Rita — losing consciousness of the world of 3D

Saturday, February 20, 2016
F: 5:40 a.m. So, Miss Rita, I just glanced over yesterday’s to get a sense of where we are, more for my reassurance than for any other reason. So, you lost your ability to connect via the senses, and then –?
R: A loss is a gain elsewhere. Losing one’s tether to one thing frees one to do or go somewhere else, if at the cost perhaps of some disorientation. But that cost is a “perhaps”, and its extent depends upon many circumstances, all of which turn out to be intrinsic to the individual 3D consciousness and its connections. But at first it often seems otherwise.
F: Funny the little things that happen. I’m writing that out, just now, and in trying to write the word “perhaps” in quotes, with a comma following the word, the comma landed outside the quotes, English style, instead of within them, American style. A rapid association of ideas reminded me that I associate that placement of the comma or period outside the end-quotes with my journalistic “friend” or alter ego or “past life” David Poynter, the [British] journalist / occult investigator. And that made me realize, of course, I’m relating your – Rita’s – experience of dying to the physical orientation, but I have experienced it myself, first-hand, obviously, so who knows where the feed is coming from.

R: That’s right. How could you know, and in fact, you might say, first, what difference does it make, who, and second, who knows but that attributions are ever anything but a sort of convenient fiction, in that they are a simplification for 3D comprehension of a non-3D reality? You think of me as Rita but you already know that to the extent I am Rita I am not only Rita, or let’s say Rita was never only what you and even she experienced as the totality of her being. You connect with Hemingway, and after a while you realize you are connecting only with those aspects of him that you can resonate with (even criticism is a result of resonance) and that is only within the Hemingway part of him – there being all the unsuspected rest of the being of which Hemingway was a part.
This should give you reassurance if you think about it. By being connected to so many aspects of our one common unsuspected life – by being so much more than you consciously experience yourself to be – you are exchanging signals ocean liner to ocean liner, not some small canoe in mid-ocean trying to hail a liner, and not two tiny canoes in a vast wilderness of ocean.
F: Interesting analogy.
R: Well, don’t you sometimes feel “at sea” in these explorations?
F: True enough.
R: So another part of your consciousness – not the part that was front and center, listening and transcribing, yet not unconnected to it, obviously – put the comma outside the end-quotes, and called your attention to it, and fed you the associations and a chain of reasoning, and all you had to do was not resist it but go with it. It is the not-resisting-but-cooperating that people need to learn to do – to remember to do, really – that is the key to such access.
As we’ve said before, this [branching-off of a discussion] may appear to be a diversion, but it is in fact an anchor, a grounding. The purpose of any exposition is always as much to open the reader to an internal process as to feed information for its own sake.
Now, to resume. It is the losing consciousness (temporarily) of the 3D world that makes possible one’s re-opening to the non-3D world. But like most things it doesn’t happen in one leap and it doesn’t happen thoroughly – that is, all the way down to the ground – but by a slower or faster process of successive openings-up
Losing the conscious and unconscious identifications with the body and hence with the 3D world obviously comes first, or let us say comes before reorientation. One’s experiences in life may have included conscious out-of-body experiences, or near-death experiences, and may have had literally any belief-system including any combination of beliefs subconsciously or concurrently. So, in a sense you can’t quite say “reorientation comes first” as if that reorientation always starts from scratch. Indeed, as you should know, some people go through much of their lives knowing the 3D is not only not all there is but, in a real sense, is not as much “home territory” as something else is, even if that something else has not been consciously experienced or even coherently conceptualized. But nothing beats experience as a reorienter.
F: If your canoe is being carried over the waterfall, you tend to pay attention?
R: Let’s just say, you tend not to doubt the reality of what you are experiencing.
In any case, losing connection with the 3D world does not seem to you to be a matter of your choice, but of external necessity. You may be fine with it, you may even be eager for it, but you do not feel it is up to you. Like me in my last year, you have been waiting (or, like others, you may have been dreading, or may have had your attention fixed upon other things), and now you are being carried over the falls willy-nilly, like a mother in childbirth. Neither the waiting nor the journeying is up to you, in the terms of 3D conscious choice – it is out of your hands.
But then, as I say, you lose sight of the 3D world, and your first steps to reawakening amount to your looking around at who you are (and that means who you have been, and what you have done, and how you have experienced yourself) in the absence of what may now be felt to be the distraction of “the external world.”
F: Shrouds have no pockets, they say.
R: That’s right, but the “it” that is meant by “you can’t take it with you” is much more (or less) than physical assets. It is – everything. Identification, habit-patterns, relationships, acquired skills, painful memories, accomplishments, failures, even –. Well, that’s enough. Everything, in layers [gets stripped off], but the delamination process may be experienced – or rather may be thought of in 3D as having been experienced – either essentially all at once, or slowly and sequentially. Time isn’t really a factor in the process, and so how it is experienced will vary person by person.
F: The “past life review,” I take it you are referring to.
R: That, but not only that. The stripping away of one’s identification with 3D attributes is much more than that, and in fact may not involve that at all in the way people think. I’m talking about the fundamental reorientation of the consciousness as it realizes that it isn’t what it thought itself to “only” be, and isn’t what it thought itself to “potentially” be.
F: To avoid misunderstanding, I think I ought to say that the losses you itemize are not permanent losses. We don’t lose our mental habit-patterns, for instance, or our memories or anything.
R: No, not in the sense of them vaporizing. But they were never what they seemed to be, as we weren’t, and so it is as accurate to say they are lost as to say our understanding is transformed. And in the process of falling away from the 3D, it is a loss, just not an irretrievable one.
F: I can see that this is going to cause as much confusion as it is going to clear up. Maybe a mistake to mention it.
R: Don’t forget, people have their own inner knowing to fall back upon, once they learn to trust it. No soul has ever died before (nor will it do so more than once) but every spirit knows the drill by heart, in all its permutations.
F: Now this seems to open up a world of new connections for me, starting 20 years ago with The Division of Consciousness, or long before that with Carl Jung’s Modern Man in Search of a Soul. You tapped the microscope knob just right, just then with those few words, and suddenly I have new clarity on the process, if it holds.
R: Sketch it in a few words, as much for your – our – readers as for your own retention.
F: If you look at our 3D experience as the soul, and at the non-3D from which we were created as the spirit, it is easy to see that the better the communication between the two, the more the 3D experience is enriched. The soul going over the waterfall in a canoe may well be in a panic, if it is experiencing it in isolation. But if the soul knows it is inextricably connected with spirit – if it experiences the connection, not just believes in it – the very experience (let alone the meaning of the experience) is transformed. And not just the dying, but, previously, the living.
R: And that is a reasonable place to pause.
F: Excellent. Thanks as always, Rita. (It feels like we galloped through this one. It has been more than an hour, but I was surprised a few minutes ago to count eight pages written. Sometimes it flows, sometimes you have to grind it out.) Till next time.

