see that the ex-3D soul is in a new condition, but not an uncomfortable one.
F: You are taking the position of the stuck souls to be temporary.
R: Certainly, although it is not predictable how long “temporary” means in any particular case. Let us consider them to be pending, while we return to those who have regained their balance.
You have died to the 3D, losing all access to it as you lose your senses with the death of the only thing [that is, the body] that anchored you to the continually-moving present. You have seen your self-definition change repeatedly and perhaps rapidly, as you became consciously aware of how far you extend among your contemporaries, and how far you extend looking backward and forward in time. And, most radically, you are introduced to the new reality of being a small part of a larger functioning being, rather than (as you habitually experienced yourself) as an independent or at least autonomous unit.
And, by the way, don’t forget that your new expanded realizations include that you were (hence, are) a community of being at a lower level of organization, as well.
F: Lower level of organization isn’t quite right. What is?
R: Anything that doesn’t imply “less than.” The subordinate consciousnesses that contributed to the 3D individual’s life are just as valid as any other; it is a matter of the focus knob on the microscope, again.
F: Still needs to be clearer, I think. At least, judging by my own understanding, or lack of, it does.
R: There are all manner of non-human intelligences in the 3D world, each with its own share in the whole. Similarly you know of different intelligences working the body for you – “processing sugars,” as you always say. But is it not clear that your intelligence also has other levels, other components that might be examined as if separate?
F: Can’t say it is.
R: Then I suppose that will have to be our theme next time. So let me wind up this theme. The first long stage of entering upon non-3D life after having been created as a new unit in 3D is total redefinition. Everything you thought you knew about yourself (or about anything, really) is seen in so different a context as to be seen only as a special way of seeing things. Even if you are very connected to your non-3D component during life, you’re in for surprises. But – they aren’t necessarily unpleasant ones, so don’t concern yourself too much about it. You couldn’t tell a child about the preoccupations and satisfactions of life as an adult, so don’t expect that you as a 3D being can understand All-D life now in the way you will then. Timing is everything. Part of that seeing-everything-differently involves recognition of parts of 3D life that you didn’t notice at the time, and we’ll go into that. But remember, although the 3D is the natural and in fact unavoidable center of your interest while you are there, it is not necessarily the center thereafter. So don’t let yourself unconsciously assume that it will be, in reading this. Rather, remember that this is attempting to give you a window to a world that may not concern itself too much with the room you’re living in.
And that’s enough for today.
F: Thanks, Rita. I’ll be interested to see what comes next. Sometimes I have a glimmer, but not this time.
R: Well, then – stay tuned.
F: Smiling. Yes.

3 thoughts on “Rita – the ex-3D soul, reorienting

  1. “F: Thanks, Rita. I’ll be interested to see what comes next. Sometimes I have a glimmer, but not this time.”

    This was a hook that drew me to greater insight this morning from My Joint Mind:

    “Your tendency, which is a useful one in many instances is to tie what you are getting to everything else you know and sense around you. It’s a good habit for integration of ideas and stabilizing a platform, but when there is a new perspective forthcoming that’s is purposely far different from the previous, limiting the new by some relationship to previous material is just that—limiting.

    So for you the best thing to do is let this material, and the other books you are reading carry you away from your previous basis. Forget about tying the ends together until you’ve got a grasp of both ends. Let yourself drift, as uncomfortable as it is, allowing the new perspective to be understood in its own light, rather than the dimmer illumination of the opposite polarity.”
    Via John

  2. Again, thought-provoking material. Not much to say today; I often wonder “how much REALLY am I in touch w/ my Whole Self?” I may be, to some degree, in dreams, and in non-recalled sleep periods, plus waking-life synchronicities. In waking-life, I often feel like that cover illustration of “The Little Prince”–a small, bewildered-looking boy, standing alone on a distant moon. I guess it goes w/ the “deconstruction” I’m going thru (I’m deciding a lot of things I’m NOT, and seeing what, if anything, is left over).

    I think John’s “Joint Mind” advice feels about right to me at this time; just allowing myself to drift w/ this new material, hoping to reach understanding. Or, again, like meditation, perhaps I just “give up so much striving/trying for now”.

    Meanwhile, I follow these conversations w/ continued interest.


  3. We can have the active intent of being in constant touch with our “Whole Self” and watch for the signs of it. These readings help me do exactly that, and I look forward to them appearing, thanks to the receptivity of Frank and the persistence and good will of Rita. Thank you so much.

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