Rita — TGU’s life as seen by them

Sunday, February 14, 2016
F: 4:40 a.m. All right, Miss Rita. Life as seen from the point of view of All-That-Is?
R: More like life as seen by TGU [what we call The Guys Upstairs, meaning non-physical intelligences that interact with those of us in 3D life] interpreting All-That-Is, as I explained yesterday.
F: All right.
R: Now, you understand, what we are now attempting to do is like TGU doing for themselves at their level what they did for us at our level. That is, they are attempting to give us, this time, an outside view of themselves.
F: I’ve been sort of thinking of you as one of TGU now.

R: Yes, that’s right, we need to clarify a bit first. Okay, we need to make a distinction – we touched on this long ago from your viewing point, maybe too long ago for you to remember. There is the distinction between intelligences focused on a body versus those who aren’t, that’s one. That is the one we – you and I, Frank – dealt with in our initial explorations. This one has its own confusions, because at first it appears to be physical versus non-physical, then you learn that all mind is in the non-physical, processing data from non-physical and physical sources alike.
But there is another distinction to be made, one of scale, or focus. And a third, come to think of it – between compound and unitary beings, but for the moment we will defer considering this one, and will stay with the difference of scale, or focus. We started on this yesterday.
The central image to retain is one of communities of individuals, each one seen as a unit of a higher order of organization and, at the same time, a new higher level of organization for its comprising elements. Thus (to put the image into 3D terms which will be more easily grasped) a parson is a community of past strands, and is a unit of an external community. Or, each person is a community of trillions of cells – a higher order of organization. Or you can go farther, to re-cover familiar ground, and rather than put the individual in the middle, put in any of the bodily organs. Thus a lung, say, is a community of cells organized at a higher level, and is itself a part of a human being, organized to a yet higher level of organization.
That is the physical analogy. Now carry that over into the non-physical, remembering (have we ever said this?) that the non-physical includes the physical as a part of it.
F: I think we have said it by implication when you pointed out that everything must exist in all dimensions. But we’ve never said it so directly, probably.
R: Well, it is so. The physical is a special case of the non-physical. As I said beginning this series of conversations in December of 2014, there are no absolute barriers. Every separation is at the same time real and imaginary; tangible and yet permeable; arbitrary and yet functional.
All right, well, let’s just keep that fact of the physical being part of the non-physical as a part of our background knowledge, and center on the organization of the non-physical as if the 3D did not need to be considered.
Everything is a matter of hierarchies. All organization is a matter of scale. All communities imply interaction of relative individuals. (That is, the members of a community are necessarily relatively more separate and in a state of competition / cooperation.)
F: They said to us once, they weren’t specialized, but they weren’t jello either.
R: And now I have a much better idea of what that statement meant. Life of any kind is always organized, but organization is always porous and often only temporary or tentative.
F: That will do with some explaining.
R: Regroup for a moment or two. You aren’t quite up to this. You could have done with more rest. But a moment of two will bring you back – and I can wait!
F: Okay
[Two or three minute pause, lying down. I wasn’t napping, but I wasn’t trying to maintain an active consciousness, either. I don’t know how to explain the experience. Think of it, perhaps, as a sort of power-nap without losing consciousness.]
F: Remarkable. Okay. As I was saying, your previous comment could do with being expanded upon. It isn’t yet clear.
R: To some it will be, immediately. Life flows, it doesn’t get organized in one design and then remain that way forever. Just as in 3D, where the progress of the body from infancy through the end (whether from old age or accident or illness or whatever) is matched by the formation of the individual soul through the experiences of common life, so in non-3D, those souls do not remain forever what they have been before. Where would be he sense in that? But at any given stage, life flows through structure; it is never anarchy. It’s just that structure, too, is flow and not permanence.
So, take the level of TGU that concerns itself with (i.e. is entangled with) life in 3D. It has its own scale, determined by that focus. If you are centered on the creation and development of compound beings by means of the 3D experience, that is going to be the scale of your peer interactions, so to speak. True, you will have other levels of attention-focus, but primarily you will occupy yourself with those at your level.
Understand, it is very difficult to describe this knowing that every word is a distortion. Still, we do what we can.
F: That’s what Bob [Monroe] wrote: You do the best you can.
R: In many ways it would be better to write this as poetry or even as allegory, because for people to get the meaning requires that they get it between the lines – as so often. It can’t really be said in so many words. But since words are what we have available to work with, let’s continue.
If you think of this level of TGU – that is, the level associated with 3D beings at the human level –
F: Wait. Does that imply there are other levels of TGU associated with 3D below and above the human level?
R: Certainly. And we will get to that, in time.
F: Rocks have their own TGU? Grass?
R: All things in due time, but in short, remember that everything is an expression of consciousness.
To continue. This level of TGU consciousness, as an example of other levels, exists as a sort of community of interest. We come out of the same experience, we participate in on-going discussions about the same concerns, we assist the same 3D-bound consciousnesses as best we can, and we experience other levels of our own consciousness as other; that is, we identify more with one level than with others even though we recognize that the other levels are us no less.
So, our on-going life is one of a community of being.
F: If I get your meaning, you are changing our previous emphasis on individual experience to one of group experience.
R: We are adjusting the telescope, yes. Our life may be seen many ways, and the more this is understood, the more its inherent complexity and organization becomes clear.
You see, up until this series, we proceeded from the individual’s point of view, and extended it into its non-3D experience both during 3D life and after. Now we’re proceeding from the – what shall we call it – the larger-organs, or the communal, or the cooperative aspect. Same reality, different focus, different emphasis, different interpretation.
F: Pulling it all together.
R: Well – recognizing and spelling out that it is together. But yes. And you can stop here for now.
F: Thanks, it does seem like I’m starting to strain to keep my attention focused.
R: There’s always next time – right up until there isn’t.
F: Okay. Till that next time, then – if it comes. 

3 thoughts on “Rita — TGU’s life as seen by them

  1. Informative and thought provoking, as usual.

    I needs your Frank/Rita annotations as it’s a bit difficult to keep track of who’s talking.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. I can hear this and I do agree poetry lends itself more easily to this idea. But it also needs its own translation. When one reads James Merrill’s Changing Light at Sandover, the interactions of physical and non physical happen in the moment and one senses how thin the veil is.

    Good work it is. Thanks again to you both.

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