Rita — the soul’s reorientation

Thursday, February 25, 2016
F: 5:10 a.m. Strange feeling, to know the theme and have little idea of what it is going to mean. “Little,” not meaning “no.” So, let’s find out. Your move, Miss Rita. TGU?
R: Remember, as we proceed, what our goal is. Ultimately we want to convey a sense of “everyday” life in the non-3D, as part of the All-D, and in order to get a standpoint to do that, we are lightly describing the experiences of the soul as it leaves the 3D element in which it was created, successively stripping off illusions and distortions caused by life under 3D conditions. It is by this process of subtraction that we hope to move from the familiar to the less familiar without taking great leaps that may leave people gasping for breath, or disoriented by having lost their grounding.
The soul loses sensory access, and so turns its unbroken attention on to itself, perhaps for the first time, certainly for the first time in undistracted fashion. It goes through the stages of shame, remorse, vain regrets, etc., and comes to acceptance because after all, “what’s done is done,” and at some point it becomes “where do we go from here.” Not quite that obviously, not quite that directly, but still, that is the progression.

This wouldn’t necessarily happen if the soul were on its own. It’s important to realize that, and why it is true, and what it means. But before we delve into this subject, a few more orienting words.
The soul, examining itself, begins to realize that in one sense, it was never an individual at all. Instead it perceived itself as individual, mainly because it was unable to perceive all the ties linking it in three different directions. First, by relationship, call it. Second, across time. Third, which we are coming to, within. (All three of these sets of extensions are being defined here in terms of metaphor – space, time, and “inward” mentally, and that is a distortion, but unavoidable as long as we’re using language. Bob [Monroe] came to see very clearly, via his out-of-body experiences, how sequential language distorts our understandings, hence his emphasis on learning NVC [non-verbal-communication].
Relationship – there was always someone else balancing anything that ever happened in 3D life, and that was never a coincidence. More than that, though – vastly more important, because integral to the soul – the soul itself was composed of threads, and those threads extended laterally (so to speak) in all directions. In a very real sense (though little suspected in 3D life at the time), that soul was connected to everything that existed, because the fibers that ran through its being were common to the rest of creation, just as the atoms of air that the body breathed were not unique to the one soul but were part of a common heritage shared by all. Yes, many digressions possible here, but I want to resist them. You can always ask questions later.
Across time – those threads extend to “past lives” and “future lives” because, of course, they are not confined to any one moment. They do not come into being with a given present moment and cease to exist with another. They are part and parcel of the being; they exist. And in extending along the time line of one given life, they connect it to all other times they share being in. So that is a second way the soul realized that it was more than it knew itself to be.
And the third is the most profound connection of the three, perhaps. It is the soul’s connection not within the context of 3D only (as connections in time and space might be said to be) but with the non-3D, hence with All-D. Now this distinction is only accurate in a way, it is more a suggestion than a description, to say it is more clearly connected to the non-3D than are the threads, since they too have their existence in reality, which means in all dimensions, perceived or not. Still, examining it in this way has its advantages.
As I said earlier, if the soul were on its own, it wouldn’t necessarily be able to move from its isolated sense of itself as it had been, when it experienced itself as bounded by 3D restrictions and conditions. But – it is never alone. There are no absolute separations in the universe. Not only was it always connected via its threads to (essentially) everything and everybody else – it was always connected to the larger being from which it was created, whether it knew it or not. It experienced that connection in various ways – as instinct, hunches, intuitions, “luck,” feelings – and it conceptualized it in various ways, mostly culturally influenced. God, the unconscious, the larger being, All That Is, “the universe,” fate, destiny, karma, Blind Chance (this one is a particularly comic way of transposing guidance into a form acceptable to an outlook that does not include the possibility of guidance), and so forth. If the cultural conditioning exists and is strong enough to predominate, the soul may even come to have a strong need to assert that any connection it may feel is only illusion, delusion, superstition, in short, unreal, hence not needing to be further considered.
Parenthetically, the more stubborn of those believing in Nothing are the ones, typically, that need retrieval via 3D beings. They have lost access to 3D of their own will [that is, it’s no longer possible for them to connect by their own intent], but they remain susceptible to connection if instigated by a 3D-grounded intelligence. That is the basis for the work Bob set out to enable by his Lifeline program. It envisages each isolated soul as individual, but there’s no harm done there. That is probably necessary for most of the 3D consciousnesses who are extending themselves to help. And, as Bob discovered before them, they are being used mostly to get the isolated soul’s attention. Once they have that, other parts of that soul can carry through, either by extending whatever scenarios they created (and inserted the assisting 3D person into) or by more direct communication.
So – to return from that long parenthesis – this is the third profound way the soul is led to redefine itself. It realizes first-hand its identity with the larger being from which it was created. And that gives it an entirely new view of its own existence, purpose, and prospects.
F: I’ll bet it does.
R: It’s simply a matter of reorientation. But not everything that is simple is unimportant. In fact, I’d argue the other way: probably the most important things are simple. But simple in nature doesn’t necessarily mean simply explained. Look how long it takes to say something in a way that makes it harder to misunderstand.
Once a soul realizes that it is not a separate entity but what I used to call a monad (which I used as a term to express something that was
F: You’re not going to be able to express that in passing, I think. At least, I can’t.
R: Yes. Very well, let’s try it again. We have been showing that at any level – at any point of focus of the cosmic microscope, so to speak – what looks like units are actually communities at a smaller level and part of an organism at a larger level. An individual human being is a community of trillions of cells and millions of threads, but is itself only a part of the larger being of humanity, even considered only in physical terms, without considering its connections across time and space. It is that quality of being at once a community of units at a smaller level and a part of a vastly larger organism at a larger scale that I call, for convenience, monad.
F: I remember the guys used to use that term when we were having our weekly sessions in 2001-2, but I don’t know that they defined it.
R: Probably the fault of the amanuensis.
F: Smiling, Touché.
R: So, once a soul realizes that it was never individual in the way it thought (or feared) it was, everything changes, both retrospectively and, at least equally importantly, prospectively. Instead of having nothing to do because it could no longer exist in 3D, and instead of having as prospect only, at best, returning to 3D life as part of a new being, suddenly it realizes, 3D isn’t the only game in town (in the first place) and (in the second place) as part of something so much larger and more extensive, it doesn’t need to play only in one place and time, so to speak. But here we’ll have to pause.
F: Yes. An hour. Hard work, very dense, but very clear. Our continued thanks for your clarity of expression, Rita. It helps. Till next time.

