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This posting on making our own reality is the first of three related messages. The second will be on Victimhood, and the third on Responding to Evil Events.
One of the effects of our sense of separateness in our physical world is that we perceive ourselves independent of all objective reality surrounding us.
To borrow Jim Austin’s useful approach:
What if we KNEW that our daily physical reality, the objective world we experience with our five senses, is created for us and through us, primarily by our greater being?
What if we KNEW that almost every night in our sleep we were with our greater being, learning and planning our upcoming manifestations?
What if there are many other alternates of us that experienced events meaningful to our becoming that we chose not to experience, and there are alternates for every self that incarnates?

I had a recent dream. I was with a group discussing “a play” and my concern for not having studied my lines. “You’ll be fine”, I was told. I was panicked and couldn’t find the script. “Isn’t there a rehearsal?”, I pleaded. “No! Not necessary!” was the answer. There was a group sitting around in a conference forum. Not like a lecture, but more like a consensus forum. A gentleman, older that than rest—the rest of us might have been college age—he perhaps appearing as 40’s or 50’s, intro-duced himself as the director. He did not come across as a person who calls all the shots, but had the lead role to bring us together and make sure the play was accomplished.
The significance of this dream, besides the obvious symbolism, is that before I went to sleep I asked to be made aware of and remember any planning activity that went on with my greater being while sleeping.
(From My Joint Mind:)
You really are yourself, the greater, as you are working to create yourself, the lesser. It’s not the lesser that’s learning how to create (at this stage), so much as it is the greater. So in the deep dream state, your consciousness is mostly with the greater deciding what experiences you want to bring into yourself, what you want to manifest through the entity you’ve created in the lesser.
(After this terse message, it was suggested I go back and reread Seth again. See excerpts of that be-low.)
Almost every night while we sleep the illusion is lifted, and we are aware again that we are a part of our greater self, and we work on the process. What becomes manifest to us in what we call the fu-ture, is not an accidental happenstance of an uncaring and inanimate universe. It is a bringing into reality a part of an uncountable number of a priori possibilities existing in a mental framework, es-tablished by all who incarnate to physical reality, past, present and future.
Furthermore, as we bring into experience our “choices” we, through our thoughts, are expanding the mental framework of possibilities for exploration.
The more “important” of path choices (not from a 3D perspective, but from a consciousness devel-opment perspective) are all pursued. For example, If we had a choice of multiple different paths after graduating from college, it would likely be valuable to manifest and experience all of them. In that case alternate selves are created to pursue those paths not selected, and those paths are pur-sued in “other dimensions”. In effect, we are all alternates.
If there are even as few as ten significant “forks” in the road in a typical lifeline, several hundred alternate personalities are generated, and that would be the case for every life lived in every select-ed timeframe of every selected physical reality. That generates a whole lot of “you’s and me’s”.
(Previously I asked how all those “me’s” recombine, and the answer was that it was not necessary to recombine, because we already were combined–it’s just that we weren’t aware of it. That aware-ness “kicks in” as we become more aware of our greater self.)
It is more accurate to see each our 3D incarnations and alternates as one of a very large number of simultaneous extensions of our greater being learning to perceive on our own, than it is to see our-selves as separate and distinct. Through the illusion of isolation and separation can we develop our own perspective, our own standing.
(From Rita’s World:)
Manifesting Possibilities
R:Well, it should be clear enough now. The possibilities are inherent in the creation. But they are not made manifest to the non-3D part of creation until they are experienced in 3D and conveyed.
F:Which means experiencing them as if each were the only reality.
R:That is the setup. It adds immediacy, interest, intensity. Mostly it adds clarity.

F: All right, so I gather that— Oh! I think I got it! The point is not us as individuals shaping our-selves (though that is true) but that we experience whatever we experience because of our choices so that the non-3D can experience what until then was only potential.
R:Close enough. And since different versions of yourself experience different lives because of dif-ferent choices, we in non-3D (so to speak) get to see all the potential, not any one version alone.
(From Seth Speaks)
From Chapter 7 Potentials of the Soul
At a very simple level, for example, your consciousness leaves your body often in the sleep state. You communicate with people in other levels of reality that you have known, but far beyond this, you creatively maintain and revitalize your physical image. You process daily experience, project it into what you think of as the future, choose from an infinity of probable events those you will make physical, and begin the mental and psychic processes that will bring them into the world of substance. At the same time, you make this information available to all these other portions of your identity, who dwell in entirely different realities, and you receive from them comparable infor-mation. You do not lose contact with your ordinary waking self. You simply do not focus upon it. You turn your attention away. In the daytime you simply reverse the process. If you were looking at your daily normal self from the other viewpoint, you see, using an analogy here, you might find that physically waking self as strange as you now find the sleeping self. The analogy will not hold however, simply because this sleeping self of yours is far more knowledgeable than the waking self of which you are so proud.
From Chapter 16 Probable Systems, Men and Gods
In your daily life at any given moment of your time, you have a multitudinous choice of actions, some trivial and some of utmost importance. You may, for example, sneeze or not sneeze, cough or not cough, walk to the window or the door, scratch your elbow, save a child from drowning, learn a lesson, commit suicide, harm another, or turn your cheek.
It seems to you that reality is composed of those actions that you choose to take. Those that you choose to deny are ignored. The road not taken then seems to be a non-act, yet every thought is ac-tualized and every possibility explored. Physical reality is constructed from what seems to be a se-ries of physical acts. Since this is the usual criterion of reality for you, then nonphysical acts usual-ly escape your notice, discretion, and judgment.
The other probable actions, however, are as valid as they ever were, though you have not chosen to actualize them physically. They are carried out as effectively as the one you chose to accept. If there was a strong emotional charge behind one of the rejected probable actions, it may even have greater validity as an act than the one you chose. All actions are initially mental acts. This is the na-ture of reality. That sentence cannot be emphasized too thoroughly. All mental acts therefore are valid. They exist and cannot be negated. Because you do not accept them all as physical events, you do not perceive their strength or durability. Your lack of perception cannot destroy their validi-ty, however. If you wanted to be a doctor and are now in a different profession, then in some other probable reality you are a doctor. If you have abilities that you are not using here, they are being used elsewhere.
Via John