8 thoughts on “Rita — losing consciousness of the world of 3D

  1. I am experiencing a new kind of internal resistance and I am struggling with how to deal with it. I will try to be succinct.

    Over the last several days it has become quite clear to me through a number of internal and “external” messages that it is important that I get back onto the transition agenda, not from a remote academic sense, but from a personal, real, necessary path for me and the rest of me.

    It’s not like I have been given a “death sentence” by a doctor. But I came into my awakening a few years ago after I should have died (and I believe did so in another timeline) and one of the most crystal clear messages I have ever received near the onset of this awakening was, “You are coming Home.”

    My belief system has been turned upside down; I have been dealing with a number of the issues that Bob Monroe in Far Journeys mentioned that “weight us down” and keep us from reaching “escape velocity”. However, it is clear that I have not been dealing with my deepest emotions.

    On several occasions I have experienced the indescribable heart-centered feeling that comes with oneness. It is overpowering and overwhelming and one which we can’t help but crave. That would seem to be a good motivator for transition. However, I am now sensing that same welling up in the heart, and it’s arriving via my connections to everyone and everything in this life. There is oneness here also.

    I am marching toward transition (of course from this end feeling like “being marched”) and being confronted with some very strong emotional ties. These are not coming from being a 3D addict who will miss the thrills and spills of life, which I won’t, but from a heart connection that appears like it must go through change.

    In the meantime, one part of me wants to engage in the material and the connections it reinforces while another part is saying “not so fast”.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Frank, I enjoy reading your posts, but my eyes are not what they used to be, so I’m wondering if it would be possible for you to put a space as in a paragraph between Rita’s and your comments?

    If possible, it would be greatly appreciated.


      1. Thank you 🙂

        When reading your post again I noticed there actually is a space between one of the communications. I’m wondering is double spacing would work if you’re copy and pasting from a word processing program?