6 thoughts on “Rita — the soul’s reorientation

  1. Frank,
    As I’m reading through this most recent series of communications with “Rita” I am noticing a different flavor of the source. There was TGU in the Sphere and the Hologram, then Rita with “Rita’s World” material, and now a “greater Rita”, all flowing through you. “She” makes the point of being more than she “was”. Her “Rita’s World” perspective and material were from the completed soul Rita, while now it feels very much as if she is speaking from the next higher level of consciousness. Do you sense the difference in personality? Of course, you are not the same “you” either throughout this period.

    Having experimented with ILC, I really appreciate the clarity and subtlety that you are able to pick up and express. As a reader, it’s too easy to take for granted what is a very advanced connective capability that you have. I have a tremendous respect for what you are doing and how well you do it. You provide helpful content like a graduate level class, but also open doors for those that want to play in the lab as well.

  2. I agree with John. This feels like a new “Rita” is illuminating and tying together relationships from a higher language-bound standpoint than I’ve seen before outside of Seth and maybe for some of us more coherently than Seth. That is it appears less study is required to get what she is saying. What she is saying is not new from a 3D context and little-mind blowing complexity almost is becoming the rule in emerging science, but she is raising this truth up the stack and sweeping away all the medieval human-centered sloshing that goes on in our little minds. Thanks Frank and Rita.

  3. Just befor reading this, I came uponon a relevant quote from another remarkable seer 1,800 hundred years ago that may interest you: “it is the inner which stirs us; we are in the case of one who sees his own reflection but not realizing whence it comes goes in pursuit of it.” – Plotinus, The Enneads

  4. I also detect that the tone has changed…coming from/through (both?) a broader being. These last two posts are answering some of my most prominent questions. I’ve been concentrating on self forgiveness and self acceptance for several years now, and from what I read here it seems a very worthy enterprise for making the transition smoother when my time to cross over comes. Had I left when I wanted to a few years ago, the transition would have been much more difficult.

  5. …indeed, I echo the other commenters here…there is a coherence here (laser-like) that I can sense, even if I don’t fully understand all of it yet, but “intuition” tells me it is worthwhile pursuing this understanding, but w/out tying myself in so many knots that I cannot enjoy doing my “very 3D” activities.

    Like Mary Ann, I feel that “self-forgiveness/love/acceptance” has been a missing part of my journey here in 3D, and I’m all-for easing that “transition time” when it comes!


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