6 thoughts on “John Wolf — On Making Our Own Reality

  1. John,
    I appreciate the work you put into this; in reading it over and over I grow into its depth and value.

    I’m guided to translate such general information into personal understanding useful in daily life. My entry point here is to ‘recast’ your Joint Mind’s first paragraph into personal terms: “I really AM greater-me, as greater-I works to create me. It’s not me that’s learning how to create (at this stage), so much as it is greater-me. So in the deep dream state, my consciousness is mostly with greater-me deciding what greater-I wants to experience, what greater-I want to manifest through me.”

    This ‘pronoun structure’ decreases separation, reinforcing my connection and oneness with greater-me. And the feeling grows that
    – this closer connection allows me to ‘use’ the insight gained through seeing/feeling more of those alternate experiences.
    – it’s worth exploring how much ‘input’ I have into “what greater-I wants to experience.”

    This clarifies an image of life I’ve had for years: my life is a journey on a giant river. Now I see greater-I is that river (like the Mississippi flowing a mile wide), a river on which I paddle my canoe. I have free will to choose to paddle up-stream, float leisurely down-stream, spend (waste?) time exploring the river banks and eddies and backwaters, experience the many ‘things’ I meet on the river, and ‘paddle’ along with others going in the same direction.

    This analogy can be extended in many ways (such as wondering about what the ‘river’ eventually empties into), and has limitations: I am part of the river and how it flows. The most useful thing is it makes me more aware when I try to paddle up-stream, and to work on why!?

  2. Thanks for this, John/Frank…it resonates w/ me as well. For many years, I’ve found much richness and variety in my dreamlife, and indeed feel as though I’m visiting “alternate selves in alternate/probable realities” (there’s the “me” which works in trucking/shipping, and another one who works in the merchant marine in some capacity…plus occasional glimpses of a “probable self” which seems to be some sort of sea mammal or turtle).

    I, too, have had many of the “classic actor’s nightmare” dreams–in which I often end up ad-libbing my lines; in the most “extreme” example, I was playing “Annie” in “Little Orphan Annie”, trying to remember the words to “Tomorrow”!

    The “dreamtime” is often (almost always lately, w/ the bouts of anxiety I seem to be entertaining lately) a “place of refreshment/recharge” for me; even if the recalled dream-content of the next day seems rather mundane/ordinary, I feel refreshed. And sometimes the dreamscapes show a remarkable consistency from encounter to encounter, lending credence to the “Seth” idea that dreams continue on, even after we awaken in this 3D construct.

    I’m playing around w/ OBE travel; have yet to find a consistent way to produce a conscious one (mine have all been “spontaneous” and rather dreamlike thus far); I’m intrigued w/ the “travelogues” of Bob Monroe and Bill Buhlman, plus a strong desire to “find out for myself”…

    1. There is quite a lot about dreams in Seth’s “The Nature of the Psyche”. I’m hopeful that when Rita brings us her next teachings, they will include more on our dreams and dreaming.

    2. Thank you Craig. I am like you when it comes to the importance of dreams and their inner & outer manifestations.

      At the time being study one of the “Teachings of Abraham” books (as have not read it before) … titled “The Astonishing Power of Emotions.”
      I quote from page 177: “All other people in your life – friends, strangers, even enemies – can contribute positively to your creative process (not that haven`t heard/read, the same many a time before that is !!). But you are the one who determines whether they add benefit or detriment, because you are the one who sees them in an UPSTREAM (hmm, the same example as Jim told with the canoe on the Mississippi river), resistant manner or in a DOWNSTREAM (upheavals of letters in the book), allowing manner.

      When I was looking into what Jim said here the other day about the canoe upstream and downstream… could not but laugh because the same example just to have read in the book about “The Power of Emotions”.

      BEFORE opening up the book for the first time….A sentence came to mind:”FEELINGS EMPOWER EMOTIONS,”(in all directions).

      And my eyes fell upon these sentences in the book, quote: “No one has the power to deprive you of anything. And when you understand that and no longer push against anything, all things that you desire will flow (as in a stream) into your experience.”

      In these days I am trying it out – it will be interesting to see what happens (laughs). I am visualizing only deep inner peace (and no worries) – no matter what happens !

      And thank you John for your nice inputs & talkings with your higher self.

      B & B, Inger Lise
      P.S. and yes, of course, what Seth says about in manifesting Abundance to everybody (including oneself).

  3. Yes, it’s helpful what you did with the pronouns, because when I was getting that input, it really came through emphasizing the inseparability of “me” and my “greater I” and the intimacy of what goes on to produce our daily experiences.

    I really like your analogy also: evincing flow and freedom within constraints. I loved canoeing, although I often ended up capsizing! Thanks,

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