  3. …again, this perspective is helpful–and a bit challenging! That “3D part” of myself still has a fear of death/dying, because there is a fear that this means “just loss and takeaways” from my very beingness, and, when under the “sway” of the certitude of the Materialists, this also meant “NON-being”.

    I’m slowly shifting away from this “vastly reduced” perspective, but it has been a “bug-bear” since I was 14. It’s a reason I’ve become somewhat of a “reverse heretic”, eschewing mainstream science, in order to engage in, like Jane Roberts, my own “unofficial science” (consciousness studies, including my dreams, OBEs, insights, and the like). There is a sense of a subtle shift in my thinking/being, that, at some level, I know “all will be well”. Of course, when it comes time for my canoe to go over the falls…!

    John, I’m curious how your own belief system has been turned asunder, for I feel I may be going thru a similar process myself, and I suspect a lot of us, who are sensitive, and interested enough to be exploring these questions, are doing so as well. You mention having had that “oneness” feeling; I don’t think I’ve had anything quite like that in my lifetime (that I can currently recall), and having learned of it has led my personal search (Eric Idle, saying “Wot’s it like?” in an early “Monty Python” sketch comes to mind).

    I can also relate to that same “heart-connectedness” to persons, places, and events here in 3D. Jane Roberts calls it the “dearness” of everyday events, which does bring up a strong poignancy w/ me (one of the “takeaways-minuses” I fear about transition). When you say “There is oneness here also”; I think that is a clue, recalling in our “re-education” how there really is no separation btw. 3D and “All-D”. I wonder if this poignancy is from our “relative density” here in 3D, that when persons around us die, or pets who have been loved, it does really feel like “loss”, as most of us do not readily “connect up” w/ the transitioned being (perhaps gifted mediums do, and I also recall that Bruce Moen–and others–was/were trying to invent some sort of “afterlife telephone”, altho I think we are our own, best “telephones”).

    I well-recall how, as described in “Journeys…”, Bob Monroe described the “exquisite poignancy” when he twice visited what he then called his “Ultimate Home”. Later, as described in “Ultimate Journey”, he realized that this “Home” was his old venue of “KT-95”, and he had left because he got bored! I suspect it is ALL Home, and what’s helpful to me is to remember/remind myself that I’m “already in/at Home”, even when these “local conditions” seem to say otherwise…

    Just my ramblings for today. Looking forward to the “A.I.G.” weekend in April! Spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a nice Earthly “home”, too!


    1. Craig and John…What both of you say here reminds me about the one mystery within “the implicative order of things.”

      And it is very close to what ACIM says: “You have never left God at all.” And/or-, “we have never been separated.”

      It demands a strong conviction, or call it FAITH if you wish (and a lot of experience), to REALLY FEEL IT all the time.

      Despite what I have read and learned throughout the years…and even LONG before I read all the spiritual/metaphysics in the books… I always have FELT “something is wrong” with all the stress and importance about the physical bodies (even the animals). The whole world is based upon the importance of the physical matter(s). At an early age I have always felt there is something odd about the whole physical world.

      But when I came to read and study Edgar Cayce much became clearer. As you all know E.C. held The Christ Consciousness as the sole importance, and Jesus as the main teacher in “a new world.”

      Looking above the main interpretation among the Christian religion…is it obvious Jesus KNEW how to transform the physical material. Such as “calming the storm” and “waking up from death.”

      I have always thought it is fascinating, the story when Jesus met two of his disciples after his burial in the tomb. They did not recognized him upon the road after his burial… BUT the most fascinating was when Jesus says to them: “Don`t touch me because my body is ELECTRICAL, and has not “settled” as yet.”
      I was NOT brought up with any religion at home but at school. It was a very liberal (the Scandinavian State Churches) protestant (Lutheran) teaching at the school…such as “take it or leave it”…”it is all up to you” matters. Well, this was back in the 1950`s and 1960`s. The time of the rebellion.

      I do believe it is all about the individual (personal) inner experience in the end. It is up to each and everyone of us (the will) “to let go” of old concepts.
      B & B, Inger Lise

  4. Craig and Inger Lise, your comments are quite helpful, and I’ve learned from this recent experience. Please see my comments on Frank’s Sunday (today’s) posting. Craig, I also look forward to the weekend at TMI and the opportunity to exchange experiences.

  5. Wow. Profound and succinctly stated. I love the description of what we can’t take with us and where that leaves us. This is very moving. Thanks.

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